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These are just "blurbs" from the children's writing. They actually all wrote almost a page each, explaining what love is, and giving examples- they're so insightful! I just took the cutest parts (that might give you a little giggle) for you to view here! Enjoy and happy Valentines Day!

Love is when you feel like youíve been struck by cupid or you could have been Twitterwitched. Twitterwitched is when you accidentally collide with someone who you fall in love with. (Blair) 

Love is found deep in your heart, trying to overpower all your feelings and actions. (Mark) 

Love is what you feel in the inside, not the outside. (Adelaide) 

Love is when the inside of two hearts are attached together. They would like to talk together, rest together, etcÖOne gives lots of presents (including mental and physical) to each other. They might hang out with each other. (Elbert) 

Love is something powerful in every heart. It is very hard to give your love away when you get a divorce. It can break your heart. (Allison) 

Love is a great liking of another living or once living organism. (Derek) 

If you love someone, then you care about them. You do not have to love everything but you should love a couple things. (Brodie) 

Love is when someone likes someone in a serious way. Sometimes a boy would write a really descriptive letter to a girl they like. (Matt)  

Love is almost a synonym of like. Love is liking something or someone more than liking them. It could also mean you need the thing or person in order to survive through the rest of your life. (George) 

Love is when people like each other very, very, very, very much! You canít only say you do, but you actually need to show that you love them, especially on Valentines Day. (Emily S.) 

Love is kisses, hugs, hearts, sweethearts, and a lot of XOXOXOXOXO! (Lexus) 

Love to me is caring and friendship. (Reba) 

An example of love is if youíre trying to climb your house and your parents say no, itís because they love you. Another example is if your favorite show was on, and you went to a family funeral instead. (Jason) 

One way to show love is to hug somebody and say that you love them. Another way is to be friends with somebody that you donít know. (Nayomi) 

Love is when you really like someone and want to protect them. (Brittany) 

Love is a very close bond. (Holly) 

Love is when people have feelings for each other. (Isiah) 

Love is when you are caring towards another living thing. (Eric) 

Love is a fond, deep, tender feeling that shows someone you really care about them. (Calista) 

Love is a friendship, caring, helping, loving, and loyalty. Love means really liking something or someone, sharing with them, taking responsibility of them, and play with them and giving them presents. (Selina) 

Love is when you care for someone or respect them. (Catherine) 

A few ways to show love is to help a person in need, donate stuff to the poor and homeless, and be friends! (Justin) 

You donít need to be related to a person to love them, you can just be friends with them. If you are always there for that person, they will love you back for all the good deeds you did for them. (Emily M.)  

Love is when you are caring and helpful. You can show caring by if someone spilled something on the floor, you can help them so itís all cleaned up! (Sarah)


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