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A special welcome to Matthew, Catherine, Elbert, Blair, Allison, Eric, Emily M, Brodie, Lexus, Selina, Calista, Reba, Derek, Nayomi, Holly, Emily S, Isiah, Sarah, Mark, Jason, Zachary, George, Brittany, Adelaide, Justin

Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!"
-Dr. Seuss

It's off to 4th grade you go....
but before you leave, here are some memories to last you a lifetime!

Highlights From the
2005-2006 School Year:
1st day of school, putting our puzzle together, morning meeting, Native American Feast, Hawaiian pen pals, Rutgers Agricultural Museum trip, tour of Montgomery, classroom pledge, clay maps,  Book Club Lunches, heart jar, table points, tickets, Halloween party, caring party, Rock Brook, behavior parties, Character Education Stars, Mystery Readers, Desk Fairy, Thankful letters, Biography pen pals, having the detective visit us for our mystery unit, Kevin 2 Step, our Thanksgiving play, Grandparents Tea, Jellybean Math, Read Across America Day, Earth Day songs, Poetry Cafe, Our Giving Tree, Mardi Gras party, our Student Teachers: Ms. Mason and Ms. Nevaro, Snow Day Party, Ms. Kunz's Shower, and so much more we'll never forget!

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Our Visit With The
Halloween 2005
2005 Thanksgiving Feast
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Ms. Kunz's Shower

Character Education Stars:
Congratulations to Eric, Nayomi, Lexus, Isiah, Sarah, Jason, Catherine, Blair, Brodie, Adelaide, Matthew, Allison, Elbert, Mark, George, Emily S., Reba, Emily M., and Justin!


Other fond memories...

A King Cake from New Orleans!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Our Tipis

Together, we make a beautiful rainbow!


Goodbye class of 2006, I'll miss you!
Love always,
Ms. Kunz
(Soon to be Mrs. Gold! Check back this summer for wedding photos!)


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