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Dear Secretaries,
Iím so grateful to you! At least one of you is always at the desk checking people who come at different times than usual. How do you do it? You are always so busy taking calls, perhaps every half hour. You call the classroom when someone has forgotten something and their mom or dad comes to drop it off. On a birthday if someone comes to drop a snack off, you call the classroom and ask a kid to come and pick it up. You even let the teachers know when someone is picked up early or needs to go somewhere important like the dentist or a doctor.  

I canít believe how you help the school. Without you all, VES would be confused and unsafe. Strangers would wander around, and who knows? They might be gangsters! VES might even be un-orderly with parents coming to a birthday party just to drop a snack off, and important lessons being interrupted rudely by the loud opening and shutting of the door. You help the school in so many ways I barely named them all. Youíre a great help to us all and I hope you feel good about yourself.  



Dear Mr. Hadinger,
Thank you for all the things you do for the school like telling students not to play with sticks to be safe. You organized all the fun things like the Halloween Readers Theatre. That was so fun! You help Ms. Lacy run the school too. You stop dangerous stuff and help it stay in order. The school is organized because of you! If you werenít here it would be an unorganized, unsafe, not run school. You make sure everybody is safe too! I am thankful for you because you do everything for the school. If you werenít in school it would be a mixed up jumble, so thank you for all the things that you do! You help the school run and that is what is important. You help everybody. I think you are a great vice principal!



Dear Ms. Walk,
I am thankful for you because you have a beautiful voice. You love music and so do I! I love your music. I play the piano! 

What you do for VES is amazing! You teach us where our musical notes belong and teach us the music staff. You have done the most greatest job! I hope you like VES and try to help make it better.  

VES would not be able to hear the sound of music coming from a blank and empty room. Without you, our school would not be able to bring anything in like maybe if we wanted to share our musical instruments with you and our class, we wouldnít be able to because you werenít there! You are the coolest teacher in music ever! You teach me and my classmates how to sing and encourage them to sing with you.  

You put music in our hearts!



Dear Mrs. Fornel,
I am thankful for you because when people are feeling down, they can come talk to you and you are so cheerful and people love to be around you. Itís so nice of you to do the Newcomers Group so that kids get to know other kids that are new to the school and have a great lunch with them. If you were not at VES kids would have to wait through the lesson to talk to the teacher about their problems or their feelings. I think itís so nice of you do the Friendship Club so kids that are shy and kids who donít have a lot of friends can make new friends. I liked when you came to our classroom and you told us what you can do if we need to come to you.


Dear Mrs. Fornel,
Thank you for helping kids in Village Elementary School. You fix their problems that they have. If you werenít here everybody here would have problems and no one can fix it in Village Elementary Schoool. If someone is afraid of big spiders, you help them to overcome their fears. I am thankful for you because you help other kids face their fears and if they have fights you help them solve it. You are a really nice guidance counselor and youíre always there for us when we need help. Whenever I walk in the hallway I can see your desk and itís really organized. Something else is that youíre a really helpful guidance counselor and thatís why I am thankful for you.  



Dear Mrs. Gold,
I just wanted to tell you all this. I really enjoy the way you make learning fun. I did not like school and now I love school. You made me like school. I really enjoy your lessons, especially when we did the volcanoes. It was so awesome! It was very cool how the volcano erupted. I think youíre an excellent teacher. For example, I love the books you choose for our reading groups. I also like how youíre so kind to all the kids in your class. I notice something I really like about you. Youíre always smiling! I love that about you. I extremely just enjoy working in your class. You just make learning really fun. Thatís why Iím writing this letter to you. Iím just really thankful youíre my teacher. Iím also thankful youíre extremely kind and that youíre thankful for us! Thank you for being the most awesome teacher Iíve ever had! 


