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A study of the thesaurus and how description can beautify your writing!

By Mrs. Gold's Class


A Horse's Prayer
By Jessica

In the wide extensive open spaces of the enormous farm, where tall itchy green grass and lovely flowers grow and a colorful bird sings a lovely beautiful song, I pray for an enormous stack of hard tender juicy apples and a million people to feed me every single day.

A Horse's Prayer
By Heather

In the very smooth crunchy grass of the huge harmless meadow, where baby rabbits eating juicy carrots jump and spring, I pray for gentle riders to take me to a barn with other horse friends.

A Jaguar's Prayer
By Sam

In the civilized silky grass of the grasslands, where the big angry lion sleeps in a dark dewy cave and all of the other jaguars sleep together, hidden from despicable humans to cute their fur, I pray for maximum security in the habitat for all endangered species.

A Polar Bear's Prayer
By Alex R.

In the cold, desolate climate of the arctic, where seals and walruses live and ice melts because of global warming, I pray for more seals, global warming to stop, and more polar bears.

A Bluebird's Prayer
By Annika

In the healthy green trees of the wide and lonesome woods, where the brown and rusty squirrels dig a deep and big hole for their warm homes, I pray for polite careful kids and parents to look at my gorgeous pretty eggs.

A Cheetah's Prayer
By Eddie

In the tall, yellow grass with enormous black boulders in Africa, where lions roam and rhinos stampede, I pray for a pile of colossal meat and cheetahs to help me hunt.

A Lion's Prayer
By Megan

In the enormous jungle with all the tall green trees with even more green as far as you could see, where big monkeys swing on green vines and I hunt for my food, I pray to run and catch a lot of juicy meat tonight for my dinner.

A Bird's Prayer
By Courtney

In the high towering bushy trees, where the birds sing a stunning glorious melody, I pray for rain so I can get some luscious juicy worms to eat.

A Tiger's Prayer
By Ryan

In the wide silky grass of the deep open meadow, where soft fluffy bunnies hop freely and tall deep grass grows, I pray for warmest sunlight and the silkiest of grass and flowers to play in.

A Ringed Seal's Prayer
By Alex A.

In the freezing cold arctic watery regions where mean nasty hungry polar bears rule, I pray for a safe house from polar bears with lots of fish and friends.

A Sea Turtle's Prayer
By Stephanie

In the tall leafy tree with many small bent branches to build a warm comfy nest, where many fluffy cuddly rabbits hop, I pray for slippery worms to dig in the mushy brown dirt so I can find them.

The Squirrel's Prayer
By Ishaan

In the big tall wide leafy trees, where a squirrel munches on delicious mouth watering irresistible acorns, I pray for more yummy tasty acorns to devour.

A Golden Retriever's Prayer
By Sonali

In the high smooth swaying grass of the wide open meadow on the grounds of the gigantic safe environment of the Earth, where elegant violet flowers bloom everywhere right to left, I pray for fields for me to run in with my benevolent family that is loving.

An Alligator's Prayer
By Michael

In the stinky smelly gross disgusting unpleasant swamp, where weird green creatures and ugly looking bugs and terrifying alligators live, I pray for lots of tendorous juicy meat and more rich tasty fish to devour.

A Wolf's Prayer
By Ian

In the high black trees of the deep dark freezing forest, where the bold white and black wolves come out to hunt their delicious prey struggling for survival, I pray for food, water, warmth, and most of all shelter and for other wolves to keep me company.

A Koala's Prayer
In the towering brown leafy trees in the blistering hot Australia, where the kangaroos recoil and birds fly fast across beautiful blooming flowers, I pray for the most greenest and tastiest leaves on the juiciest trees and best friends to play with.

A Bird's Prayer
By Emily

In the humungous bright quiet forest filled with mossy green tall shady trees, where smart clever squirrels scurry to their homes to eat their freshly picked acorns for dinner with their lovely family, I pray for tons of gooey sticky delicious worms and a warm, comfortable, cozy nest with plenty of giant eggs.

A Cougar's Prayer
By Josh

In the untamed enormous jungle, where wild and crazy monkeys swing, I pray for a cougar to play and mate with.

A Bear's Prayer
By Stephen

In the woods with trees that are being cut down, where there are other animals and trees and hunters all trying to kill me, I pray for juicy meat that I can eat.

The Irish Setter's Prayer
By Mita

In the beautiful warm cozy big house with lots of wonderful friends, where I get nicely spoon fed every day by the generous people, I pray for generous friends and a wonderful life with love.

The Dog's Prayer
By Julia

In the steaming dwelling with a colossal yard and billions of toys, where children participate in games that I can play and have lots of amusement, I pray for lots of healthy food for me and my owners and to never be abandoned or abused.

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