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Top Reasons Why We Love Our Moms!
By Ms. Kunz's Class


To make you smile…

She is very kind when I get in trouble.
She never punishes me (well, only if I’m really bad!)
She loves me more than my siblings.
She doesn’t give strict rules, but she does give good rules.
Her brownies = luscious, scrumptious, paradise!
She bought me a gross gecko.
She reads my mind at Christmas-time (also birthdays)!
She doesn’t spoil me, nor does she give me nothing.
She lets me have meals while watching a movie.
She doesn’t let my dad punish me a lot.
She always tries to hold her temper.
She can tell when I don’t want to talk about something.
She finds me stuff I lose.
She doesn’t ask a lot of questions.
She never yells at me (well, sometimes when we deserve it!)
She loves me more than I love her! (but I love her so so so much!)
She gives me things to do when I’m bored.
She loves me as much as her husband!
She is sometimes nice.
She gives me $20 a year if I’m good!
She lets me do stuff I should not do!
She’s a really good pillow.
She doesn’t cut my hair often.
She pays for my education.
1/3 of my wisdom was produced from her.
She made me!

 To make you cry…
When she says she loves me, she means it.
She loves her whole family.
She has a warm heart.
She always says, “Nice work,” just for trying.
She tries to be the best mom she can be.
She loves me no matter what.
She knows what is best for me.
She is always there for me.
She gives warm hugs and kisses at bedtime.
She takes time out of work to come to our events.


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