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What if you found a pot of gold?

One St Patrick’s Day, I was crawling through a field of clovers. I was looking for a four-leaf clover for good luck, when I bumped into a leprechaun! He was polishing his pot of gold coins, so I asked him "Do you want me to help you polish your coins?" He said, "Yes, please." He gave me a small damp cloth and I started polishing the gold coins. When I was done, the coins gleamed. It was like they were made out of crystal. The leprechaun said, "Thank you for helping me polish my coins. Because you’ve helped me and have such a kind heart, I’ve got a present for you." He gave me a small box. Then I said, "Thank you. I hope the rest of your St. Patrick’s Day is full of glee". Then I went home. When I got home, I opened my present. What I saw in the box is a mall leprechaun outfit. When I took the outfit out of the box, it grew into the size that would fit me. I put it on. When I put the outfit on, I felt like I would have a lot of good-luck forever.

Those who help others are the ones who get rewarded.

By Alexis

One day I wanted some money so I thought I would catch a leprechaun. I took my camera that could catch something that a human eye can’t. So by the valley, I froze the camera. Suddenly, a green clad appeared on the screen. "Gotcha" I said. I took all the supplies needed: laser watches, nets, paralyze beams, fake gold, a hologram projector, iris camera, and a bottle of Irish’s best whiskey. First I projected a hologram of me behind the leprechaun. "Great" yelped the leprechaun and ran under a tree. That was when a net fell on him and lasers crossed the net. "Where is your gold?" I asked. "In my tree vault" came the reply. "You can have some whiskey" I said. "Thanks" said the leprechaun. He drank it. "I will release you to open the tree vault, but if you run one thousand paralyze beams will shoot you. If you refuse you will die tomorrow." I said. "O.K." said the leprechaun and he gave me the gold. I still don’t know what to do with it.

By Barry

One day, on my vacation to Ireland, I woke up really early. I changed and then I went downstairs to make breakfast. I had made my cereal. I looked for a prize in the box, but instead, I found a little leprechaun eating some cereal. I stared at it, and the leprechaun kept on eating. After a little while, the little leprechaun noticed me holding him up. He was only a little toddler. I let it eat a little more cereal and tucked him in bed and he fell right to sleep. I let him sleep with my American Girl doll. I took care of it as if I was the leprechaun’s mom. The next morning, I checked for the little leprechaun, but I couldn’t find it. I found it once again stuffing cereal into his little mouth. Now the leprechaun was a teenager but it was only an inch taller than yesterday. It stared right into my eyes. I asked if he could grant me just one wish. He said, "Anything you say." I asked him if I could get any gold to give to the homeless, orphanage, charity, and my family to use. Instead of just a little, the leprechaun gave me a big bag full of gold. I said "Thank you" and let the leprechaun free. I gave some gold to the homeless, orphanage, charity and the rest for my family.

By Dale

One day, I was playing basketball when I saw a rainbow. I began to follow the rainbow. When I was walking, I saw my friend Chris and said "Chris do you want to come and help me?" "Sure" said Chris. Finally they reached the end of the rainbow. They both saw a leprechaun. The leprechaun showed Chris and John to the pot of gold. He couldn’t speak so that’s why he just led them there. The little guy left because he had some errands to do. Since Chris and John were alone they took the gold, so they could buy really cool stuff from the video game store. When the leprechaun came back he went to see if the pot of gold was missing. Chris and John already spent their gold. The leprechauns found Chris and John and asked for their gold. But Chris and John didn’t have the gold, so the leprechaun took the video games.

By Hrid

One day, I was walking along when I saw a rainbow. I remembered my mom say, "At the end of every rainbow there is a pot of gold". So I ran and ran and ran until I saw a leprechaun. I have known all my life that leprechauns are tricky. So I tricked him. I knew leprechauns love bananas, so I told him in my backyard there was a banana tree. He believed me! So I walked toward the rainbow. There it was, the end of the rainbow. There was a huge pot full of shining gold. After I heaved the pot up into my hand, I heard a loud, "You tricked me!" I saw the little leprechaun running back to me. "I want bananas!!" cried the leprechaun. So I went and gathered 12 bananas from my friend’s house. I gave them to him. He was so happy he let me keep the pot of gold even though it was his duty to let nobody take it. I spend the pot of gold right away. I gave it to charity. Then everyone lived happily ever after!

