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The Complete Book of Quilly Filly Sill Day
By Brodie

Quilly filly Silly Day is a day to be silly.  It is celebrated on May 1st.  People from New York and New Jersey are the only people in the world who celebrate it.  They made this day because they thought it would be fun having a silly day.  Most people make a very funny face and eat baby food.  Some people do this:  If you are a boy you dress in girl clothing if you are a girl you dress in boy clothing.  When you are a kid you can ask YOUR parents if it is all right to get in very fancy clothing then play in the mud.  Kids love this holiday!  Some parents kind of like this holiday.  People like spiking their hair and wearing funny glasses.  On this holiday there is no work (but you can still work if you want to.)  In all the public pools, they throw in change.  If it is a big pool it can have $100.00 - $500.00.  If it is a pretty big pool it can have $50.00 - $100.00.  If it is a small pool, it can have$10.00 - $50.00.  Last, if it is a super small pool, it can have $1.00 - $10.00.  When the day is over, they sing a funny song.  When the song is over, they do one more funny thing and then go to bed.  That is the complete story of Quilly Filly Silly Day!!



 Rainbow Day
By: Sarah

Rainbow Day is a very happy and colorful holiday.  The people who live in Color Town celebrate it.  What they do on Rainbow Day is they visit Roy B. Biv.  The R stands for red.  The O stands for orange.  The Y stands for yellow.  The G stands for green.  The B stands for blue.  The I stands for indigo and the V stands for violet.  Roy G. Biv is a person who lives on a rainbow and he is the color king.  We like him very much because he knows all the different colors.  This holiday happens on July 17th.  How they celebrate is by familys getting together and having picnics at the park.  Each family member gets to pick a color of the rainbow and they wear it.  Everything has to be that color except for the skin the face and the hair.  What I wore this year was yellow.  My mom and dad both wore red.  Anna wore violet.  Lisa wore indigo.  Edgar wore blue.  Joey wore green.  Freddy wore orange and John wore red.  What we had for the picnic was turkey sandwiches, potato chips, carrots, celery, cookies and water.  Sometimes Roy G. Biv comes and eats with us.  He lives on Color Street on a rainbow which is the most colorful place I have been at.  This holiday happens at Sunny park and that is located right in the middle of Color Town.  I like this holiday very much.  My favorite thing about it is the colors that people wear.


Around the World Multi Color Colorful Day
By: Lexus 

Multi Color Colorful Day is celebrated on February 10th around the world.  It's a holiday when every single person wears a Multi Colored shirt or they wear different colors throughout the day.  You have to wear different colors because you learn about what other peoples favorite colors are.  And fifferent kinds of clothing other people wear.  The meaning of this holiday is to be very colorful.  Multi Color Colorful Day is a special day because no one wears the same color as somebody else, but you can wear different shades of the same color.  There is a great big parade at night with all the different colorful people in it.  This holiday is special to me because all the people in different colors.


Merry Hismas
By Isiah

Hismas is a day when Jewish people and Christian can celebrate together.  Jewish people bring a manora and light the candles then Hismas begins.  They cook and dance to music.  When everyone falls to sleep, Santa comes down the chimney eat latkes with jelly and get right to the presents.  Then when everyone gets up the second day of Hismas is celebrated.  They eat, play, and have fun on the second day of Hismas.  People celebrate by only watching movies and playing games.  This special holiday is celebrated because a time when Jewish people and Christian people can share holidays and they can have a great time.  Hismas also last for eight days because like Chanukah is celebrated for eight days long.  This holiday is celebrated on December 19.  Hismas can also be celebrated with only using a golden manora or you could also celebrate with only using a Christmas Tree.  Have a very merry Hismas.


Generational Day
By Reba 

Generational Day is celebrating generations of family before us.  All families are to bring their  children to their ancestors grave so the children can pray and remember family before them.  Afterwards a feast is held. 

Generational Day is held on June first.  That day schools and work are closed so everyone can remember generations before them. 

Generational day is a time of peace and family.  That day you are required to visit at least one family member.  With that family member you play "pick a Grave".  Here are the instructions:  The dad chooses the grave called "the official grave".  Then the child closes their eyes and trys to pick the official grave from the pile.  If they get the official grave, they get a point.  The first person to 10 points wins, and then they get to choose the official grave. 

