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A study of the thesaurus and how it can beautify
your writing!

By Ms. Kunz's Class


The Puma’s Prayer
By: Mark

In the cottony, North American grass, where the lovely chorus of the birds and crisp grass sway, where the stunning blue sky and the mountains meet, where the sun shines its brightest, and the formless breeze blows, I pray for a humongous velvety meadow where I could frolic.

Prayer of the Housefly
By: Elbert Gong 

 In the pleasant, fresh, gooey, heated kitchen, where I build my luxurious, comfortable home and steal the tasteful food to devour, I pray for humongous amounts of leftovers, a fine, toothsome goodie, and not one single human to trouble me with a flyswatter.

Manta Ray’s Prayer
By: George 

In the glacial deep depth of the Pacific Ocean Trench where the ocean blue has lots of pressure and is really disconsolate, I pray for appetizers, deep trenches, and lots of other Manta Rays for company.

 Camel’s Prayer
By: Calista

In the sizzling heat of the desert sun, where the Hopi Indians used the wander and hunt, I pray for a chilly stream and a chilled breeze to rush across the mesas.


Collies Prayer
By: Blair

 In the wide open spaces of the wood, where the trees whisper in the breeze, I pray for a gentle family, and the gorgeous life I had been awarded.


Nightingale’s Prayer
By: Selina Pi

 In the chilly, lush, and lonely night in China, where the gorgeous and glorious blooming trees spread out everywhere, I pray for people and animals to listen to my wondrous song at dusk to make happiness for everyone.

Pig’s Prayer
By: Zach

In the oversized barnyard I dash nonstop with the sizzling sun shining down on me,
 I pray to digest food.

Horses Prayer
By: Allison

  In the sizable rodeo, where I wait gently for my turn, I pray for the first place trophy, 100,000 dollars, and the fine saddle.

Jaguar’s Prayar
By: Sarah

 In the mysterious gloomy jungle where the vines are long and wide, I pray for the jagaur’s to not get hunted.

The Puppies Prayer
By: Lexus

 In the cool, cushioned, and warm bed of mine, I lay awake waiting for nightfall, I pray for angels to follow me and I will be thinking about the lovely, and pretty stars over me.

Cat’s Prayer
By: Brittany

 In the fiery, snug, attractive home I live in, where I rest often a dainty meal, I pray for a bucket of mice and a wondrous bed to sleep in.

Monkey’s Prayers
By: Jason

 In the Fiery amazon, where the trees get very husky and where no one can hear you, I pray for trees to climb, bananas to consume, and friends to have fun with.

Pandas Prayer
By: Catherine

 In the deep shadowed part of the forest where I consume bamboo beneath the gloomy, hideous sky, I pray for pleasant, comfortable, loving shelter that I can live in.

Stray dog’s prayer
By: Holly

 In the cold and lonely streets, where the sky is terribly pretty, I pray for a household that will take care of me.

Cheetas’s Prayer
By: Isiah

 In south America where the enjoyable, soothing, gleaming sun is beaming down on cheetahs running in the temperature of the sun, I pray for food so that the I can digest as much as I please.

Penguins Prayer
By: Emily M.

 In the chilly artic snow, where the polar bears cheerfully wrestle, I pray for appetizing fish and thoughtful friends.

Sheep Prayer
By: Matt

 On the frosty summer night, where the shining novas dazzle so bright, I pray for fresh grass and sparkling pure water to consume and devour.

A puppy’s prayer
By: Adelaide

 In a pleasant and relaxing mansion, where it is lovely and silent, I pray for careful humans, gentle parents, and loads of food.

 Pig’s Prayer
By: Justin

 In the relaxing small farm, where animals recreate joyfully, I pray for fresh food, and an admirable home to live in!

Leopard Geckos Prayer
By Eric

 In the scorched, parched desert, where I consume crickets, I pray for no annoyance. 
(I’m nocturnal.)


Goldfishes Prayer
By Reba

 In the vast, blue ocean, where I recline on a bright, level rock,  I pray for a non-polluted blue fresh ocean that has gleaming purple coral.


Pig’s Prayer
By Brodie

 In the scorching yellow sun, on the great farm, where the birds flap around, I pray for filthy, unsightly mud to leap in.


Butterfly’s prayer
By Nayomi

 In the lovely, gorgeous garden with the sun burning down, where people have picnics on the fresh greenery, I pray for flowers to suck nectar from.

Angelfish dreams
By Derek

 In the dusky murky depths of the ocean, where only bioluminescents luminate, I pray for a flashlight fish to waver up.

A Puppies Prayer
By Emily S.

 In the comfortable, pleasant, and fluffy pillow outside, where the bluebirds hum a blessed tune in the enormous trees, I pray for fun with my toys and a delightful dream when I sleep.


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