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Election 2008:
John McCain vs. Barack Obama

Sen John McCain  

Questions For The Candidates:
Barack Obama and John McCain

How much work do you do?

How much money do you get?

Are you going to raise or lower taxes?

When do you want to stop the fighting?

How can you stop global warming?

If you become President, will the rate of pollution go up or down?

why is John McCain trying to lower the taxes?

Are you going to end the war or make more people join?

Are you going to make the environment cleaner?

How will you help kids without education?

Is it hard to be running for President?

Do you like being President?

Why did you want to become President?

Why did you pick Sarah Palin to be Vice President? (to John McCain)

How would you save the economy?

How bad do you want to win the election?

Why is there property and income tax?

Why are public schools free?

If I could vote for President,
I'd vote for...

McCain because he is lowering taxes and Obama is raising taxes.

McCain because I like him.

Obama because he wants to raise taxes for people that have a lot of money and he just wants to raise it a little and he wants to give it to poor people. Also, because we have never had a black President. I have a lot of other reasons, but that's all.

Obama because he's really good with nature.

Obama because he wants to help every American go to college.

McCain because he would lower taxes for anyone who's not rich.

Obama because I like that he cares about education and he thinks health insurance is important and so do I.

Obama because he is going to help health insurance and he will lead good and not lie. He will also end the war in Iraq.

Obama because he is trying to raise the taxes so our governor can use that money to take care of our country.

Obama because he will cut the taxes for poor people.

Obama because he will end the war in Iraq.

Obama because blacks were treated badly for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Obama because I like his personality and his description.

Obama because he can take care of the world.

Obama because he will make a great President to our state.

Obama because he wants to stop the war in Iraq.

Obama because he'll higher taxes and leftovers, he'll give to the poor.

McCain because he doesn't lie.

Obama because he is smart and he will lower taxes for the not so rich people.

Obama because I go against all war.

Obama because Obama is against the Iraq war.

McCain because he seems like a good President.

If I Were President...

 I would raise the taxes by 3% and give the 3% to charity.

I would add 1 more hour of school to learn more reading, writing, and math. I would do that because I think they are important subjects.

I would help health care by giving free insurance instead of making them pay for insurance because some people need money and help too.

I would help immigration by letting people that don't have homes come to the United States and get a comfortable home.

I would keep the country safe by putting guards at the entrance of the waterways to America and in plains to stop illegal immigrants from getting in.

I would stop the war by giving the Iraqi soldiers a peace treaty.

I would help all the kids find schools and stop school taxes. All of the kids in the US should go to college no matter what. I would think it is missing out on a lot of learning and experience.

I would help Wall Street by simply minting more money and higher taxes to help the homeless and to help Wall Street.

I would make schools better by teaching more math.

I would help make medicine and other types of stuff that would make people not sick.

I would pull all the soldiers out of Iraq so the soldiers could see their families and not get killed.

I would let people home-school their children so they could teach them the way they wanted.

I would stop wars so the soldiers in America could take a break.

I would make a law saying no polluting air or water.

I would make a new law about voting. I would say that now people 10 and up could vote, not 18 and up, because now more people could vote.

I would make more places for kids like a playground or a mall for kids that has everything in it.

I would make a law to stop polluting the world and I would do that by making everyone who littered by an $800 fine.

I would make schools better by getting a great book organizer for all libraries.

I would help education by getting more schools and getting more teachers. I would also help education by letting teachers have more workshops to learn more things to teach kids.

I would give people health care for free by using my money that I earn from being President.

I would make our country safer by making a lot more medicine and pills.

I would make a poster that says "Teacher Wanted" so it could attract good teachers and the education can go up.

If I had extra food I would give it to the poor for health care.

I would stop pollution by making there be more places to recycle.

I would invent a new way to do Homeland Security baggage and passport control.

If people go bankrupt I would give them income stamps to mail income checks. Those will let them have free income until they have money.

I would make schools safer by locking every single door with a latch during school hours.


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