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My holiday wish for myself, my parents, or the world...


I wish the world would stop fighting. I wish we lived in a world of peace. I wish poor people could live in a house, even though they can't afford it. I wish I was neater and more responsible. I wish everyone was nice, kind, and caring. I wish everyone was a good citizen. (Brittany)

I wish that my family can try out the new dining table soon. I wish that everyone can go to heaven. I wish that the sun will not explode on the Earth. I wish that people can do homework. (Elbert)

I would wish for world peace. (Zach)

I wish to be president and make the taxes to $2.50, so no one would be so mad that their wives spent too much money on clothing. The prices on purses would be $12.30. (Allison)

My wish is that we wouldn't have any more war in Pakistan, Iraq. My second wish is that I can work in either NBC news or be an artist. My last wish is that when my parents retire when I graduate, they would spend their lives wisely. (Mark)

I wish that poor people had more money so they could survive longer. I wish that people would kill less animals. I wish that bad people would learn to be nicer. (Catherine)

I wish that I could fly! (Calista)

I wish that I could see my best friend, Jame Zhang, again. (Selina)

I want the world to have no pollution. (Matt)

I wish for no more wars and I wish for people to respect animals. (Holly)

My holiday wish is that there will be no more hurricanes. My other holiday wish is that people who are at war will make it home for the holidays. (Eric)

I wish that poor people in the world shall have presents on holidays. (George)

I wish that all of the homeless people had homes because they don't have the things that we do and we need to help the people who need attention. (Isiah)

My wish is for us to make the world a cleaner place and a more peaceful place. Also, for all the homeless people I hope they get an awesome home and for the poor people get them lots of money for their family. (Lexus)

I wish for the people in the world a home. (Nayomi)

I wish to stop global warming. (Derek)

I wish people who do not have homes or can't afford food can have homes and food. (Brodie)

My holiday wish goes for my family. I wish that my family always stays safe, happy, and healthy. I also wish that I stay happy, healthy, and safe. (Sarah)

I wish my mom doesn't have to go to work or for that matter anyone! So they do not have to work on Hanukkah. (Jason)

I wish Santa would get presents too on Christmas by little girls and boys. I also wish the poor will get everything they need! (Blair)

My wish for my family is to have a happy and safe new year, including now until December 31st. (Reba)

I wish for all the people in the war to come home so they can stay with family and friends for the holidays. (Emily S.)

I wish my family had a mansion. I wish I had a full set of Dragon Mountain Legos. I wish that all the homeless people could get a lot of money and buy a house. (Justin)

I hoe the homeless would be happy and have more food to eat. (Emily M.)

I wish my family is happy and healthy. (Adelaide)