Parents sometimes have gifts for their children.  For example, a gift might be the child's great grandmother's doll or a great grandfather's bow and arrow.  If a gift is given the child must promise to take good care of it.  That is Generational Day!


Writing Day
By: Adelaide

Once upon a time there was a girl named Hope.  Hope loved to write.  One day she heard about a holiday about writing.  She loved it. 

Writing day is celebrated on June 3rd.  Everyone in the United States of America celebrates it.  Schools, stores, and jobs are closed so people can write.  Everyone goes to a library and gets a piece of magic paper.  The thing you are writing about will come to life.  If you write about a puppy, the puppy you are writing will come to life and you get to keep the thing you wrote about!  You have to write at least 15 stories.  The stories have to be at least 1 page long.  If you are the first one to finish writing 15 or more stories, you get a blue ribbon that says, "Writing Star".  When you go out the door, a person will check if your stories are good.  If they are good, you get an expensive pen.

By Derek  

Fishmaka is on December 31st. It is a ritual to stop pollution in and or on Atlantis. This holiday is only celebrated on Atlantis. All living organisms in Atlantis celebrate.  

Fishmaka is the Atlantean version of a cross holiday between Christmas and Hanukkah. At night, Fisha Claus comes to every house as long as they have an Octora lit. Every family lights an Octora (a frozen octopus with 8 candle holders). They decorate a big coral tree (20 feet tall and 8 feet wide) and place it in the middle of Atlantis.  

If all the Octoras are lit (by the way, the Octoras are placed on your own personal coral tree), then it will stop pollution. Fisha Claus comes and leaves a present for each candle lit (each kid gets that many presents). It hardly ever works because they need a water proof match or wick. They prepare for this holiday all year in Atlantis.

Animal Day
Emily Ma

Animal day is celebrated May 1-3.

All people are invited, and pets are too.  School is closed.  It is a day to buy pets.  If you already have one, buy another one.  The idea is so every animal has a loving home and resident.  It is going to be hard work, but try.  It’s simple, just go into one of the large pet stores in your county, and once you get in, you get a stamp on your hand, so you can buy a pet.  You also can’t come out empty handed, you have to buy at least one pet.  It would be nice if you bought two pets, but it’s up to you.  The way you get out is, you show them your stamp, and your new pet.  You also have to buy food.  How would an animal live without food?  The first thing you do when you get home is feed your new pet.  Your pet also has to live for a year.  If your pet lives for ten years, you don’t have to pay for the food for a year.

This holiday is celebrated all over the world, because almost everyone likes pets.  All pets need a home and love.  That’s why it is celebrated all over the world.  If you see an ugly dog, it can be smart though. So the rule in the pet store is “ Don’t judge a book by its cover”.  You have to follow it too.  That’s why Animal Day is celebrated!


National Hiding-From-The-Teachers Day
Elbert Yue Gong

This book is dedicated to my 3rd grad friends; George and Zach, who always like weird stuff similar to the stuff in the book.

National Hiding-From-The-Teachers Day is funded by Heidi N. Seake.  He bought that children weren’t laughing a lot in his day, so he decided to tickle them.  But as soon as  he thought about tickling people across the world, he forgot this at once.  Instead, he thought he would make a holiday.  After dinner, he came back.  He never knew that there were snoops in every corner, but he felt something was wrong.  He finally decided that he was being spied on.  He wasn’t mad, but jealous.  He asked the snoops to come out and he discussed how children could practice to be snoops too.  After a while, the snoop master said, “Well… hiding from your teachers?” and that hit him.  Hiding from your teachers make you laugh and helps you be a snoop.  From that day on, everyone under age 18 hides from their teachers on January 10th.

Children celebrate National Hiding-From-The-Teachers Days by trying to turn nocturnal after school on January 9th.  Usually, they succeed and sneak to school at midnight.  The best hider becomes Principal and the 2nd best hider becomes Vice Principal.  Each person finds a place to hide in secret.  Then they wait.  When they hear footsteps, they quiet immediately.  No teachers know about this.  The children laugh out loud (almost).  As they spy, they are practicing being snoops.  Other children are eating their lunch.  Later, there will be other people eating.  That will be how school goes.  They go home to hide from their parents.

The meaning of this is to promote children’s laughter ands help them with their snoop skills.   


