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Ms. Kunz's Shower

Generously given by her 2005-2006 3rd Grade Class

Yes, I was completely surprised! Mr. Hadinger told me that my class was going to help carry instruments down to the assembly, so he lined my whole class up and walked them up to the cafeteria where my shower was awaiting! As you can see below, they had two tables set up. One table had the food, of course! They had a cake, which combined my shower with my birthday, and all sorts of other breakfast items lined up on one table, while on the other table were the presents!

As I walked in, you can see how surprised I was! My class then serenaded me with "Going to the Chapel" and then their rendition of "Happy Birthday" (cha cha cha style)!

Then, each student came over to me with a carnation, wishing me luck in my marriage, and handed me a recipe card with their favorite recipe written on it! I was also given two large gift baskets which will help me start my married life!

Thank you class of 2005-2006 for your generosity! I'll never forget this shower!


Here I am walking into my surprise shower! I was really shocked!


Graphics by Whispy Hollow and Cute Colors
Thank you, Mrs. Herring, for the pictures!