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Native American Legends

How The Desert Got Sand

 By: Annika

A long time ago before people were alive a dog yelled to a cat, “I think the desert is kind of LONELY without sand!  The smart cat said “How do we get sand?”  “I am not so sure.” said the dog confused.  They thought and they thought until the dog had a great idea!  “How about we go to a sand box and steal sand!”  “I doubt we can do that.” yelled the cat almost about to give up.  So they thought for the whole day!  The next day they were still thinking.  “I have got an idea!” shouted the cat!  How about we use the sticks to break the rocks in half!?  “But the rocks don’t have sand!”  “Oh, yes they do.” said the cat.  So they broke twigs and started to smashing rocks.  Sand started to come out!  “This is amazing.” said the dog.  “Yes, I know.”  After many days of hard work they finally finished!  And that’s how the desert got sand.


Why Indians Have Feathers on Their Head Band

 By: Ian

 A long time ago there was an eagle not a normal eagle.  It had all sorts of colors on it.  It was very clever.  To protect its eggs, it covered them up with some sand.  It went out to find some food.  When it was flying, it got trapped in a trap.  A dozen of eagles’ feathers came off.  An Indian came and found the feathers.  He picked up his favorite feather.  He came back to the tribe.  He told what he had found.  The people were amazed!  They wanted them so badly!  So the man went out and found them.  Everyone was so happy.  They thanked the man for what he had done.  So that is why Indians have feathers on their head bands.


How Did The Desert Got Its Name

 By: Josh

 Back before, the Desert got its name the Hopi Indians called everything land.  So every day people would say “On the land I found this I found that.”  One day one person saw a canyon with something on it but they couldn’t tell because it was too hot and far way.  So he ran home to the Hopi to warn them.  He told everybody in the village.  So men were sent out to attack on the land.  While people were waiting the person who saw the something looked again.  The person saw it again he showed it to someone who was the chief and said charge.  They all ran to the cliff.  When they found the cliff, they saw nothing there.  So one guy said “Let’s call this land Desert.”  That’s how the desert got its name.  They came up with the word “Desert” because they called everything Land.  So the Hopi did something for a change and because it means hot and it’s sandy.


How Desert Got Sand

 By: Emily

 Back before there was sand in deserts.  Same people and animals complained about hard rock ground.  Lizards and snakes complained all the time to mother earth about that they can not dig holes deep.  Mother Earth usually said what do you want.  They said something that we can dig through deep and a lot all over the desert.  Mother Earth said let me think. The Hopi Indians complain we can’t grow crops in this hard rock.  Mother Earth screamed because she was getting annoyed.  WHAT DO YOU WANT!!  We want something we can plant things in.  One day Mother Earth came up with an idea.  She decided to put sand on the rock ground.  The animals and the Hopi were pleased.  That’s why every desert has sand even today.


Why The Desert Is Hot

 By: Stephen

 The desert is hot.  It all started when a big hot comet fell from the sun.  It was burning so hot that they can not push it.  It was the size of 10 Blue Bird Buses lined up.  Soon it rolled to the NW of the desert.  Over there became hot.  Then the W.  Then the SW.  Then the E.  Then to the N.  It came back where it started the south.  Now the whole desert was so hot.  The Mother Earth put a spell on the comet but it did not work.  The desert was 90oF.  Then the comet got bigger.  Now it was as big as 11 buses and the temperature was 100oF.  The Hopi found something strange.  Every hour it got bigger by 1 bus and hotter by 10oF.  A week after the comet blew up and the desert was hot forever.


How The Desert Got Sand

 By: Stephanie

Before the Native Americans were not yet born and animals were still talking, the desert had no sand.  One of the animals Kachina is the Land Kachina.  It made all the land and canyons and caves.  All the animals and Kachinas lived in the biggest cave in the desert.  The Land Kachina thought the desert needed something on the land to make the desert look nicer and good looking.  So the Land Kachina wanted to make lots of bright yellow sand.  The Land Kachina asked Rabbit and lots of other desert animals to find lots of small yellow pebbles and bring it back to him.  When Rabbit and all the other desert animals brought back the pebbles the Land Kachina first made the sand out of all the pebbles then put it all over the desert.  That’s how the desert got its sand.


