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Ms. Nelson Writings

We read the book,  Ms. Nelson is Missing and wrote a few types of writings based on that book. First, we wrote a DESCRIPTIVE writing that described Ms. Nelson and Ms. Swamp's appearance and personality. Next, we wrote a COMPARISON writing that compared Ms. Nelson and Ms. Swamp's similarities and differences. Finally, we wrote a PERSUASIVE letter that tried to convince Ms. Nelson to come back to school, using evidence from the book as examples to back up our reasons.

By Nayomi

Ms. Nelson - The Best Teacher in the World 

Ms. Nelson's personality is caring.  Her class is very naughty but she is still nice.  But when her class gets really naughty, she gets really frustrated.  She is so frustrated she said something must be done.  So she turns into Ms. Viola Swamp. 

Ms. Nelson's appearance is very beautiful with nice curly hair.  She has a pretty pink dress and pink shoes.  Her Cheeks are very rosy.  The class thinks she is glamorous. 

Ms. Swamp - The Meanest Teacher 

Ms. Swamp's personality is ugly.  She is a sub for Ms. Nelson's class and she is mean.  The kids do not like her stern way.  She gives a lot of homework which makes her strict.

Ms. Swamp's appearance is dressing in black, very ugly and disgusting.  She has black hair.  Her black nail polish is really ugly.  After the children behave themselves she turns into Ms. Nelson.

The differences between Ms. Nelson and Ms. Swamp is that Ms. Nelson has hair as golden as the sun and Ms. Swamp has hair as black as night.  Ms. Nelson has a polite voice while Ms. Swamp has a low voice.  Ms. Nelson is nice while Ms. Viola Swamp is mean.  There are a lot of differences between them. 

The similarities between Ms. Swamp and Ms. Nelson is that they both have nail polish.  They both have cheeks as pink as roses.  They both teach the same class.  They both are the same person. 

Dear Ms. Nelson,
You should come back because Ms. Swamp is too demanding. She gives us way too much homework.  She does not give us story time.

Another reason you should come back is because you are much nicer than Ms. Swamp.  You are caring when we fall down and hurt ourselves.  Plus you have a soft, lovely voice.

The last reason you should come back is because Ms. Swamp is a total witch.  Her speech is low and raspy.  And her laugh is also like a cackle.  Believe me - I've heard it.


By Selina

Ms. Nelson the Friendly Teacher - Descriptive

Ms. Nelson is a friendly teacher to her kids. She is always polite to her children even when they are rude. She is sweet at story hour. Her soft voice may not be heard from the class. She was clever so she dressed up as Ms. Swamp and taught the kids a lesson. She is always cheerful unless she is Ms. Swamp.

Ms. Nelson is pretty. She has blond hair that is very bright. She likes the color pink, and wears it every day. She likes the colors blue and yellow too and sometimes wears them. Her cheeks are the rosiest cheeks in the class. She also has beautiful nail polish on her finger nails. She looks like a beautiful princess.

Ms. Swamp the Nasty Witch Ė Descriptive

Ms. Swamp is very mean to Ms. Nelsonís class. She is strict and never lets them stop doing schoolwork. She has a loud, snappy voice that scares the children. Schoolwork is what she will make everyone do. Ms. Swamp is cranky and will not let children have free time.

Ms. Swamp is ugly. Her black hair is all tangled up. She is hideous with a big chin and nose. Her face is very pale. She mainly wears black. She may never smile. The children didnít know that Ms. Swamp was Ms. Nelson. Whatís the difference from a beautiful to a hideous witch?

Comparing Differences of Ms. Swamp and Ms. Nelson

Ms. Nelson is a kind teacher with a lovely look and the kids like her better than Ms. Swamp. She also loves her children, reads to them at story hour, and is very smart. Though, Ms. Swamp treats the kids like slaves, they are personally learning a big lesson. That way, Ms. Nelson hopes that they act well, instead of act up. So when Ms. Nelson got frustrated, she dressed up as mean and ugly Ms. Swamp. Ms. Swamp is very cranky. Instead of Ms. Nelsonís lovely soft voice, she has a mean nasty, raspy voice. She tells the children to do lots of work. Ms. Swamp makes the kids tired, and they learn an important lesson about being nice to the teacher. Ms. Nelson is loving, and the children disrespected her. Then she gets unhappy. Her personality is nicer than Ms. Swampís. Ms. Swamp is the meanest teacher in the world!