By Joyce

One St. Patrick’s day, I was walking home from school and I heard some music in the bushes. I decided to go and investigate. When I looked in the bushes, I gasped! There in the middle of the bushes was a leprechaun! He was not like leprechauns that I had read about in books. He was barely bigger than my thumb. He had big round eyes that were cloudy gray. His nose was short and plump and his cheeks were bright red. His hair… his hair was the most ridiculous thing I had ever seen! It was a bright red and looked as if he had used hair gel to make it stiff. All of a sudden, he looked at me and tumbled backwards. While he was tumbling over, he bumped into a big black pot and yelped "Me Gold!". I could not believe it! Me, Nora Jasmine Potter actually found a leprechaun! I was so excited. But I had to think fast. No way would this tiny dude just let me take that gold without arguing. And this dude seemed to love his gold. I sighed and looked at the leprechaun again. "Me Gold!". I looked at the gold again. There was so much in there anyone could buy thirty ponies. "Look", I said, "I don’t want to steal your gold." "You don’t want to?" "Wrong", I thought. "Yeah, I don’t want to steal your gold!". "Nice try" he said. "NO, I .. umm…." Then it hit me. "I just want you to try a bite of my sardine sandwich." My sardine sandwich was so bad it could knock anyone out! Of course, I did not eat it at lunch today. I just ate my chocolate cake and my yogurt. "Okay", he said. With that I took out my lunchbox and gave him a little bite of the sandwich. Uhhh! With that he fell to the ground. "Brilliant!" I yelled and I grabbed the pot of gold and ran away. Later, I treated my friends and I to ice cream and a movie. That is the story of how I got my pot of gold.

By Meagan

Once upon a time, I was at my house and wanted a pot of gold. I opened a window and pretended that nobody was home. Soon I heard a noise from the window. I thought it was a leprechaun. I looked out. I guess he was hiding because I didn’t see him. All I saw was a bucket. I looked inside. There was a piece of gold. I picked it up then I dropped it back in to put it away. But it just doubled. It was amazing. I took those two pieces and dropped them in. They doubled again. They kept doubling. Until I had a big bucket of gold and that’s how I got a pot of gold.

By Alyssa

One St Patrick’s Day, I woke up late for the bus. I ran down stairs but I missed it. I ate breakfast and started to walk to school. But I tripped on a rock and came face to face with a leprechaun! The leprechaun started to run away, but I caught it! It kicked at me with its little feet but I caught hold of those too. I asked it, "Are you a real leprechaun?" "Yes I am " said the leprechaun. "My name is Jim The Leprechaun". I thought a moment then decided I would skip school. I took him to my club house cave. I said, "Take me to a pot of gold!" "I will give you a clue to where it is," said Jim. I lived in Florida so I thought that it was going to be easy. "Here is my first clue," said Jim. "Go to a place with white sand and your favorite climbing tree". I thought, my favorite climbing tree is at the west shore. So I went down a short path to the beach. When I got there I ran over to my favorite tree. On it, red shiny paint spelled P-A-R-K. "So I need to go over to the park," I said to Jim. He nodded. So I went to the park. I saw letters in the sand box and they spelled F-A-R-M. I knew what that meant. There was a horse farm up the hill. I ran up the road to the farm. Jim told me that the second barn was where the third clue was. But then I heard a loud "Poof" and I knew Jim was gone. This must be the last clue. I ran into the first stall and froze. A pile of gold spilled into my hands. As I lifted it into the air, I noticed a big wheelbarrow and pilled the gold into it. I ran home pushing the wheelbarrow. My family is poor so I kept it for my family. Now we are rich and live in a mansion with plenty of money.

