Baby Advice For Mrs. Gold


Give him milk when he cries.

Dress him warmly when itís cold.

Let him sleep a lot.

Play with him.
Teach him.

(By Sam)


Here is some advice I think is right.

Give your baby a bottle when heís crying in sight.

Put him to sleep at night.

Donít forget to turn off the light.

Make sure itís not too bright.

Place dangerous items at a good height.

Donít put a diaper on so tight.

Use this advice, you just might.

(By Stephanie)


When the baby is hungry, give him baby food to eat. When the baby is uncomfortable, try soothing him but if it doesnít work try putting him to sleep but if that doesnít work then check his diapers. If the diapers are ok, turn on baby music. Give him some picture books so he can get familiar with reading. Bring him to the pool once in a while for exercising. Give him what he wants to eat but donít give him so much sweets because it will rot his teeth. Thatís my baby advice. (By Eddie)


10 Best Things To Do As A Mom:

1.  Play with it!

2. Love it!

3. Feed it!

4.  Teach it how to be a grown up!

5.  Hae patience with it!

6.  Give it good food!

7.  Keep it safe!

8.  Do fun stuff with it!

9.  Bring it to different places!

10.  Always tell it how much you love it.

Those are the most important things of being a mom. (By Gavin)


My advice is to hve your baby watch 1 or 2 shows of Playhouse Disney. Have your baby listen to Mozart music and lullabies. Get him some ox/cow Beanie Babies because this year is the year of the ox. Get him a Wii and educational video games about numbers and alphabets when he starts talking. Get him toys like a cash register and a painting set. Make your baby sleep at least 12 hours a day. (By Stephen)


Dear Mrs. Gold,

Here is some baby advice.

  • Feed the baby 3 times a day.
  • Put the baby to bed at a good time.
  • If a diaper smells it has to be changed.

 I know you will be a great mother and your son will be a great student! Best wishes, Josh.


Play with your baby and give him lots of love and attention. Click lots of pictures to remember what your baby looked like. Dress your baby in bright pastel colors so he looks cute! (Mita)


My baby advice for Mrs. Gold is to always be nice to your baby, but donít spoil your baby so he wonít be bratty and always keep your child in school because itíll help your child. He will be thankful when he grows up because then heíll have a good education so heíll have an awesome job and make a lot of money and be able to have nice stuff. You should also not let him have too much TV time. That is my baby advice for Mrs. Gold. (Julia)


I only have one advice for you. My advice is to always make sure your baby is in a car seat and you buckle up your baby securely. (Annika)


Dear Mrs. Gold,

Here is some advice for you when the baby is born.  

  • Treat the baby gently because they are tiny and will cry if you donít.
  • Watch the baby at all times.
  • Rest when the baby is sleeping.
  • Play baby music when the baby is bored.
  • When the baby starts crying, he is either hungry or he needs to get his diaper changed.
  • When the baby wants something he is not allowed to have, distract him.

 Good luck!


  • Give your baby 3 meals a day.
  • Be sure to warm the milk in the microwave before giving it to the baby.
  • Every 3 hours change his diaper.
  • Keep the baby away from large crowds and loud noises.
  • Check the babyís diaper before putting him to sleep.

 (Alex A.)


Here is a little advice. When I was a baby I loved something called a jumper. What you do is hung it on a doorway and the baby would sit in it and be able to jump up and down. I liked it so much I wish they had it for kids! The most important one of all is to give it all the love you can! (Megan)


If your baby cries, that means it could have a wet diaper or theyíre hungry or theyíre too tired. The babies eat milk and baby food. These are some baby toys: rattle and chew toys. (Chris)


  • You should have more than one because one will be lonely! You should have 3 more!
  • When youíre training them to go on the toilet, donít do it suddenly!
  • When they say, ďDaddy said I could have another cookieĒ, donít believe them most of the time!



  • Always burp your baby after you feed him so your baby doesnít spit up on you.
  • Keep things up high that you donít want your baby to get so he doesnít break the things.
  • Make sure your baby gets a lot of sleep so heís not cranky.

PS- Iíll miss you a lot!



 Dear Mrs. Gold,

Here is my advice, get your son an Xbox 360! Have him play lacrosse, NOT baseball! Get him a dog to play with. Donít get too mad at him when he makes a mistake. Get him a lot of presents for his birthday. Make sure he doesnít forget his homework.   

Good luck with your baby and I hope you take my advice!