Reading-   This week in reading, we did ABCs of Montgomery. We worked on our final copy. We would write it on a book and draw a colored pictures in the space above, that represented what we wrote on the lines below. For example, if I wrote "Dutch people mostly came from NY.", I would draw Dutch people coming to Montgomery from New York. From this activity, we learned about the history of Montgomery.

Writing- This week in writing, we started to publish our newspaper reports. We went to the computer lab to type up our reports. For example, if you were a news reporter, you would type up your report on Microsoft Word. From this activity, we learned how to put a newspaper together.

Math- This week in math, we did the shape toss experiment. It is where you get in a group and toss a shape that you were assigned and toss it. You make a grid and if the shape landed on its edge, you would make a tally on the "on it's edge" box. If it landed on it's face, you would make a tally in the "not on it's edge" box. You would keep on doing this until you reached 50 tosses. An example of a finished toss would be "46 not on edge and 4 on edge". From this activity, we learned why a shape can land on it's edge or if it will land on it's face.

Science- This week in science we did the telegraphs. We hooked up a long wire which helped us send codes to each other. While we were doing telegraphs, we also learned the STREAM code. The STREAM code is using the letters of stream and each letter stands for a number. For example, S=1, T=2, R=3, E=4, A=5, and M=6. We used the STREAM code to make words. We would tap the switch and the other group would hear their metal stick tap the rivet.

Other- This week we had Fun Day! For Fun Day, we went against Ms. Sears' class. Some games we played were car races, water brigade, jump rope, hula hoop, and tug of peace. In between each rotation, we had fruits and water. At the end, everyone got ice pops. Our rotations were gym, blacktop, and field. We also made up a cheer for our class. The cheer was "G O L D, 24 Carat Victory!" Both of the classes won different games.

This week we had Jonathan's mom come in and make bread with us. We went table by table. First we washed our hands. We had to put a lot of flour on our hands because of how sticky the dough was. We rolled them into 3 sticks and then braided them. After everyone made one, Mrs. Greenburg took them home to be cooked. Everyone got their bread back when we came back from special. The bread we made was called challah. We had a fun week!


Reading-  This week we did the ABCs of Montgomery. It is when we write something involved with the history of Montgomery for each letter. We should have written at least one sentence per letter. We are to publish these like a book. There will be pictures to go along with the book.

Writing- In writing we edited our nursery rhyme news reports. Many things were needed for a good news report such as: a beginning and ending, the 5 Ws (who, what, where, when, why), the lead, and if the opinion was left out, clearly written, and if spelling is ok. Then different people would give comments for your report.

Math- In math we played the Calculator Memory game. It is when you pick a number from 1-5. Then we would use M+ or M- to try to get to a target number. If someone thinks they get to that number, they say "same!". If it's not that number, that person loses.

Social Studies- This week in social studies we did a bison study. It's when we traced a bison on a yellow piece of paper and then we cut it out and made 4 sections: tools, food, clothing, and shelter. For each section, we have to write about how the Sioux Indians got those things from bison.

Science- This week in science we solved a string of lights problem. The problem was about a company that was selling Christmas lights. But something was wrong with their circuit if one light bulb burned out, all the other light bulbs would burn out too. We needed to find the circuit that would not have all the other light bulbs burn out if one one did. We found out that they were using a series circuit. A series circuit is a circuit where all the light bulbs are in one circuit of electricity. So if one light bulb goes out it stops the electricity from going to the other light bulbs. They should have been using a parallel circuit. A parallel circuit is a circuit where there is a multiple amount of circles of electricity actually every light bulb gets its own circle of electricity. If a light bulb goes out in a parallel circuit then only the ones after will go out so you could tell which bulb needs fixing. So they should have been  using a parallel circuit.

