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What is love?
What are some examples of showing love?

Love is when you care for others. And you sometimes hug them to make them feel better. You can give someone a gift as a sign of love. (Annika)


Love is when someone likes another person and the other person likes them. Or it could be if like a family member loves you or maybe you just love your cat. Love can mean a lot of different things. Some ways you could show love are like showing you care by giving them a present or just saying you love them. I always tell my mom and dad I love them. That is what love is. (Jessica)


Love is when somebody likes another person. You could show love by giving someone a flower or a chocolate or a valentine. (Gavin)


Love is when you care for each other in a very special way. You can show love by taking care of someone when theyíre sick. You can also show it by just being a really good, nice, and kind friend or maybe even by giving someone you do love a hug or a kiss once in a while. (Megan)


Love is when you really care about someone. Some examples that show love is when you give presents. Love is when your heart is given to your friend or there is just simple love showing your really good friends. Another example of love is when you say you love your family. Someone really cares for you. Sometimes when love starts you can give a lot of presents. (Sonali)


Love is when you feel attracted to someone. Love is when you have a jumble of warm feelings about someone. When you love someone you always care for them. Love is when you give that person really warm compliments. (Alex R.)


Love is things you like. Some examples are my mom, dad, stuffed animals, and my room. I show them I love them by following their instructions. Buying them things they want and cleaning my room. There are some ways I show love. (Stephen)


I show love by helping others with their problems. Love, caring for others and making them happy. Colors of love are pink and red. Hearts are a symbol of love. Love is very strong. I love my family very much which means the love of my family is strong. (Emily)


I show love by caring for people. Love is when you really like someone in your heart. Some of the colors of love are pink, red, and purple. I also show love by helping people and respecting others. (Chris)


Love is caring for others and being nice. You could give gifts and cards. Giving a hug could be love. Love could be helping people if they are hurt or trying to cheer someone up when they are sad. You could help something if they donít have time to do something or they canít do it. (Stephanie)


Love is when it starts out in a bond. Then you get attached to them and itís love. Also your friends. You might be come really good friends and then itís love. (Courtney)


Love is when you get married. You love each other. Another meaning is you love your siblings and your family. (Ishaan)


Love is when someone likes someone very much and shows affection to them. Some ways you can show love is by giving stuff like flowers and candy. (Julia)


Love is when a very strong relationship in between two living beings. You can show love by being very kind, friendly, and caring. (Alex A.)


Love is when one person cares for another person. You could show love by writing letters, giving cards, or giving hugs and kisses to who you love. (Michael)


Love is when you are attracted to someone and they are attracted to you. You can give a card, throw a party, or give a present. (Sam)

Love is when a person has strong feelings for another. Some examples are I love my mother because she takes care of me and she is a great mother. (Ryan)

Love is something you show to make people happy. It's basically like caring. An example would be like giving your parents a kiss, giving siblings a hug, and doing both. (Mita)