How the Desert Got Its Sand 

By: Michael

 A long time ago people believe that a meteor hit a canyon and the canyon broke into pieces and meteors just kept coming down until it was a bunch of rocks gathered together.  It was like that for a year just rocks clustered together.  Until one day a huge asteroid came down and hit the pile of rocks.  They went Ballistic!  They went all over the place.  Then when the Hopi Indians came all the rocks in the pile where turned into pebbles and then the animals started living on sand and Hopi Indians discovered if they plant a seed in the sand food will grow out of the sand.  The Hopi tribe did not call it sand until a spirit God told them to and this day on we still call it sand.


How Spirits Gave Goods To Pueblos

 By: Sonali

 A long time ago a Mother Spirit was up in the sky and getting potions of emerald.  Under her was the Land Hopi.  The Hopi people had a bad famine and attacks were coming for men and the men didn’t have things they needed.  So the women put out all their diamond and hope something good would happen and also hope to get goods.  Mother Spirit saw them putting the diamonds out.  Spirit knew she had to do something.  So the next day she made a formula of rain and poured the formula on the diamonds laid bellow and dropped some of her emerald down.  After a week the diamonds turned in to all different goods from the potion.  Every one was now happy and made Spirit the ruler.  The goods helped in all sorts of ways and people who lived in spirits land had the good they needed forever.


How Canyons Were Formed

 By: Ishaan 

Long ago the Thunderstorm Kachina wanted a storm near the Hopi village.  So he made one but it turned out it was very bad so there was fire near the Hopi village.  One villager told the elders about the fire.  The elders told two villagers to take some buckets of water to put out the fire but by the time the two villagers got to the fire.  It spread out more than one side of village.  The villagers told the elders that it was too big to put out.  The elders told them to pray for rain.  They prayed but no rain came.  Two villagers went to the fire but there were only 2 flames so the villagers put the fire out, and saw a big canyon.


How Lizards Got Scales

 By: Eddie

 A long time ago there once lived a friendly lizard.  The lizard had good manners and always surround with his friends also, he always says “Thank you.” if somebody gives him something.  His body was very smooth and was super nice.  One day the lizard was doing homework when his mom said “Fried worm is ready!”  The lizard came down ate his lunch and saw his friends.  He asked his mom if he could play with his friends, his mom agreed.  They played sand ball, until an Indian shot his arm, but luck he grew another arm.  When he came home dots started growing on his body.  He asked his mom what was growing on him.  She said it was a rash, but it wasn’t!  They were scales.  From that day on lizards have scales.


How Beans Came To The Hopi

 By Courtney

 One day the Hopi were starving to death.  Then the spirit of plants gave the Hopi a emerald green stone to plant.  So all the Hopi people planted the emerald green stone.  Then the next day, they did not grow in to anything, and the day, and the next day.  It took about five days to grow.  The sixth day it grew into a beautiful green plant with green strings on them.  At first the Hopi did not know what it was.  Then someone tasted it.  The person did not remember the taste.  Someone else tried it, the person did not know what it was either.  They asked the spirits of plants.  The spirit of plants said they were beans.  And that’s the story of how beans came to the Hopi.

How Canyons Were Formed

By Alex R. 

     1,000 years ago, there was an eagle.  The eagle felt that his eaglets were unsafe.  So he asked a komodo dragon to make a wall of rocks around his nest.  When he realized it was unstable, he built rock walls around it, and, near the end of the desert, the eagle made stairs.  Many eagles copied his method, starting at different places.  When a bunch of eagles' nests joined together, it made the Grand Canyon.  That is how canyons were formed.    

How the Desert Got Its Heat

By Julia

       Once upon a time, 800 years ago, the desert was nice and cool.  But then, the sun wanted some of the desert's cactuses, because he thought a little green would look good on him.  So the desert asked the cactus if it wanted to go to the sun and make it look green.