Social Wild Life Days
Illustrated and written by Jason Weitze

Social Wild Life day is from January 10th to January 14th.  A lot of people in New Jersey celebrate  Social Wild Life day’s.  This event takes place outdoors.

This holiday happens because long ago people didn’t have all the things we do.  They didn’t have all the technology as we do now and they weren’t as fortunate as us.  So, we have these special few days called Social Wild Life day’s.

Everybody in New Jersey celebrates by going outside for 3 days. We all basically celebrate how fortunate we are to have people who lived back then.  The only difference is that we are not going to be in the same situations as they were.  For example, they lived in houses and we stay in tents or tree houses.  The only thing that makes it hard is staying away from wild animals and finding wood to make their own fires.  Over this three day weekend they hunt for food, play cards, climb trees, play tag because it is fun to d with all the trees, and make up their own game.  This Holidays symbols are a tree house, a tent, and a fire in the winter.


The Snowflake Festival
By: Brittany

The Snowflake Festival is a festival that talks about snowflakes.  There are more than 1,000 booths.  There are booths that you can make snowflakes, eat snowflake shaped food, and much more!  Everyone all over the world celebrates it.  They go to New York city to celebrate it.  The price is free.  To get out, …you have to see at least 100 booths.   The festival is so big, it spreads over the whole entire New York city!  About 1,000,000 come each year.  They come on December 23, and count down like on New Year Eve.  After the countdown, snowflake shaped confetti is thrown into the air.   Fireworks display in the air and after the last firework comes down…the Snowflake Festival begins!


Health Day
By Holly

Health Day is always celebrated on the first day of summer vacation.  Every person has to celebrate.  Health Day is a day to learn about your body.  It’s celebrated everywhere in the world.  This is how you celebrate.  First, you get a checklist and every time you visit a station, you learn about a body part.  People celebrate Health Day so they will live longer.  Did I tell you that you have to eat healthy food on Health Day?  At each station, they serve food good for that body part.  For example, the bones station serves apples and milk.  The body station serves everything healthy!  So next time you have to eat veggies, remember, they are good for you!!


Beep! Beep! Cookie! Cookie!
By Zach

On beep-beep, cookie-cookie day people that only love to eat cookies and drive in their cars, paint there cars to look like different kinds of cookies they like.  They also install a surprising horn that beeps cookie! cookie!  This is fun  people, everybody who celebrates has the right to break into a hotel and have a big feast of cookies from the head chef in the hotel.  However if you want to celebrate the holiday you have to travel to Cookie-Cookie Town or Beep-Beep city.  It’s celebrated on June 1st.  Beep-Beep Cookie-Cookie day was nationally declared by the president of the United States of America to be a holiday around the world.  Beep-Beep cookie-cookie day was meant to spend valuable time with your car.

Animal Day
By Catherine

Animal Day is celebrated on August 13th. Today all the jobs are closed so everyone can attend the festival. Pets are free to come too! This holiday is celebrated at Mercer County Park. Learning about other people’s pets and getting tips on caring for pets is the meaning of this holiday. This holiday is celebrated everywhere in the whole entire world. Also, if you don’t know where Mercer County Park is you can just go to your local park. There is always a Pet Parade in motion. If you want to be in the parade then you will have to own at least one pet. If you do have a pet and want to be in the parade then you will have to put your pet on a leash and walk on its right side. Also if you have a pet you could put them in the Pet Show. What you do in the Pet Show is…….let your pet do tricks. The crowd votes and whoever has the most votes wins coupons to their local pet store!

Around the World Month
By Justin

Around the World Month is when you have one month to fly around the world to at least three continents (flights are free). Everyone from the world must participate in the celebration. We celebrate this celebration every three months. We do this because people learn more about different continents that you have never been to. After your trip, every country will be asked to fly to the center of their own country. There will be a party. The party is to share what you did. There will be a house. Inside that house will be a voting booth. The voting booth is when you vote on the continents you went to. The continent with the most votes is the Continent of the Month. If your continent is chosen, you get a free ticket to go to your favorite place in the world. That is what Around the World Month is.

