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Rainbow Poems
By Mrs. Gold's Class

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        Red is like a stripe of the American flag, waving in the fierce wind. 

        Orange is like a ray of sunshine, blazing fiercely in a summer day. 

        Yellow is like a Buttercup, socking up rain water on an April afternoon. 

        Green is like the spring grass damp with dewy fallen rain of spring.

        Blue is like a bluebird, perched on a branch chirping merrily. 

        Purple is like a violet, sway in the summer breeze. 



        Red is like hot painful sunburn ready to burn you. 

        Orange is like the beautiful flowers giving colorful pollen to the black and yellow bees getting ready to make honey. 

        Yellow is like a flower bud getting ready o blossom and be picked to make a bouquet. 

        Green is like the freshly cut grass getting ready to grow again. 

        Blue is like the cold waves in the cool shaped wave pool at Tycoon lagoon getting ready to knock you down. 

        Purple is like shiny grapes slushys at the worm sandy sea shore ready to quench my thirst.



        Red is like a beautiful red sunset streaming at you at the end of a gorgeous day.

        Orange is like a beautiful hot sun creeping down on your burning back.

        Yellow is like lightning bolts striking all around you in a blistering storm.

        Green is like the grass swaying on the heated ground on a summer day.

        Blue is like the wonderful sky rushing through the amazing atmosphere.

        Purple is like a velvet flower waving in a cold damp flower pot.



        Red is like a beautiful ruby glistening in the bright hot sun. 

        Orange is like a sharpened pencil being used by brilliant children in a classroom. 

        Yellow is like a glistening lemon waiting to be squeezed under a large palm tree. 

        Green is like an un-ignorable tree giving shade to the generations of children

        Blue is like the large sky with clouds in it swirling in the howling wind. 

        Purple is like shinny grapes hanging from a tree mostly swaying in the calm wind. 


        Red is like a hot pepper, ready to sizzle with heat. 

        Orange is like a blazing fire, burning up ready to explode. 

        Yellow is like huge sun, way high u in the sky beating down on the cold people. 

        Green is like growth filled forest, deep, dark, and sucking you in. 

        Blue is like a vast sea, spreading for hundreds of miles. 

        Purple is like the great mountains, off in the distance when the dark shadows cast on them.


Stephanie Man 

        Red is like a ripe apple bitten with sweet tender taste. 

        Orange is like a fluttering monarch butterfly gracefully flying towards the shimmering lake. 

        Yellow is like he yellow lemon falling from the big and large fruit tree being sour and caught by a humanís large hand and sucked by the humanís strong mouth. 

        Green is like the sweet grass being bloom by a gust of wind and carried towards the glistering sun in the blue sky. 

        Blue is like the ocean carrying wooden crates to sunny Madagascar after a long night through a storm and carrying beautiful pottery by a ship riding the hard waves. 

        Purple is like a silky dress being worn by my mother while were at a wonderful ball with nice and beautiful music and dancing at the shiny royal palace.



        Red is like a field of rice ready to be picked and pat into a bouquet. 

        Orange is like the sun shinning bright over the glistening sky. 

        Yellow is like a tall sunflower towering over the large garden and showering he flowers with shade. 

        Green is like the small leaves on the bright flowers n the middle of the garden. 

        Blue is like the shinning sky over large Earthís green land. 

        Purple is like a violet in a small garden beneath the tall shinning flowers.



        Red is like a sparkling rose ready to bloom into the spring sky. 

        Orange is like a fierce tiger ready to leap into action. 

        Yellow is like the bright sun set of the great horizon. 

        Green is like a flat lily pad floating around ready to be jumped on by a big hungry frog. 

        Blue is like a cute baby dolphin ready to take her first breath. 

        Purple is like the juicy grapes in the summer ready to be fed to zoo animals.



        Red is like a burning flame licking its way up hot logs. 

        Orange is like the streaking sunset hugging yellow, pink, and purple. 

        Yellow is as bright as honey being defended from a hungry bear. 

        Green is like happy, healthy grass, the luxurious home of thousands of animals. 

        Blue is like the bright, clear sky, a fun place for all. 

        Purple is like the space eclipses exploding, disappearing, and some unknown. 


Eric Jiang 

        Red is like a bright rose ready to be picked in the great park when itís bloomed. 

        Orange is like a ripe orange ready to be picked and eaten by a big man who will taste a lot of juice. 

        Yellow is like the blazing sun shinning the way and warming us up. 

        Green is like a juicy pear dropping juice in the clear water like wet rain. 

        Blue is like the wet water ready to be splashed by a shark flipping in the clear water. 

        Purple is like tasty grapes juice ready to wet a tired manís mouth after he has been in the dry desert.



        Red is like a hot fire getting ready to bake some ho food for an awesome party. 

        Orange is as pretty as a bloomed sunflower on a hot summerís day. 

        Yellow is like a fresh lemon fleshly squeezed into homemade lemonade. 

        Green is like a green slushy that a little kid is drinking on a spring day. 

