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The students thought a lot this week about what a fairy tale would be like if they turned it around and re-wrote it from the villain's perspective. They learned that sometimes what you think the story is, really isn't. Enjoy their versions of the following popular fairy tales: 

Hansel and Gretel
(The Witchís Side)
By Mita, Courtney, Jessica, and Heather

Once upon a time, Hansel and Gretel were walking down the path to my house and started eating it. Then I gave Hansel and Gretel a room to play in and sleep in. After that I gave Hansel a big lunch to eat. After Hanselís big lunch, Gretel helped me bake cookies. When I was going to the bathroom, Gretel stole all of my hard earned jewels and unlocked Hansel from his cage! After she did that,s he hid the jewels! Then I started yelling at them. I couldnít help yelling. Then I made them go to their room for 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, they came out of their room. I gave them lots of chocolate and they ate all of it. Then Gretel reminded me of my cookies, but as I bent over to reach for them, Gretel pushed me in! After all the hard work I did to  help Hansel and Gretel, somehow they think Iím the villain! But Iím not the villain!

Snow White
(The Queenís Story)
By Emily, Annika, and Stephanie

I think you know me. I am from Snow White. You might think Iím the Evil Queen but Iím not really evil. I was trying to be the most beautiful in the land. But Snow White always exaggerated that I tried to kill her. But she took the wrong apple and hereís the story.  

One day the king was going t choose his new queen and the king chose me! I was so excited, till I found out that he had a beautiful daughter named Snow White. I was jealous when I saw her. She was so beautiful. I told the hunter to bring her into the woods and kill her and bring her liver and lungs, but of course the hunter killed a bear and brought back its liver and lungs. Of course, I thought it was Snow Whiteís lungs and liver and I ate it. Then I found out that she was near the mountains with the seven dwarves. I went to the mountains to check on her, in an apple seller disguise, and when I got there she wanted an apple. Oh did I tell you I had a poisonous apple in the basket? She chose the poisonous apple and she died. So now you know that I didnít kill her.

Snow White
(Queenís Side)
By Chris, Alex R., and Sam 

I got so furious when Snow White grew more beautiful because she got all the credit. For all these years she has been more beautiful than I am. We took Snow White into the woods and abandoned her in the middle of the Enchanted Forest. She found a little cottage. What she didnít know was that there were 7 little men down under the house hitting crystal under the cottage (mining). She started crying because she was lost. That I was happy about. I used my magic to turn into a witch so I donít show my identity. After I got there I gave her a magic comb. When she ran it through your hair, she fell unconscious. Sadly she recovered. I gave her a poisonous apple (not knowing the poison was very strong). I killed her. Finally she was dead! Now I can take her beauty and she canít get all the credit and she has nothing to do about it. I wish the dwarves did not come early. They shooed me off because I was invading their property. What they didnít know was that Snow White was dead. They made her coffin out of the finest crystal in the world, but the spell broke when she was kissed. They lived happily ever after. But not me.

The Gingerbread Man
(From the Wolfís point of view)
By Ian, Ryan, and Michael

I was sitting in the forest and I saw an old lady chasing a cookie. The cookie came to a dog. The dog chased the cookie until he got tired. Then the cookie came to a cow. The cow chased the cookie. I was watching to see if he was coming towards me and he was. I planned a trick to try and eat him. He thought I was going to eat him, and I was, but I did not tell the cookie. I tried to be nice. I told him I did not like cookies. But I truly love them. So I told him I would take him across the river. So I took him across. While I was taking him across, he started yapping along about how all the animals were chasing him when he was just trying to take a walk. I thought a while and I decided not to eat him. I grabbed him and took him to the old ladyís house and all the animals had a party at the grandmaís house. She made more cookies and we ate them, including the gingerbread man. But by accident, I ate the gingerbread man.

Three Billy Goats Gruff
(from the Trollís side)
By Gavin, Josh, and Alexander A.

 Once upon a time I was sleeping under a bridge. Then I heard a noise. CLOMP CLOMP CLOMP! Wow, that scared me. It made me jump and hit my head on the bridge. SO I began to imagine the goats were meat. So I jumped to the top of the bridge. I told the goat Iíll eat him up! But the goat told me that his brother was bigger. So I let the goat go. Still I thought the goats were meat. So the next goat came along. I jumped up and I told the goat I was going to eat him up. But the goat told me itís brother was bigger. So the last goat came on the bridge. I jumped up and told the goat Iíll eat him up, but the goat told me ok. I totally didnít see that coming! So the goat got close and then the goat charged up to me and knocked me into the river! I donít know why he did it! So they lived happily ever after except me.

 PS- It wasnít my fault they looked like meat! I was the good guy. I was sleeping and they scared me!

The Three Little Pigs
(from the Wolf's Perspective)
By Stephen, Ishaan, and Eddie

It was almost dark when the three little pigs were walking and talking to each other. They were talking about building houses. But too bad I was going to eat them. Because pigs are my favorite food, that's why I was going to eat them for my dinner. Then I was traveling to find those pigs. One hour later I found three houses. One was made out of hay, another was made out of sticks, and the last one was made out of bricks. So I went to the hay house but the pig did not let me in. That made me mad, so I blew the hay house down. I tried to catch the pig, but I did not succeed, because the little pig went to the stick house. I told the pigs to let me in but they did not let me in so I tried to break the house down but I could not break in. Then I pushed with all my might but the pigs went to the third house that was made out of brick. I pushed with all my might. But I could not break through the third house. Then I had a plan. I went head first hoping I could break it with my head. I tested my plan but it did not work because I ended up with a really bad headache and that was not part of the plan. But then I had another idea that should have worked. So I did my idea which was to get a ladder to climb up the chimney but when I fell inside I ended up burning myself and I never went to that house again.

Wizard of Oz
(The Witchís Side)
By Sonali, Megan, and Julia

 A strange girl came into my land. She had killed my sister and she took the shoes that should have been mine! I asked her to come over to me and apologize and give me the shoes back. But she said no, I will not and rudely ran away! But when I got back I realized that I had left the gate of my winged monkeys open and by the time I got back they were already flying too high and far away. Then when they brought Dorothy back, I was supposed to be yelling at the monkeys but I accidentally pointed my cane at her instead. I accidentally tripped her with my cane as I came to the tower where the monkeys brought her. I came up to try and get her out. But she said, ďyouíre a wicked old witchĒ and dumped a bucket of water on me. And thatís why I think Iím right!


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