      Even though the cactus' favorite color was green, and he wanted everyone to see green when they looked up at the sun, he said it was too hot on the sun.

       The sun got mad, and said "If you don't come and live with me and look green with all your friends, I'll punish you and everybody else on the desert.".  Even though everyone else in the desert would be mad at him for punishing them, the cactus said no.

      So the sun said, "Now you don't have a choice.  I'll look at you all the time, which will make you hot, because all my heat will be on you.   But when you change your mind, I will stop looking at you."

     The cactus knew that with the sun right on you, it's still not as hot as being on the sun, so he never changed his mind, and that is why, from that day forth, the desert is hot.

 How the Desert Got Sand

By Sam

      One day, one million years ago, the God of Water and the God of Sand said to each other, "We have too much open space.  Why not fill it up?"

      "That sounds absurd", said the God of Water.   "How are we going to get sand over there?  It's at least one thousand miles from open land.  It's not possible from the ocean to there."

      They argued and they argued until they got fed up and left each other for a few thousand years until the God of Water said to the God of Sand, "I've found an idea for filling up the open land.  I can cause a tsunami to send the sand over."

      So they sent the sand over and washed out the dinosaurs and created a huge lake with sand in the bottom.  Ten thousand years later, the lake dried up and created a desert.  Seaweed turned into cacti and fish turned into bones.  After that, the Hopi village was formed.

 How the Desert Got Sand

By Megan

      700 years ago at the desert, the ground was all rock with cracks in it.  Mother Nature was very upset because it was hurting the Hopis' feet.  So Mother Nature ordered her trustworthy sorceress to carry sand from the ocean.  But, sadly, the nearest ocean was 43 miles away.  The only way back then to get around was by feet.  It took thirty-one days, four and a half weeks and one month.

      When they finally brought the wet sand back, they spread it on the ground, but it was so wet that it practically drained through the cracks.   So, the sorceress had an idea, which was that if they brought enough sand to first fill the cracks then put wet sand on the ground, then it might stay. 

      So, the sorceress set off again, and, as usual, it took ... thirty-one days, four and a half weeks and one month.  When they got back, they filled the cracks first then put wet sand all over the desert ground...

      It worked!  Every Hopi was so happy!  Especially two Hopis named Sania and Bob. They dances and dances, but over night it was so hot, the sand became dry. 

How a Cactus Got Its Spikes

By Mita

      700 years ago in the past, a porcupine was walking near a cactus.  Shortly, a Native American came and asked the porcupine, "Would you like to knock down this cactus?  If you do, I'll share some water."  The porcupine said yes.

       Shortly after the porcupine said yes, a snake came along and said, "Can I help?" The Native American and the porcupine said yes.   All if them were thinking of an idea.

      Their plan was to stick the porcupine on the cactus.  The snake would tie itself to the porcupine and the Native American would pull the snake. 

      They tried it, and it worked, but when they pulled the porcupine off, the spikes were on the cactus, and the porcupine had no spikes.

 That's how cactuses got their spikes.

 How the Desert Got Its Sand

By Ryan

 One day in the desert Southwest, nearby the Hopi Indian’s tribe, the Spirit of Storms summoned a great storm on the Hopi Tribe.  The Hopi didn’t know.  A couple of minutes later, great dark clouds filled the bright blue Spirit of the Sky.  The Hopi were confused at first, then they had realized a great storm was coming upon them.  They tried to run, but it had already started!

Great bolts of lightening struck.  Thunder roared upon the whole desert Southwest.  The Hopi were very frightened.  They hid in their pueblos, but the pueblos didn’t stand a chance!  Then, it happened -- the brightest, widest, canyon.  The canyon fell slowly, so the Hopi could run, and when it fell … it cracked to a 1,000,000,000,000000,000 pieces!  And that’s how all the deserts to this day have sand, sparkling sand.