        Blue is like the clear blue ocean at the warm silent beach. 

        Purple is like a perfect plum being ready to sprout from a tree.



        Red is like a yummy cherry that helps to complete a cold sundae after a hard working day!

        Orange is like a fresh orange giving us itís sweet and healthy juice! 

        Yellow is like the sun rising to start a warm and joyful day! 

        Green is like children playing in the gleaming green grass in the park! 

        Blue is like the beach water splashing until it reaches the beautiful beach! 

        Purple is like a purple flower sparkling in the beautiful spring sun!



        Red is like a ripe cherry about to fall off a big beautiful cherry tree.

        Orange is like a nice juicy orange exploding with flavorful juice.

        Yellow is like a nice creamy banana about to be peeled for a crazy monkey in an overgrown forest.

        Green is like a sour lime being put in an ice cold soda for a hot woman sunbathing on a beach.

        Blue is like the ocean waves crashing down on the shining sand.

        Purple is like a beautiful soft velvet dress being worn by a queen going to a big ball.



        Red is like a juicy red apple ready to get. 

        Orange is like a shiny orange getting ready to be eaten by a little girl by the sunny beach. 

        Yellow is like beautiful starts shinning bright in the warm night. 

        Green is like the green grass ready to grow in the spring. 

        Blue is like a beautiful snow flack ready to falling winter. 

        Purple is like a bundle of purple roses on Valentineís Day.



        Red is like a juicy red apple falling off a big tree. 

        Orange is like a sour orange nice and ripe. 

        Yellow is like the bright morning sun shinning high. 

        Green is like a peaceful cricket singing his beautiful song. 

        Blue is like cold rain falling on the wet ground. 

        Purple is like pretty purple flowers ready to bloom.



        Red is like a rich rose rising after the cold winter. 

        Orange is like a juicy orange getting picked up to get eaten by a hungry animal. 

        Yellow is a beautiful sunflower blooming from the cold weather in the snowy December. 

        Green is like a wet frog leaping toward the deep pound. 

        Blue is like the huge sky spreading to surround us. 

        Purple is a tasty grape getting eaten by someone thatís hungry.



        Red is like a rose that has more smell than any others. 

        Orange is like a small mango that is going to get picked off a tall tree. 

        Yellow is like a sour lemon about to get squished to make sour lemon juice. 

        Green is like a mango ready to be born in the hot sunny trees. 

        Blue is like oceanís waves with people fishing in the hot sunning bay. 

        Purple is like s violet starting to bloom like horse starting to grow.



        Red is like a strawberry popsicle melting in my mouth. 

        Orange is like an orange sprouting out of a tree on a hot summer. 

        Yellow is like a rain dot glittering in the sun light on a wet day. 

        Green is like a leaf glittering in the water after a rain storm. 

        Blue is like a piece of mint gum that is sizzling my taste buds. 

        Purple is like a purple flower sparkling in the sunlight in a bush. 



        Red is like fresh blood, dripping from a shallow cut. 

        Orange is like a deep plum being drained of juice. 

        Yellow is like the shinning sun gleaming in the morning sky. 

        Green is like the fresh dewy grass that shines out in the yard. 

        Blue is like the fresh morning sky, cloudless, and still. 

        Purple is like an indigo colored flower sparkling in the afternoon light. 



        Red is like a juicy apple a bout to be eaten from a fun family. 

        Orange is like a big orange basketball being slammed dunked in a white basketball net. 

        Yellow is like a shinning star in the dark black sky in the spooky night. 

        Green is like silky green grass being stepped on by happy children playing it the fun sprinkler. 

        Blue is like a blue sparkly ball being played by playful kids on the warm beach. 

        Purple is like sweet grapes being eaten by a lovable family at the park.



        Red is like a rose blooming in the bright summer day. 

        Orange is like paint with glowing sweet color in a colorful art museum!

        Yellow is like a lemon getting squeezed in a cup of delicious lemonade.

        Green is like a lime getting poured into a hot pot of water to make the sweetest cup of tea.

        Blue is like the sky with beautiful clouds on a sunny warm day like someone poured blue paint in the sky!

        Purple is like a purple bird flying high in the beautiful clear sky with the wonderful clouds!


        Red is like juicy, ripe, and fresh tomatoes ready to be picked off a bush. 

        Orange is like hot lava exploding out of a volcano. 

        Yellow is like the warm sun on hot summer day shinning down on a very sandy beach. 

        Green is like big leaves waving in a hollow tree in a hot summer day. 

        Blue is like a cloudless summer sky on a warm day. 

        Purple is like a juicy plum ready to be picked off a big bush.



        Red is like a tomato ready to be harvested for food. 

        Orange is like an orange in a fruit salad that is soft with more blueberries. 

        Yellow is like a sour lemon rolling across the floor ready someone to pick it up. 

        Green is like aliens to attack or abduct a strong astronaut in space. 

        Blue is like the beautiful sky with white clouds stuck in it. 

        Purple is as beautiful as a rubber ball bouncing in a front yard.