National Hike Your Head Off Day
By George

National-Hike-Your–Head-Off-Day is celebrated all around the world. What you do is that you go to the highest flat topped mountain in the area and then a parade takes place on the top.  The parade starts at 3:00 am and ends at 11:00 am. This holiday is celebrated on November 6th. On this day, people don’t have to go to work or school if they don’t want to. When the parade ends, all the floats, carts, etc. immediately disappears. In a moment a table appears with a cake that looks like the mountain they’re on. All the tree trunks are made out of pieces of brownies. All the leaves are made out of green jelly. All the rocks are made out of gray icing. It is gigantic. People had to bring their family’s favorite recipe. This holiday is celebrated because of the first person to climb Mt. Everest. When he came back down, he got a trophy the size of a truck, shaped like Mt Everest.    

Friends Forever Day
By Emily

Friends and people gather together to dance and listen to cheerful songs, earn a present from each other, and also find new friends. The pets also gather and earn presents and find a lot of animal friends. This holiday is celebrated February 1st, April 2nd, July 3rd, and November 4th from 1:00 pm to 6:30 pm. Friends go the city and share a meal or two together. Then they do a lot of fun things together like walk around the city with their pets and go to a lot of places together. They sometimes even visit each others houses after the big party is over! You celebrate this holiday to forgive the friends you know for having bad times together and for people that you met and the people you already know to promise that forever they should be good or best friends. This very special Holiday is usually celebrated in Times Square and all places where there is a lot of people and friends to meet and celebrate this special Holiday and celebration with.

Flying Sheep Day
By Matthew

Flying Sheep Day is celebrated on May 3rd. It takes place on any farm in New Jersey. The people who celebrate it are the kids and also the sheep of New Jersey. The reason why they celebrate it is for all the wool and cotton that they can use for sweaters that can make us warm on the coldest days and nights of winter. The kids and sheep play tag and computer games like Kidpix Deluxe 3. The only way to leave is if you play 8,888 seconds of tag and 9,999,999 seconds of eating popcorn or hay. You have to eat 9,999,999 bundles of fresh hay like cinnamon hay, sour hay, sparkling hay, chocolate hay and apple hay. That’s the holiday of Flying Sheep Day.

Mewtock Day
By Blair

Mewtock Day is celebrated on April 1-11. When this day comes, Dragery all around the world have a party with lots of food and games. Dragerys are mutated creatures that are half cat, half eagle, and half lion. People also celebrate this event too. The reason this day is celebrated is because Dragerys thought their sun god Fockishy made summer. A fact that happens on this day is that there would be a dance to show the young ones how Fockishy made summer. The legend for how Fockishy made summer goes like this: Once there was only darkness and no one could see, but one day a god was born and used all his power to make a warm light which will only show in summer. Then, the young ones would do some games like needle in a haystack or tag, then they would have a big food bake with pie, chicken, roast beef, and any other food the family agrees on. Then when it's night time, the kids do a trick on their parents and if it works they get a prize and get to sleep in. One example of a trick is tying a rope to your parents glasses and tie a loop around your parents ankle but make sure they can step on the ground. Then they will fall on their back once they have picked up their glasses. If the kids do perfect tricks on all ten nights, the have to try one on Fockishy's goblin. If you catch him, he explodes into what your heart desires.

By Selina 

Dolphin New Year is celebrated on January 22nd.  The dolphins will all gather at the National Dolphin School, while some can earn or find a lucky ticket to go to Dollin’s Funhouse.  Every dolphin has to celebrate and honor the brave, faithful, and courage soldier dolphins who protected their world.  The elder dolphins tell stories to the younger ones about the true dolphins and legends about them.  They tell about their ancestors too.  The little dolphins will play fun games like Soldier Tag, Hide-n-Seek, War, and some other games.  They can even make up their own solder games.  The tradition also has songs like, “God Bless Dolphin Land”, and the Star Spangled Banner (dolphin style).”  There is an ice cream party, and if a dolphin gets the golden disk, he/she could win the band of dolphins (and he/she) an awesome FOOD FIGHT! 

Killey, Butterfrea, and Angela (Dallia’s friends) get to go for free to Dallia’s Fun House.  They are workers.  That’s why kid workers are who they are.  When you leave, they will give you a goody bag, a cookie or candy, and a special charm in a velvet bag as when you wear it in a chain (for boys) or a necklace (for girls), it will give you good luck.  Also, when you are leaving, you will learn a fact about dolphins.  For example:  “Killer whales are a type of dolphin.”  Your fact will be typed up on a short piece of paper. 

The meaning of this holiday is making yourself feel special, honoring loved ones, telling the truth, remembering heroes, and a time to celebrate any of your traditions!  School is even off on this day!  Even you can celebrate Dolphin New Year! 