By Chandler

One day I was in the rain forest when I found a pot of gold. Then I went home and bought a money machine. Then I bought a bank then I put one million dollars in the bank. Then I bought some bodyguards. Then I bought a mansion, and then I bought a secret underground base with the navy. Then I bought the department of defense. Then I bought IBM and MSN and IEE. Then I bought a secret island. Then I bought a castle. Then I bought every school in the world and destroyed them. Then I bought every bank and moneymaking machine in the world. Then I bought the world. But some people were on the moon building a space station. Then they heard about the news. Then they built a city on the moon. Then they made suck pipes. Then they started to suck people up. But then their pipes were destroyed. Then the world exploded.

By Doug

It was a nice March day, and it was also St Patrick’s Day. I had just woken up. I got up, got dressed, and went downstairs. My mom had just made pancakes. "Mmmm… my favorite". But today I wasn’t hungry. I asked my mom, if I can go outside to play basketball. She said, "yes". So I put my shoes on and went outside. I didn’t have time to throw the ball, when I hear a tiny voice saying, "I bet you want a pot of gold." "Who.. who said that?" I asked startled and almost frightened. "It’s me", the leprechaun said the tiny voice again. "Did you ask me if I wanted a pot of gold?" I said. "Yes I did." "Well if so, then give it to me". "Wait we need a rainbow to appear, only then will I be able to show you where I have hidden it". And as soon as he said that a sudden rainbow appeared. "Now, I can show you where I have hidden my pot of gold" said the leprechaun. As he said that, he led me to a field near the rainbow. Suddenly a roped tied around my foot and before I knew it, I was hanging down from the tree. "Ha Ha Ha, I’ve got you now! You will never get my gold". But I was smart. I had a pocketknife in my pocket. I cut the rope, caught the leprechaun, and forced him to tell me where he had hidden his gold. I took the gold home and from that time on, my house was always bright with light.

By Jesse G.

One day, I woke up. It was March, but I didn’t know what day it was. It was March 17th! Saint Patrick’s Day! I ran downstairs and opened the door. Outside, there was a huge, large rainbow! I wondered what was at the end.

Right before I closed the door, the doorbell rang! I quickly opened the door and there in front on my own eye was a shrunken real leprechaun! The leprechaun said in a hurry "Come on! If you want to see what is at the end of the rainbow, follow me!" And suddenly, I was lifted off the flat ground and into the sky! Then, I flew through the sky until I got on the rainbow!

The leprechaun said, "Slide down the rainbow and you’ll see gold". "You’re kidding! There is a pot of gold at the end of this?" I said in shock. Three seconds later, the leprechaun pushed me down the rainbow. When I was getting near the end, I landed in a BIG pot of gold!

"Take the gold home," said the leprechaun. "Do what you want with it". I flew off the rainbow into Barnes and Nobles. I donated 1,800 books to the orphanage. The children loved to read so they read all the books in one day!

I was proud because I helped the orphans. I liked it because I like reading and I gave to others. And it was all because of a silly little leprechaun!

By Laura

One day I was taking a walk. Poof!! A short leprechaun came. "Hello", I said, "Look a tornado is going to hit us!" This leprechaun turned around and I stole his pot of gold. I sold this pot of gold for $24,000550. With all the money I bought video games. While I was trying out my video games someone knocked at my door. When I opened it was a grumpy furious leprechaun. He yelled, "You stole my money. Give it back now. I am not getting fooled by you ever again". I said in a small voice "What are you talking about?" He yelled back "Don’t play games with me you fool! I want that pot of gold now! It’s mine!!!!" I said, "Look old man, I don’t know what you’re talking about". He yelled "You’re still playing games with me!" SLAM!! I slammed the door.

The leprechaun yelled, "I’ll come back and get you someday I swear!"