Comparing similarities of Ms. Nelson and Ms. Swamp

Ms. Nelson has rosy cheeks that appear in front of the class. Ms. Swamp has rosy cheeks too, but not as rosy as Ms. Nelsonís. They both live at the same house which is Ms. Nelsonís house. The both also have nail polish. Ms. Nelson and Ms. Swamp also wear dressed. Ms. Nelson and Ms. Swamp are the same people.

Dear Ms. Nelson - Persuasive

Dear Ms. Nelson,

Please come back!

We want you to be back because Ms. Swamp is a big meanie. She tells us to do nothing but homework, homework, homework! Ms. Swamp doesnít even let us play, or any thing else. Her personality is fiercer than we though she was. I just hate that mean work, work, work voice all because it hurts my ears.

You are also nicer and you read to us. I like your soft, delicate voice. Your books are very interesting, and when we try to get one, well, she doesnít let us. She doesnít like us to read because she thinks we are bad kids, and we really need to do lots of works. I mean LOTS, lots of hard, challenging work. I am so tired, so will you just read us one book, just one?

We also like your appearance, because it makes us happy. Ms. Swampís is so ugly that I think you donít even want to see her. She has black, ugly hair, and a dress that is pretty much like a rotten black pumpkin. You look like a fashion queen, while nasty Ms. Swamp looks like a spoiled egg. You donít think that her face will look pretty though. Her beady eyes are always watching over us. Her pale skin is as white as snow. She looks like a harmful rat! Please come back Ms. Nelson, please!

Your non-naughty student,


By Emily M.


Ms. Nelson is always nice to her kids. She is always cheerful and fun. Ms. Nelson is sweet to everyone. Although she is frustrated when her kids donít listen. She is still polite even though sometimes she gets a little mad. She is very cleaver and pulls a trick on her kids. At the end she is jubilant, because her kids are behaving very well.

Ms. Nelson has rosy cheeks. She likes to wear pink. Ms. Nelson has blond hair. She is very pretty. The kids notice that she always dresses beautifully. 

Ms. Swamp is a strict teacher. The kids think that she is hideous. Ms. Swamp is always cranky and crabby. She has a loud snappy voice. Ms. Swamp is always grumpy. She is really Ms. Nelson. 

Ms. Swamp is ugly. Ms. Swamp has black hair. She likes to dress in black. She has evil looking rosy cheeks. Ms. Swamp wears blue eye shadow. The kids think she dresses horribly. 


Ms. Nelson is nice compared to MS. Swamp. Ms. Swamp is always grumping and Ms. Nelson is always cheerful. Iíve noticed that Ms. Swamp is very commanding. Ms. Nelson is always wearing bright clothes and Ms. Swamp is always wearing dark clothes. They are very different from each other. 

They may be different in some way, but they still have some similarities. The two of them are teachers. Ms. Nelson and Ms. Swamp both have rosy cheeks. Ms. Swamp and Ms. Nelson both teach the kids in room 207. Iíve noticed the two of them both have their finger nails painted. 


Dear Ms. Nelson, 

You should come back because Ms. Swamp is too demanding. She made us memorize the capital of England, China, Japan, Sweden and much more. Ms. Swamp makes us do too many math problems. She gives us way too much home work.

You should also come back because we miss story time. We miss hearing your soft, lovely voice. We are sorry we acted up at story time. Without story time, there is not one the to look forward to. 

In the last lesson we had with you, we really acted up. Now we are a lot better at not acting up. We sit very very still in our chairs. We promise not to act up again. That is why you should come back. 

Emily M.


Clipart from Mimika's Art Room