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Spine Poetry is a new type of poetry where you write the title of a book or song in a vertical line. That gives the "spine" of the poem you're about to write. Then, you write your poem (it can be about anything). The beginning of each line must start with the word in the title that's listed there.

The Amber Spyglasses

By Chinmay

The  ship is watching... looking  for the island

Amber  searching  for it in the deep, vast, sea.

Spyglasses  raised.


The Golden Compass

By Chinmay

The  paleontologists are looking.  Looking, looking for

Golden treasure.  The treasure is in the rocks,  but their

Compass will show them. 

The Horse and His Boy

By Marisa

The man and his beautiful

Horse , a stallion, rode to remedies

And reason because his son had a fever.  He cured his

Boy  with yarrow and lived for many years.


The Incredible Journey

By Marisa

The  cat  said, ďLetís go have an

Incredible hunting  game.Ē  She

Journeyed  into the woods and never came back.


Harry Potter and the Sorcererís Stone

By Eric

Harry  is a powerful wizard and

Potter  is his last name,

And  he is really nice to other people.

The  friends of Harry Potter helped him save the

Sorcererís  magical

Stone  so that Voldemort couldnít come back to life.


The U.S. Navy Seals

By Will

The troops in the armed forces come from the

U.S. They serve in the army, marines, air force and the United States

Navy.  The navyís motto is fight like wrestlers and swim like

Seals  in the cold water.

The  fighter pilots in the

Air  bring peace but also pack

Force in case of emergency


The Lion King

By Nolan

The  animals roam the world such as the

Lion.  He has fur around his face.  Some people say the

King  likes the animal the lion

Two  birds fly around in the morning.


The Doll People

By Carey

The doll people are friendly folks.

Dolls  are little girls, best friends and the doll

People  want to stay at your house.


Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where  the sidewalk ends it is beautiful

The  sunset rises beautifully. The

Sidewalk  shimmers in the faded light. This sidewalk

Ends  at the bottom of the earth.


 The New Girls

By Jacqueline

The  baby dog is born

New  eyes, new color, new paws

Girls  and boys love seeing new born dogs.


Diary of a Fairy Godmother

By Jacqueline

Diaries  are a private notebook

Of  all kind of things like

What  a person did today

It  is passed from generation to generation

Fairies  have them too.  My

Godmother  gave me one! 


We Got the Party With Us

By Gianna

We once

Got  an invitation to a party

The  party was very cool.

Parties  are for celebrating

With  your friends and

Using  the gift cards.


The Best of Both Worlds

By Gianna

The  flowers grow with the

Best  care in the meadow

Of  fertilizer, mulch, and dirt.

Both  flowers, trees and people make the

World  go round. 


Proud Rooster and Little Hen

By Eric

Proud  people always boast around like

Roosters  who are really proud of themselves

And  also

Little  people almost always do not boast like

Hens  who never get in trouble


The Other Side of the World

By Mirah

The  butterfly stood out among all the

Other  butterflies.  The other

Side  if the tree had lots more butterflies

Of  the Mexico beach.

The  butterfly is so pretty in the shining

World  of blue sky and green grass.


Donít Stop Believing

By Mike

Donít  worry just

Stop  being afraid just keep

Believing  your going to be ok.

The Hardest Great Escape

By Caroline

The  world can be

Hardest  when you do not succeed

Great  thatyou know it just follow my lead

Escape  to the woods its okay to hide just find a peaceful

Meadow  just donít look inside.


Look Out the Window

By Caroline

Look  out the window look strong and cheerful

Out  the side you might see a bird

The  trees are blowing in the sky

Window  oh peaceful window if I could just try.


Where the Sidewalk Ends

By Tori

Where  are you going to do when

The  flowers grow on the

Side  of the house.

Walk  on the boardwalk where it

Ends  beautifully by the beach.


The Night Before Christmas

By Tori

The   world was quiet on that

Night  it was the night

Before  the most awesome day.

Christmas  the day of happiness.


Thereís a Light in the Attic

By Noah

Thereís  a super fun ride at six flags.  Itís

A smashing bone thrashing ride that goes the speed of

Light.  It was shown

In  the most amazing place in

The  world , up high on the

Atticís  T.V. 


Where the Sidewalk Ends

By Noah

Where  in

The  world did I put my toy?  Oh yeah itís on the

Sidewalk,  thatís where I left it.  Itís amazing how stuff

Ends  up in the oddest places.


Into the Wild

By Sabrina

I nto  the dark night

The   stars and moon awaits

Wild  and mysterious beautiful the night sky is.

The Subtle Knife

By Sabrina

The   earth is extremely powerful.  An example might be when a

Subtle  wind blows, it might gather speed and become stronger than a

Knife  as it blows toward a country. 


The Lion King

By Yesh

The  might and ferocious

Lion   had a name like no other.  His name was

King.  His brother was named Jack the might lion of the west.


Oh the Places Youíll Go

By Yesh

Oh   I wished it was Christmas

The   happiest time of the year

Places  weíll be shopping for toys

Youíll  be happy and jolly

Go   Christmas go! 


I Gotta  Go My Own Way

By Stephanie

m  watching the glistening lake and

Gotta  find my way back so I follow the lake and

Go   towards the forest.

My  mother tightly holds me in her warm arms.  My

Own  purring cat comes out behind me and finds its

Way  towards my home and I hold hands with my mother

And we go homeÖ.finally.


All About Frogs

By Anooj

All   of nature is

About  horses, cows, insects,

Frogs  and other animals out of the ordinary 


 The Gingerbread Baby

By Anooj

The  cook runs with

Ginger  on one hand and

Bread  on the other.  The

Baby  is crying for more gingerbread.


Make Way for Ducklings

By Michelle

Make   cookies for santa

Way  up at the top of the world.

For  you will wake up and find

Ducklings  in your sock.


The Night Before Valentines Day

By Michelle

The   day was tiring, the

Night  was quiet.

Before  the kids woke up

Valentines  were here.   The

Day  was here!


Alvin and the Chipmunks

By Nolan

Alvin,  a cute little chipmunk is a funny chipmunk

And   his  friends Simon and Theodore all live in the woods.

The  woods are not alone until

Chipmunks  unite and make the world better.


The Lion King

By Nolan

The   animals roam the world such as the

Lion  and his fur around his face.  Some people say the

King  likes the animal the lion.

Two  birds fly around in the morning.


If We Were a Movie

By Shannon

If  the sun does not shine tomorrow.

We  will have to

Worry  about if we have

A  football game.  Because if the game does not go on

Then we will not go to the

Movie  and I get to bring a friend and I want to go with

One of my friends so I wish the sun shines tomorrow.


The Meanest Doll in the World

By Ally

The   strongest tiger is the

Meanest  tiger in the whole world

Dolls  are afraid and they arenít real

In  the world right now.

The  only thing in the whole

World  that is not afraid is the sun. 


Annie Get Your Gun

By Ally

Annieís  dad always told her to

Get   soda and

Your  lemonade and shoot it with a

Gun  and watch it explode.