By Peter

One day I was swinging.  Waiting for my friend.  Then I saw something move
in the grass.  There I went and found a leprechaun!  He was old but tiny.  I
picked him up and he yelled put me down.  I didn’t not hear him because I
was thinking that he knew where a pot of gold was so I asked him that and he
asked why do you want it.  I answered so I could give half to the poor and
the other half to support my family and he said okay.  He gave it and I took
half home and the other half to poor.  The money I had I took half of that
put it in my bank and gave the rest to my mom and dad.  I took a little
money and got a dog and other pets and then I got supplies and got a pet for
my baby cousin.  And then I sent some money to India and gave it to my uncle
and grandparents.  And I lived in a fun live for the rest of my life. The

By Athriya

     One day I ran into a leprechaun.  I told him to lead me to the pot of gold.
He said “Only if you can catch me!  I ran as fast as I could.  Finally, he

stopped and said “I have no more energy to run!”  “So, do I get the pot of
gold?”  I asked.  “If you can answer this question.  Where do all the
leprechauns live?  You have 5 minutes!”  I thought for a while, then I said
“In the sky, near the rainbow, so you are near the pot of gold!” I said. 
For a moment I thought the leprechaun stopped breathing, but then I noticed
he was just staring at me.  After 10 minutes of him staring at me I decided
to start talking.  “Was I right?  Do I get the pot of gold?”  I asked Mr.
Leprechaun.  The leprechaun finally said “You surely did!  You were the
first one I ever met to get it right!”  I was really excited!
When I got home, I donated half of it to the poor and the other half I
kept.  The next day, I went to the mall.  I spent half of my share.  I was
really happy and lived happily ever after! The End.

By Jacqueline

One day, I was walking to my friends house through the woods when I saw a
bright light.  I glared at the light for a few seconds and went on walking. 
I thought to myself, “what could that like be?  Is someone there?”  Me and
my friend Alex played for about an hour.  When I left it was about 5
o’clock.  Right before I left Alex said, “Show me that light.”  “Ok,” I
replied.  Halfway to the light we could already see the glowing light.  When
we got there the light was so bright it hurt my eyes.  Alex and I saw that
the light was in a bush.  Alex slowly pulled open the bush.  All of a
sudden, a giant light beam came out and made me and Alex jump back on the
ground.  Me and Alex could not believe our eyes.  It was a pot of gold. 
“What coincident.  It’s Saint Patrick’s day,”  said Alex.  Lex and I took
the pot to our tree house.  We split the total because we both found it. 
Each of us got 659 gold coins.  Alex said, “I am going to spend my share on
toys.”  I didn’t want toys so I said, “I am going to give it to the poor.”  
“What?!  You crazy!”  Alex shouted.  I took my share home and so did him. 
The next morning I told my mom I wanted to donate money.  My mom said,
“sure.”   I sent all of my gold in a giant crate that almost weighed 300
pounds.  2 weeks later I received a letter saying Thank You.  You have saved
million doing this.  I was so proud of myself that day.

By Armaan

One day I was walking near some bushes and I heard a rustle in one of the
bush that I was near.  I peeked my head through the bush.  In the bush was a
little leprechaun and a big, huge, jumbo pot of gold!  I snatched up the
leprechaun up into the air.  He had a brown beard and and big blue eyes.  He
also had a little green suit on with a blue badge that said, The richest
Leprechaun in the state!  I was really excited about getting the pot of gold
and bringing it home.  So I threw the Leprechaun way into the fields.  Then
I grabbed the pot of sparkling gold, and ran all the way home dreaming of
what I could buy with all the gold!  Later that day my mom was going out to
do some errands.  I asked her if I could come, she said, “okay.”  So I went
up to my bedroom and pulled out the pot of gold that was under my bed and
put some in my pocket.
At the store I bought everything I had been wishing for with the money. 
Every day my mom went shopping I came and got things with the pot of gold. 
The good thing was I never rain out of gold, so I was always rich and never
poor!  I had the best life ever! The End!

