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Top 20 Reasons
We Love Our Moms!
By Ms. Kunz's Class

20.  She doesn't ground me (that much)!

19.  She gets cool things for the car!

18.  She gives the best kisses.

17.  She makes me lots of popcorn!

16.  She does my laundry.

15.  She makes me delicious breakfasts on the weekends.

14.  She plans the best birthday parties!

13. She gives me an allowance weekly (I keep reminding her!)

12.  She is the prettiest lady I know!

11.  She's the best woman in the whole continuum.

10.  She always knows what I want to order.

9.  She doesn't yell (well....)

8.  She has a lot of money (because she works hard).

7.  She loves me more than I love dessert!

6.  Cause she's "Da Bomb"!

5.  She laughs if your jokes are not funny.

4.  She yells at daddy when he upsets me.

3.  Because she made me!

2.  She knows when I have to go to the bathroom!

1.  She's my best friend!

More Reasons to Love Our Moms...

She takes care of me when I am sick.

She's always there for me.

She helps me with my homework.

She taught me how to make my bed and brush my teeth.

She keeps me safe.

She lets me stay up late.

She's my mom!

She's funny (sometimes)!

She lets me stay up late (kinda...)

She loves me for me!

She is healthy.

She's the coolest.

She listens to me.

She scolds my brother and sister.

She compliments me.

She loves me and I love her right back!

She takes me shopping.


She helps me feel better when I am sad.

She gives me permission to do lots of things!

She is pretty and nice.

She lets us go on vacation a lot.

She never stops loving me!

She doesn't time me when I watch TV.

She's the best!

She gives me food I like!

She gives me a home and a bed to stay in.

She plays games with me.

She makes the best brownies!

She tells me what words mean.

She tucks me in.

She is helpful.

Her food is great!

She gives me lots of attention!

She is encouraging.



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