Other- This week the 2nd graders from OHES came into our classroom to see how VES was like. They wrote us a letter before they came in. The letter had questions on it, asking about VES. Each one of us got assigned a question and we wrote the answers on index cards. When the 2nd graders came, they sat on the carpet and each one of us 1 by 1, read out our questions and answers. The class that came was Ms. Mughel's.


Reading-  This week in reading we learned about the history of Montgomery. To learn this, we used packets and we first read a part and answered questions in another packet. From this activity, we learned the history of Montgomery.

Writing- This week in writing, we learned about nursery rhyme news reports. To do this activity, the class was separated into groups of 4 and each group hose a nursery rhyme and then they turned it into a news report. For example, Humpty Dumpty, you made it longer, more serious, and you give it a headline. From this activity, we learned how to write news reports.

Math- This week in math we learned how to measure liquids. You use gallons, cups, ounces, pints, and quarts to measure liquids. For example, if you want to find out how much water a bathtub could hold, you would use gallons. From this activity, we learned how to measure liquids.

Social Studies- This week in social studies, we colored the Sioux clothes. Then we needed to label the clothes. For example, they wore breechcloth, moccasins, and sometimes ceremonial dresses. The women also wore dresses and leggings.

Science- This week we made series circuits. This is a circuit that has two batteries, two light bulbs, and sometimes a switch. We learned that two light bulbs can not shine brightly with only one battery in a series circuit.

Other- This week we went to Bedensville School. There we learned how school was 200 years ago. For example, they used quill pens and dressed up with the same clothes. They went home for lunch, and girls and boys came in separate doors. The girls rarely had math, and the boys rarely had geography. That is how they learned in school back then.


Reading-  This past month in reading, we finished our biography unit and moved on to Literature Centers. The children had to make a character cut-out, that looked like the person they read about in reading groups. Then, on the inside of the character cut-out, they had a choice to either do a +5/-5 timeline or an acrostic bio poem of their person. The +5/-5 timeline was a timeline of different events that happened in that person's life, and the students had to rate those events as +5 being the best thing that could have happened, to -5 being the worst thing that could happen. Then, they drew a line graph to show the range of events in that person's life. The bio poem was an acrostic poem of their person's life story, with each letter of their name giving a statement about something interesting that happened to them. After they finished these character cut-outs, they had many choices of activities to complete such as a Biography Briefcase, where they made a briefcase and cut out different items that they thought their person would want to have with them, as well as a written explanation of why they felt that way.

After the biography unit was completed, we celebrated with Biography Day! Students had been working on a long-term project at home entitled "Biography Pen Pals" in which I teamed them up with a student in another class, to write pen pal letters about their chosen researched person. Students did not know who their pen pals were, except for by their famous name, such as George Washington. On Biography Day, students finally got to meet their pen pals, after 2 letter exchanges! Students had autograph books, in which they got "signatures" from "famous people" around the room, as they mingled and got to know each other. Finally, the pen pals met up and did a special interview with each other. After the mix-and-mingle part of Biography Day, parents were welcomed in for the Wax Museum. Students chose a pose that represented their researched figure, and held it, pretending to be a wax figure, as the parents walked around and took pictures! It was a great day!

Writing- In writing, we finished our poetry unit and had a celebration- our Poetry Cafe! The students taught their parents over 12 genres of poetry, and read their favorites poems written during this unit. Their parents were treated to "waitress/waiter" service, as the kids took their orders and served them brunch, in between the poetry readings.

Math- In math, we've been learning a lot about capacity and measuring liquids in volume. We've done some experiments with water to find the volume of objects, and also made measurement men this week!

Social Studies- In Social Studies this month, we've been learning about the Sioux Indians! The Sioux are from the Great Plains in central USA. They rely on buffalo for most of their needs, and live in tipis. We made tipis, made up our own Indian names, learned about the different ways to use buffalo, their clothing, food, and how the Sioux compared to other tribes we've learned about so far.

