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How To Be A Good

By Mrs. Gold's Class
Advise for our student teacher, Ms. Murphy

Be able to explain things well.

Be able to have fun!

Give a reasonable amount of homework- not too much and not too little.

Always try your best as a teacher.

Don't be strict all the time.

Be able to control your classroom well.

Make sure that your class knows you're in charge.

Don't get too mad at your students.


Be kind, but not too kind, or your students will take advantage.

Believe in your students.

Include everybody in your activities.

Don't have teacher's pets.

Have rules that are fair.

Give a reasonable amount of time for each activity.

When someone asks you "why?", give a reason besides "Because I said so."

Make your class feel like a family.

Have a lot of patience.

Encourage your students by sharing about your life.

Don't make everything really hard, but offer challenges.

Listen to your students' opinions.

Don't let your students see you upset.

Be organized.