By Emilie

One day I was at the end of a rainbow when I saw a pot of gold.  I looked
around to see if there were any leprechauns around.  I looked behind the pot
of gold, in the pot of gold and no leprechauns so I thought I might as well
take the pot of gold with me.  But right when I was about to take the pot of
gold a leprechaun slid out of the rainbow and said, “Hello we lad.  If you
want my pot of gold you must figure out my riddle.  The sky is blue and the
grass is green, who is the one bigger than you?”   I answered “Ahhhh, you?” 
“Correct!”  He said.  “You may take the pot of gold.”  He said.  “Thanks,” I
said.  “You’re welcome.”  Then he disappeared.  Then I had to think of a
way to take this home.  I went home and got my skateboard and my dad and
went back to the gold.  But when we got there, there was only a small green
hat and a pair of small black shoes.  After that I never saw the leprechaun
again.  The End.

By Jake

I was walking when I saw some rustling in the bushes.  I looked in the
bushes and I saw a leprechaun!  He was short and chubby and had a long
orange beard.  He was all dressed in green and had elf like shoes, and a
green top hat sat on his head.  I picked him up and said “Gotchya!”  The
leprechaun said “Are right,” with a sigh.  Now I have to lead you to my pot
of gold, he said.  Me and the leprechaun took a plane to Egypt and he led me
inside a pyramid, and led me to a pot of gold.  I brought it home with me
and bought a mansion!  I also bought every toy in the world!  The rest I
gave to my friends.  The End!

By Vaughn

Once I was walking in a place my mom told me not to go called the Hollow
Grave.  I found a leprechaun sitting on a tree trunk.  I snuck up on it and
caught it.  It was really really scared.  I was forcing it to tell me where
the pot of gold was.  But it kept saying, “no” or “never.”  Finally I said,
“tell me or else I will tell people where I found you so people can find
other like you.”  At that instant he told where his gold was.  He told me it
was under the big oak in my back yard.  He said, “Now will you let me go?” 
I said, “No I need to make sure you are telling me the truth.”  So I went to
that place and it was there.  I bought a gameboy DS (Double Screen) and a
PSP (a Playstation Portable).  Then I gave the rest to the poor.

By Jason

Once I was in the park.  I heard some noise in the bushes.  I looked behind
the bushes.  There, I saw a leprechaun.  He was very small.  He was wearing
green pants, a green shirt, and a little green hat.  Right behind him was a
huge pot of gold.  I grabbed the gold and ran away.  I gave some of the gold
to charity, and I kept the rest.  I bought a mansion and a swimming pool. 
Then I gave some gold to my friends.  2 months later, I went to bed.  The
leprechaun came in my mansion, and stole the gold from me.  I found out the
next morning.  That night I found the leprechaun sleeping.  I put him in a
iron cage, and took the gold, then ran off.  And I lived happily ever after.
  The End.

By Paolo

One day I was jogging full of energy, because yesterday it rained all day
long.  I wondered what a rainbow would feel like, so I ran to the end of a
rainbow.  When I reached there I saw a small, bearded, leprechaun!  I
threatened to hurt it unless it showed me where the pot of gold was.  He
told me, and I found it.  I was very happy that day.  I thought, first I
would sell it for money on Ebay.  Then I would go and get all of my family
presents, and of course I would be left with the remainder and I would be
able to get anything I wanted. The End.

By Jesse C.

It was a dark stormy day, but everyone was still happy, because it was
Saint Patrick’s Day!  While me and my sister were hunting for a leprechaun,
we heard a big THUD!  All of a sudden everything went black.  “Dang!”  I
said, “The power went out!”  All of a sudden we heard a laugh.  It sounded
like this “He...He!  He! HEE!  Ha!  Ha!  Ha!  Wopee!”  “That was the
leprechaun!” I exclaimed.  “It was?”  asked my sister, she seemed worried. 
By the time the storm stopped and the power came back on, all that was left
was a trail of clovers.  I followed the clovers.  The clovers took me all
the way to Ireland!  In Ireland I saw a big rainbow!  So I followed it. 
There was a huge pot of gold!  First I bought the motorcycle I always
wanted.  What should I do with the rest?

By Jack

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