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What life lessons did you learn over winter vacation?

1.   When you get on a ski lift always look behind you or you will not get on.

2.   When youíre skiing be confident in yourself or you will fall down.

3.   On icy mountains go slow and try not to go out of control or you might hit someone.

By Jake

1.   Donít eat too many cookies or you will get sick.

2.   Always pick up wrapping paper or you canít find your gifts.

3.   Donít jump off trees into a pile of snow, because it hurts even if the snow is there.

4.   Take time to open gifts because you might forget to write it down to thank the person.

By Chandler  

1.   I learned that when youíre skiing, do not go really fast down steep hills because you could get hurt.

2.   It takes time to do something perfect.

3.   Never GO into ice when youíre skiing, because you could get hurt.

By Paolo

1.   When itís cold wear warm clothes.

2.   You can get a headache if you play too much video games.

By Peter 

1.   Give to other people.

2.   Wear warm clothes.

3.   Donít fight on Christmas.

By Jason 

1.   Do not watch TV when you are sick, or you will get more dizzier.

2.   Do not get so much junk for Christmas.  Soon, you might not want them and then it will be a big waste of money.

3.   Always think before you do something you do not think you should.

4.   Always turn off lights when you do not need them.

By Dale

1.   It feels good to give presents to others!

2.   Sometimes there are long drives in life but it could be worth where you are going.

By Alyssa

1.   This winter break I learned that nobody's perfect at skiing.

2.   I also learned that it takes time to learn how to snowboard because my friend was snowboarding and she fell over 20 times (I think!).

3.   The most important thing I learned is that Christmas is not about gifts.  Itís about getting with your family and having fun.

By Jacqueline 

1.   Never go outside without a coat other wise you will get sick.

2.   Listen to my mom for what to wear because it is cold.

3.   Always go to vacation in winter so you donít get bored.

By Hrid

1.   Never hit your head on a monkey bar.  Itís going to hurt.

2.   If you live in the Saporta family, expect loads of presents, especially a DS.  Theyíre gonna give it to you.

3.   Unless you want to get hurt, never annoy my big brother Jason.

By Mark

1.   Take medicine when youíre sick whether you like the medicine or not.

2.   If youíre coughing, feeling dizzy, and feel nauseous go see the doctor.

By Alexis

1.   Always wear a jacket when you go outside.  If you donít youíll get cold.

2.   Never ride your bike in the winter or youíll trip over the slippery ice.

3.   When you wrap gifts donít use that much tape or it will look bad.

By Joyce

1.   Get warm after going outside because you could get sick.

2.   Donít step on ice you could slip.

3.   While in a snow ball fight donít throw snow balls in other peopleís faces they could get sick.

By Barry

1.   Donít go to sleep late, or you could get sick before school.

2.   You shouldnít eat too much food on New Yearís or you will explode.

3.   If you ever go to Washington D.C. go to at least one museum a day to save the coolness of them.

By Jesse G.

1.   You should wear a jacket when you go outside in the snow because you will be freezing and might get sick.

2.   Eat lots of healthy food because they will warm you up and will make you strong and tough.

3.   Get lots of exercise because it will make you feel good.

By Laura

1.   I learned that you should only play tackle football if you have equipment.

2.   I learned to never wear shorts even if itís 68įF.

3.   I learned to never play or run on ice.

By Jesse Chen

1.   When I went outside I slipped on ice so I learned to be more careful when I walk.

2.   When I went outside I forgot to wear a hat so my ears froze.

3.   I learned not to play with my plane inside because it hit the tree and all the ornaments fell off and broke.

By Armaan

1.   It feels good to give to others.

2.   No one sings perfectly.

3.   The least presents are the best presents.

By Meagan

1.   It feels good to give and make Christmas presents for friends and family.

2.   I learned how to play softball.  So now when I am board I can just go and play.

By Emilie

1.   Giving is better than getting because it makes you feel good inside.

2.   Donít eat too much candy or else youíll get sick.

3.   Not to stay up too long or youíll be tired in the morning.

By Vaughn

1.   I almost got frostbite because I did not wear anything.

2.   Do not get mad or your tummy will start hurting.

3.   Do not watch a hot of T.V. or your eyes will get red.

By Athriya

1.   One think I learned is Christmas isnít all about giving presents.

2.   Another is look forward when you are skiing\snowboarding, so you donít crash.

3.   And the last is donít play DDR for too long or else your legs hurt and the songs get stuck in your head.

By Jack

1.   Donít jump on thin ice because it will break.

2.   Never take your coat off because you will be very cold.

3.   Never run on black ice or you will hurt yourself.

By Douglas


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