By Mark 

Ceci Day is a day mostly known across the nation.  It is celebrated five (5) times a year.  It is celebrated on January 10th, February 20th, March 31st, April 6th, and June 1st.  Every Japanese, Chinese, American, and European person and families must participate in Hillsborough/North Branch Public Library in of course, New Jersey.  The people must buy gifts for everyone who comes and should buy as many gifts as possible.  And when you get a gift, you accept it.  All people have to open their presents AT HOME ONLY!!  They are also given a gift by the hosts as the librarians.  The meaning of this celebration is to celebrate the existence to live and have a joyful life living.  Because there’s a library, you must buy books.  Easy, medium, hard, pop-ups, or even picture books are the kind you can buy.  But if every person speaks a different language, the librarian picks people who can translate the words.  It is one of the nation’s favorite holidays. 

By Nayomi

Wear Your Favorite Watch Day is celebrated on December 16th.  My family is the only family that celebrates it.  We wear our favorite watches and then we go into the family room and we eat, talk, and do everything there.  We celebrate the holiday so we can see our family member watches.  We also celebrate it so we can be together and we don’t have school or work.  If we have two favorite watches, we wear both of them.  We do not use electricity on this day.  We can play checkers, but not use electricity.  We use candles at night and we go to bed at midnight.  Sometimes we stay up late.  We cook the day before this day so we have enough food.  We eat sandwiches and cookies.  We play with dolls and things like that.  We first do work and then we play.  We give watches to other people, but the watches have to be elastic.

By Calista

The Mid-Summer Festival is very important to fairies.  It is celebrated on July 10th, the day with the most sun.  All who believe in fairies, including fairies, have a special ball!  People dress up as fairies and pixies.  They celebrate at a Grand Palace, decorated with butterflies hanging from the ceiling and on the wall.  Remote control fairy dolls fly around sprinkling sparkly pixie dust everywhere!  Fairies celebrate at the King and Queen Fairy’s castle.  This holiday’s purpose is to celebrate light.  I like this holiday because I love fairies, unicorns, butterflies, and dressing up like fairies.

By Eric

Video Game Day is celebrated on February 27th.  Kids stay home from school to play their favorite video games without anyone to stop them.  Luckily on this holiday, any kid that does not have one, will be given on by the mayor.  Any kids that do not like them will be home schooled.  After the mayor gives out all video game systems, he goes from house to house delivering video games to every kid who wants one.  He also gives $25.00 to every house.  During this day, school staff waits until 3:00 p.m. and the parade starts much like the Macy’s Day parade, but has floats of video game characters like Mario.  There are also video game booths where kids can use their $25.00 to buy games.  They also sell Mario shaped hamburgers since the parade goes until dinner.  During this parade, kids who are being home schooled gets presents from Manic Dude.  The reason people celebrate this holiday is so that kids who love video games can play them.  Also, so that kids can receive video games and video game systems without wasting money.  The true meaning is just to play your favorite video games!

By Allison

Long ago lived great kinds and famous Czechs.  Now the Czechs celebrate a special day called “Czech Day.” 

How do the Czechs celebrate the holiday? 

What they eat on this special day is Koprava and Fruit dumplings.  After they eat, they have a big parade.  People each year dress up as the Czech kinds and queens and famous Czechs.  All of the families love the parade.  This holiday is the Czechs favorite holiday. 

Who celebrates this holiday? 

All of the Czechs celebrate this holiday.  Wherever the Czechs and Slovakians live, they celebrate it.  The Slovakians have the same traditions as the Czechs.   

When is this holiday celebrated? 

This holiday is celebrated on June 15th.  All of the Czechs agreed on this day so it was declared on this day.  This holiday is always celebrated on June 15th, but on Leap Year and February 1st.  The first time it was celebrated was in 1690.   

Where is this holiday celebrated? 

The first place of where the holiday was established was in the Czech Republic.  This country is mainly where it is celebrated.  It is also where the name was founded.  Another place where it is celebrated is Slovakia.  Slovakia used to be part of the Czech Republic. 

Why is the holiday celebrated? 

This holiday is to honor all of the Czechs that are in Czech families.  This holiday is to remember all of the Czechs that died.  It is a very special day to the Czechs.  It is important to the Czechs. 


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