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Election 2004 Activities


Our class is participating in a National Children's Election to see who would win the Presidential Election if the kids were in charge! This is an online project that children from all over the United States will be participating in! See our results below!

We did a comparison in class between John Kerry and George Bush, and I had the children write their opinion of who they'd vote for and WHY. I now have these responses posted. Click HERE to read them!

  George W. Bush

President Bush

John Kerry

enator John Kerry

Votes in Ms. Kunz's Class


Votes in our National Online Election



Click here to see the official page of the National Election 2004 Project


We held a mock character debate in our classroom:


The children chose the character that they felt would represent a good President, and then they wrote a debate speech that depicts why that character would make a good President. It looks like Arthur is the favorite!

  Arthur Read's Byline Picture
# of votes 9 1

I知 Arthur, and I知 running for president.  Vote for me and I will help children with school and cut taxes because I want to help my people.  For the children I will cut school charges and I will let every child get a good education.  I will build more schools and make our land turn into the 21 century.  Vote for me because Ms. Frizzle will give more homework to everyone and even me because I am a student.  So vote Arthur.


Hi, I知 Arthur.  If you elect me for president, I will make every school day shorter!  I will also lower taxes so kids will get more toys and TVs!  I will also make school have better education and they will learn quicker!  I will make jobs give more money!  I will give homeless kids homes!  We will do everything needed to save all endangered animals and we will protect all of their habitats!  I will also make little sister bothering illegal!  Only 2 pages of homework each day all the way until college!  On Fridays, there will be no school!  I will make moms give ice cream for dinner. Vote for Me!

Jesse C.

Hi my name is Arthur I hope you will vote for me.  Because Frizzle will spend money on parks only!  She will give all students five hundred pages of home work!  She will take away every single toy or candy and she will throw them away.  I will make 50 percent of school play time and 25 percent reading time but study is only 10 percent and the 15 percent will be free time.  I will only give 5 pages of math and 15 minutes of reading.  Vote For Arthur


Hi.  I知 Arthur and I知 running for president.  You should vote for me because I知 very nice and I am usually honest too.  You also should vote for me because I知 very smart and I, if I win, will make new and better books.  Ms. Frizzle would just make more homework but I will but all homework AND I値l make weekdays weekends keeping Saturday and Sunday weekends.  In other words, there will be no school and you can sit around and party all day.  Of course, I will keep work so adults can get money and spend it on us.  I will ban broccoli and all other vegetables except for salad.  Choose me for president!  It's the right choice!


Hi my name is Arthur.  Vote for me because I will lower taxes and education.  I would also make kids, teens, and adults be satisfied with everything.  I would also make baseball and basketball tickets in a lower price.  I won稚 give any students Homework, social studies, and writing but only science and math.  I will make parties in school.  When it痴 lunch time I will give the children get free treats and snacks.  I would make a lot of theme parks for kids to play, and no height limits.  I will also make security better for people to live.  That's why you should vote for me


Hi!  I知 Arthur Vote for me because I値l throw parties all day.  Ms. Frizzle will cancel all playing.  And I値l cancel all HOMEWORK!  How about that?  Ms. Frizzle is too serious.  I知 funnier and more kid like.  If  I知 president I値l make more dominos pizza.  I値l cancel school and let you play all day.  I値l make things cheaper so all kids can buy stuff like candy.  And on Halloween I値l make everyone buy at least 2lbs of candy.

Vote For Me!


Hi I知 Arthur and I知 running for president against Ms. Frizzle who is president now.  If I am elected for president I will stop homework, have parties all day,  no more school.  If your parents try to sight you up for school they will get fired from their job.  If they try to do it twice they have to be my servant for 6 months.  Ms. Frizzle will give you more homework because she is a teacher.  She will make you got to school again, make you wake up in the morning.  Also if you vote me to get great things, like everything costs one dollar.  So vote Arthur for what a kid really wants.


Hi my name is Ms. Frizzle and I知 running for president.  Don稚 vote for Arthur because Arthur might make a law that there is going to be no school.  Also Arthur might make every day party day.  I will make a law that once a month is a fun educational field trip.  There is also going to have a good fun food in the lunch room.  Because my kids have been wanting better food in the cafeteria.  On the buses I will put air conditioning.  At home I will cut taxes and in the environment.  I will clean up the beaches. I will also make sure there is no pollution any were else. Vote for me- Ms. Frizzle.


Hi, my name is Arthur, and I知 running for president.  You should vote for me because I won稚 give that much homework, though you will have to do a lot of paperwork when you buy something really expensive.  I will also try my best to protect the country against terrorism, science the U.S.A. has an extremely strong army.

Now I will tell you some reasons why you shouldn稚 vote for Ms. Frizzle.  One reason why you should not vote for Ms. Frizzle is that every day, she takes you on some crazy field trips which some people may not like, because some families have other plans for the day.  Another reason why you shouldn稚 vote for Ms. Frizzle is that she will most likely make up dumb laws.  So I hope you vote for me!

Jesse G.

I知 Arthur.  My opponent should not be um . . um . . president because she makes children go to the weirdest places and I want too put a end to that.  Once she almost got them stuck in space.  Um . . . My opponent does not care about her students because she got them to be as small as cells before.  You should not vote for Ms. Frizzle because she will take away cartoons.  If you elect me I will make 200 more channels for the kids area with an additional 200,000 new characters so kids vote for ME! Arthur



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Arthur pictures from PBSKids.org

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