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The Poetry Cafe 2008

To culminate our Poetry unit, after learning 17 genres of poetry, the students presented a "Poetry Cafe" for their parents! First, they acted as waiters and waitresses and gave their parents a complimentary $5.00 bill to spend any way they'd like! The waiters and waitresses then served breakfast to their parents, as well as working on their math skills while figuring out the check. Some of them not only added the bill and found the change, but added 6% sales tax, and some on top of that took off 15% as a discount! Talk about using your brain!!

After the parents were fed, the students presented a poetry reading, in which they not only shared their favorite genres of poetry, but taught their parents how to do it as well!

We had a great time!


A special thank you to Mrs. Sanford for taking and sending me all of these pictures! Parents, I decided to include the kids' faces this time. The pictures were too good not to. If anyone has a problem with their child's face being in these pictures, please let me know and I will immediately remove them.