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Nursery Rhyme
News Reports

Flying Cow
“Hey Diddle Diddle”
By Michael, Chris, Mitch, and Andrew

 It was reported by Ms. Moo Moo that a cow was hovering over the local barn. It happened in the capital of Moscow, Russia. The only person who saw it happen was Barky, the dog. Barky reported it to Ms. Moo Moo, who told everybody on the local news. He jumped so high he reached the moon. He jumped over the moon because his friend Billy Bob dared him to do it. The cow Dave was so proud of himself for accomplishing the dare. He suddenly realized that he was still in the air and landed on a strong brick wall separating the farm from the town. The cow, Dave, received a head injury also having some brain damage from hitting the brick wall. He was in the hospital and after a few days he passed away, leaving his family milkless.

Woman And Over 10 Children Wants To Move From Shoe
“The Little Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe”
By Phoebe Z., Juliana, Phoebe L., and Jerry 

Giant shoe was spotted on Saturday evening on Swaying Grass Hill! Our scouts tiptoed to the entrance of the mysterious show to investigate. They softly knocked on the leather door and to their surprise out came a regular looking woman! We were curious and went inside to interview. It turns out she had too many children, wantedt o move, but didn’t know where to move, and was afraid they would lose people while doing so.

 How did she have so many children? Well she loved her husband (who later died) so much that she had a lot of babies. We felt sympathy for them so on Tuesday morning we gave them a big mansion to live in, a life supply of food and drinks, and brand new clothes!

Rock a Bye Baby
“Rock a Bye Baby”
By Hanley, Joseph, Kaede, and Cheyenne

 What would a mother be doing 1 hour before a mass hurricane? Last dawn at 5:00 sharp, a cautious mother cradled her baby, Jack along the rocky hill of County Hill park! The baby was crying all night so the mother decided to calm the baby down by giving him a little walk. Unfortunately, the mother had hit a rock-shaped ramp and the baby flew up into one of the tallest oak trees in County Hill Park. A few minutes later, a strong wind that caused the hurricane at 6:00 had made a slight crack in the branch that Jack had landed on and also causing the cradle to rock. Since the baby and the cracle was very heavy, the branch eventually broke and the baby with the cradle fell down head first. Though the baby had landed on soft pillow, the fall had still caused the baby to have slight brain damage and a concussion. The mother had seem all of this and immediately called the emergency room. At 6:30pm, the baby was sent to the hospital and the baby still remains crying and is likely to come out in approximately one week just to make sure that the baby is okay.

Little People, Big Shoe
“The Little Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe”
By Rebekah, Katherine, Alyssa, and Tommy

 We have breaking news! On Thursday afternoon, reporters found a rusty old boot in the great plains of Paris. A child was playing and found a teeny family living in the shoe. The reporters found out why the people in the shoe were so small. The said they were so small because “a person dropped anti-shrink on us! No matter how much we ate, we never got any bigger!” Some reporters looked into the shoe and saw all 30 children! The old woman cried, “I need a new pair of adult sized Crocks.” On that evening, reporters spotted a pair of adult sized Crocks. At nighttime, the family scattered into the new pair of crocks. Now it is still lying on the patio of 71 Chestnut Ct. The old woman threw a big party in honor of her new home!



So Long Max Truffle
“Mary Had A Little Lamb”
By Jake, Andrew S., Jonathan, and Kaylin

 It was reported by one of our scouts that a strict teacher (Mrs. Judy) sent a little girl’s sheep back to Alabama just for taking one step into her classroom. Yesterday morning at 8:00am, Mary Truffle, who was 11 years old, was walking to school on route 518. max Truffle, Mary’s sheep, happened to be following her to school to get a cookie from Mary’s pocket. Mary did not seem to notice Max following her. When Mary arrived at school, the kids in her class gasped in amazement when they saw Max. The teacher strictly made Mary put Max back in the forest where his mother is, in Montgomery, Alabama. Some kids said, “please don’t make him go, Mrs. Judy!” Mrs. Judy said, “It’s a punishment that they deserve.” Right now, Mary is on a flight to Alabama to look for Max.




27 Black Birds Flew Out of Pie
“Sing a Song of Sixpence"
By Alina, Genta, James, Barry

 Yesterday morning at 9:00am at the royal castle, 27 blackbirds flew out of the king’s pie. King Bing, a very rich king, was cutting his blueberry pie and 27 blackbirds flew right out of it! Then the 27 blackbirds flew to the tree and made the king cry. The king was crying because he loves his blueberry pie and there was no more.

The blackbirds had flown into the kitchen and hit the blueberries off the table and laid in their spot. Later in the morning, the chef thought the blackbirds were blueberries and he put them into the pie. That is why the king cut open the pie, and they flew out. Apparently, scientists figured out that the blackbirds had razor sharp beaks.

 Luckily, the king was very nice to the blackbirds and they bit our royal King Bing. Since the king was very nice to the blackbirds, the birds gave him a prize. The prize was a nice blueberry pie! Then the king enjoyed his blueberry pie.


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