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What is love?
What are some examples of showing love?

I think love is when you show caring for more than one person more than any other person. An example is when you keep giving goodies for a specific person. (Alexis)

Love is when someone likes someone else because of the inside not the outside. You may love someone because of their determination or because of their kindness. But never love someone because of their look. Love is a feeling. It can be a good feeling or a bad feeling. I think of love as in the words, "I love you" or kisses and hugs and dates and finally romance. All gross to me! Love can make people like me sick for a week or some people filled with pleasure! (Barry)

Love is something that means you like someone. One example is that when you give your mom or dad something they come and hug you tightly and say I love you!

Love is when one person thinks another person is attractive. Love being caring, unselfish, and helpful to others. (Jack)

Love is very good. It's very good to have love in your heart. Love does not only mean that if someone has a crush on you or kiss you, it can also mean that you care for someone. You can show love by giving hugs and kisses. It doesn't mean that you want them to marry you. (Dale)

To show you love someone, you could give part of your life to the poor. You could give toys and devote your life. (Hrid)

Love is a way of expressing you like the person and you care about him/her. Here is an example: One day your mom buys you an item that you've waited to get for more than a year. When your mom gives it to  you, you run over and hug her. Another example is, it's one of your parents' birthday. You plan to make them a surprise birthday card. You sit in your room for half an hour, making them a birthday card, instead of playing with your friends. This is another example of expressing love. Get my point? (Jesse G.)

Love is when people care about each other. (Laura)

Love is caring for someone and liking them for a certain reason. You can show love by telling someone that you love them. Love does not always have to be with someone not from your family. You can love your family or pets. To show love to your pet can be hugging or kissing your pet (unless it's a fish). (Armaan)

If you love someone, you can give them compliments like, "You look good today," and "I like what you're wearing." (Meagan)

An example of love is when someone gives you chocolates or flowers and that's what I think love is. (Doug)

Sometimes when you love someone, you do not like to express it. That means if you really like someone you do not like to tell them. I can tell people who I love if they ask me, because I love my parents. (Jason)

One example of how to show love is when you hug someone and show respect to them, and not be rude! I think that you could show love by making something that you did not buy. Sometimes making something is better than buying it because you created it! (Emilie)

You can show love by being calm even when someone you don't like says you're mean or something that's not kind. (Joyce)

Love is like someone caring about you. Love is just like liking someone, except love is stronger. (Alyssa)

If you marry someone, that means you love the person that you married. If you kiss someone, that means you love the person you kissed. I think love is a wonderful thing! (Paolo)

I define love as when you have a special feeling about someone. I think you show love when you buy chocolate and roses for someone. Also, when you kiss is another way to show love. (Jake)

Love is basically exactly the opposite thing from selfishness. (Jesse C.)

Love is when two people really really like each other and sometimes get married. When you love someone, you normally kiss or hug them. When you're in love you care for the person who you are in love with. If they're hurt, you don't just say things like, "oh whatever, they will be alright." You should go and make sure they're alright. To show love you can kiss, give gifts, and care for them. That is what I think love is. (Chandler)

If you love somebody, that means you also care about them. (Vaughn)