How Beans Came to the Hopi Desert

By Gavin 

It all started 18,000 years ago …   When there were no beans!  But!  This is how they got there.  One day, there were no beans and a little, little piece of dirt got in corn, then the corn got grinded with spices, then got joined to the ground.  Ten years later, a boy named Kii saw something growing.  He went to tell his dad, Papo, but since it was still too small to see, he said “What new food’s right there?  I don’t see it!” said Papo, his father! 

 Seven years later, a new person moved in and he was named Dono.  Xii and Dono were friends in no time!  He tried to show Dono the plant and he said “I kind of see the new plant.”

 “Good!” said Xii!  But in seventeen years later, Dono moved away and a boy named Ying moved in.  He brought a lot of beans because at his trip, Xii’s beans sprouts went all the say to Ying’s tribe and now there is a new food named beans!  Ever since, no one has ever spoken about it again!  Or maybe not!

 P.S. – It was spoken of again!  Also, Xii was only 35 years old when the new plant was invented or made.

How the Eagle Got Its Wings

By Jessica

One day, the eagles had no wings.  So they always walked.  Near the eagle were men building pueblos for the Hopi Tribe.  By mistake, one of the Hopi Indians dropped one of his hammers and it landed on the eagle’s side!  So the eagle ran away with a flat side.

 Then he came across some beavers chopping down trees near the water.  He remembered that if he went in the water he would drown, but then one of the trees fell and landed on the other side of the eagle and it made another flat side on the eagle.  It hurt so much that he ran right in the pond!

He was drowning, so he flapped the two flat sides of his body, hoping something would happen and flew right out of the pond!  And that’s how the eagle got its wings.

 How the Komodo Dragon Came to Live Near the Hopi

By Alexander A.

 Once, about 30,900 years ago, there was a little Komodo dragon with no fangs or venom.  He went around Egypt many times crying.  Then one day, the Dragon God got tired of all the weeping, so he ordered Dragon and Captian Viper to tell him to stop crying. 

       Komodo dragon told them he wants to be stronger and he will never stop crying till he gets stronger.  Dragon and Captain Viper told the Dragon God what he said.  So the dragon ordered them to make him stronger!  So Captain Viper and Dragon went to make him stronger. 

       They had an idea.  Then … Wham!!!  Captain Viper bit Komodo dragon.  He screamed.  Then the venom made him grow fangs!  Then the dragon breathed fire on him.  Then he had venom too!!!  So he mated and had a million eggs.  Then he said to his kids, “Spread the globe!  Carry my DNA!  So they spread the globe, mostly near the Hopi Tribe.  The End

How the Cactus Got Its Green

By Chris

       Once upon a time, there was a blue cactus.  The blue cactus got blown by the wind and his feet got all green.  Then the wind stopped. 

 The blue with green feet cactus saw a king cobra in the canyons.  The king cobra saw him and he went to get him.  The snake got to the cactus and bit with poisonous bite on the head and the poison was green so his head turned green.  The snake didn’t like the cactus, so he went away. 

 All of a sudden, an arrow came and hit the snake.  It was a Hopi.  The Hopi poked at the snake.  He saw that the snake was poisonous, so he went to the cactus.  Booooooom!  He hit the cactus with his club and the cactus flew back and landed on some grass and rolled over.  When it got up, it saw that it was all green.  And that is how a cactus got green.

 How the Hopi Got Its Name

By Heather 

      One day, there was a group of people.  A father, mother, old man, and a little boy name Emu.  The older man said “Why don’t we start a tribe?”  Everyone agreed.

       “First, we need a name for the tribe,” said father.  “We will go to bed and think,” said mother.  But in the morning, nobody had thought of the name.  Emu had a name, but he could not talk, so he had to act it out, so he started to hope for rain, because the name he was thinking of was the Hopi.

       Emu kept hoping all day, until it was raining, then finally, the old man understood.  “He wants to name the tribe Hopi!” said the old man.  “How can you tell?” asked the father.  “He was hoping for rain all day,” said the old man.

      Emu nodded yes.  The man said, “I’ll be the leader,” and they agreed and soon they had enough people to have a tribe.  That’s how the Hopi got its name.   

Graphics by Samsilverhawk