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Electronic Games

Yes, it's true- we made our own games using our knowledge of circuits.
Click the pictures below to view our final products.
Click HERE to learn how to make one of these electronic games at home (with a parent's help of course)!








Make Your own!


  One pizza box, large or small, depending on how big you want your game.

  Construction paper (3-5 pieces)

  Markers, glue stick, scissors, pencil

  Something round to trace

  Brass fasteners (the number depends on how many questions you're going to have. If you're going to have three questions, you will need 6 brass fasteners. If you're going to have 10 questions, you're going to need 20 brass fasteners.)

  One D- battery

  2 long wires (as least 2-3 feet)

  Short wires to connect the questions and answers. One wire per question.

  A Christmas light cut from a string of tree lights. You need to strip the ends with strippers.

  Sticky electrical tape (don't go cheap on this, the stickier the better it holds)

  You might even need duck tape or packaging tape to secure everything in.



1.     Get a pizza box, three pieces of construction paper, and glue.

2.     Cover pizza box with construction paper.

3.     Write questions on one side, and answers on the other. Make sure that you mix them up, and also, check your spelling please!

4.     Punch a hole next to each question, and next to each answer.

5.     Insert brass fasteners into each hole.

6.     Draw lines connecting questions and answers on the back of the pizza box.

7.     Tape wires along the lines you drew (on the brass fasteners), connecting the    questions to the answers.

8.     Cut a circle and draw a smiley face on it.

9.     Glue this onto the front of the box.

10.    Punch a hole in the nose.


1.     Get a D-cell, light, and two long wires.

2.     Tape one end of one wire to the NEGATIVE side of the D-cell.

3.     Tape one end of the wire on the light to the POSITIVE side of the D-cell. Make sure it's right on the bump.

4.     Tape the other end of the wire on the light to the other long wire.

5.     Stick the light through the nose.

6.     Tape the battery to the underside of the box.

7.     Punch holes in the box to allow the two wires to come through.

8.     Test your game by using the long wires to touch the questions and answers. If you are correct, it will complete the circuit and will light the nose!