Science- This month, we began our final science unit on Magnetism and Electricity! The students learned about magnets and how they attract by experimenting with magnets around the room. Then, we moved into electricity, as the students learned about insulators, conductors and what types of items conduct electricity. Students learned how to set up circuits to light up batteries and run motors. The children learned how to draw Schematic Diagrams of their circuits, using scientific symbols. This past week we learned about series circuits, and how to light up two light bulbs brightly. Coming up...parallel circuits!

Other- Sadly, we said goodbye to our student teacher, Ms. Murphy. Her last day was May 4th, and we threw her a surprise party! All the kids chipped in a few dollars, and we were able to make her a scrapbook of pictures and letters from us, and a teacher bag filled with teaching goodies! Of course, we had a cake and partied to celebrate her graduation and to her future as a teacher! We were sad to see her go, but we know she'll be a wonderful teacher next year!


Reading-  This week in Reading we continued to meet in our Biography Literature Circles. We've been writing down important dates in a timeline fashion, as we've been learning about the person we've read about.

Writing- This week in writing we've been learning about Acrostic Poems, and we've been writing The ABCs of 3rd Grade. The ABCs of 3rd Grade will help us remember specific events of our 3rd grade year.

Math- This week in math we've been learning some strategies to multiply larger numbers, such as using arrays and partial products.

Social Studies- This week in Social Studies we learned about the foods the Iroquois ate. They ate a lot of meat and also had a lot of selections such as deer, bear, squirrel, rabbit, and goose. For example, they got berries from bushes and their meat by hunting. From this, we learned about the Woodlands' diet.

This week in Social Studies we also learned about how the Iroquois used nature and trees. Trees were in great quantities in the Iroquois area. For example, they used curved branches for bows that you shoot arrows with. From this, we learned about the Iroquois tribe.

Science- Next week we start Magnetism and Electricity!

Other- This week in school, we had an assembly about the history of Rock and Roll music. For example, we learned about rock and roll and some other genres of music such as jazz, blue grass, and other genres of music. From this, we learned about the history of music.


Reading- This week in reading, we did biographies. Biographies are books about famous people but the books are not written by that famous person. Autobiographies are about famous people but the book is written by that famous person. In school we have reading groups using biographies. The groups are Harry Houdini, Betsy Ross, Walt Disney, and Helen Keller. We all read different amounts and learn different vocabulary. From this activity, I learned about famous people.

Writing- This week in writing, we did shape poems. Shape poems are when you draw the idea of your poem around it. For example, if you wrote a poem about fingers, you would write your poem around it. From this activity, we learned about shape poems.

Math- This week in math, we did fractions. We didn't just do any fractions, we did equivalent fractions. Equivalent fractions are when fractions are the same as other fractions. One way is to reduce. Reducing is making things smaller. Sometimes you have to reduce by different numbers. For example, if you want to reduce 3/9, you can't reduce it by 2 because it's not even. To reduce this fraction, you would need to divide each number by 3, and you get 1/3. From this activity, we learned what equivalent fractions are.

Social Studies- In social studies, we made longhouses that the Iroquois Indians lived in. They were made with paper. We weaved them just like the Iroquois did. We learned that they used twigs and other things in their surroundings. We know that long houses can be up to 400 feet long! These long houses have many families in them that are related to each other.

In social studies, we also made pictographs that the Iroquois used to communicate to each other. We wrote the stories in words and pictures. The pictures represented words. For example, there was symbols for waterfalls, trees, people, and more The Iroquois wrote these pictographs on deer hides and we wrote them on brown paper bags to make them look like real deer hide!

Science- In Science, we just finished our plant growth and development kit. Soon we will begin our final unit of study- magnetism and electricity! (written by Mrs. Gold)

Other- We also took the NJASK. We did many writing prompts like writing to a picture. We had to write very detailed in our stories and use our imagination a lot so that our stories would grasp the reader's attention. We learned how to answer multiple choice and open ended questions in LA and also in math. For the math part of NJASK, we did a whole packet in a day!