Dear Mrs. Gold,
I am thankful for all the days that you taught me in school and for all the fun activities like the volcano project. It was phenomenal! I had tons of fun doing that one. I wonder where youíre going to put the pictures of when they erupted? And we canít forget the rocks and minerals activity. That was kind of fun. But anyway, I am really thankful for you. You are clean, responsible, and a very good citizen to all of the people in VES. That makes me want to smile when I come in. And thatís why you ROCK!



Dear Mr. Bassford,
I donít know how much I can thank you! If you werenít at VES I would die of bordness! You make this school active, strong, and healthy. Also, you give us a chance to try new spiorts! We have to say you are one of the funniest teachers at Village School. I will never forget how spirited you were on Spirit Day! I also think a lot of kids look up to you. You and the other gym teachers encourage lots and lots of sports like baseball. Also, you keep the entire student body happy. Me and all the student body thank Ms. Tanzola and Mr. Bellfiore so so so much . Thank you Mr. Bassford for all you have done!


Dear Mr. Bassford,
Thanks for being such a nice teacher and a kind person. You are nice, kind, loving, a great person, caring, and a superb person! I would love to show you how much you care about other people. You care by helping other people when they need help. You are also the best gym teacher I ever had starting from pre-school! You make sad people much happier because of your kindness. Whenever you start to let us play, everyone has fun because you have a very nice and loving attitude.

If you didnít come to work at VES then kids wonít be as happy because youíre the one who brings happiness to kids. If another teacher was there, they might be good, but never as good as you.

You are a thoughtful and wonderful person because you think of what youíre going to say before you say anything. You also let us play wonderful games. My favorite game is Battleship in what you call Sportsmanship. My second favorite thing you let us do is DDR. Itís so cool and exciting! Did you know that I played DDR before? Well I did! When I first played DDR I knew I would love it and I will try to play DDR whenever I have time to. My third favorite thing you let us do is the parachute. My favorite thing to do with the parachute is when we make a mushroom. Itís really silly when we do it. My second favorite thing to do with the mushroom is when the VES Monster goes out and scares us! Itís really fantastic! I had a very fun time writing to you!



Dear Ms. Bellfiore,
Iím thankful for you because you are caring and nice. Youíre caring because you help people when help is needed and you also care about people. You are nice because you donít make us do ten homework assignments. I think you would be a successful teacher when you grow up.

VES would be very sad without you- well just Mrs. Goldís Class anyway! VES would also be weird and lonely. Iím also thankful for you because you are not mean or strict- and neither is Mrs. Gold, but I think you are very kind! Iím very happy you have been coming to our class. I wish you really were at VES everyday. So thanks so much again. You do so much for us. I really appreciate it.  


Dear Ms. Andres,
I am thankful for you because you are very kind, nice, and helpful. You help us with lessons and you are patient. You are very respectful and outgoing! Also, you are fun and creative on lessons. Another thing you have is good sportsmanship and you are very fair. You are honest and caring. Remember the Halloween math when you brought in the candy corn and the goody bags? That was so nice and creative! On the last day you came with cupcakes- they were sooooo good! Did you bake them? You make a great student teacher. I think you will make a great teacher!! You help the teachers a lot in Village!


Dear Ms. Andres,
I wanted to thank you so much for all the wonderful things you do. I like you helping me with things in subjects such as math and science, especially science, reading, and writing. I am thankful for you because if the teacher is helping another kid and I really need help you come and help me. You helped me when I didn't know the answer in math. In science when I get off track you help me. I get more concentration. You also do very fun activities like measuring the candy corn- that was very fun! The science lesson you taught was really awesome. You helped me many times. I like it when you teach me. I think you're really good at it. I enjoy you teaching me. You are really good at science, especially rocks and minerals. Also, you're good at measuring . You are the best helping teacher ever.

PS- I hope you have a good education in a fun college!


Dear Cooks,
I am thankful for the wonderful food that you cook and give like delicious chicken patties and tasty French toast. The other schools give us food that kids didnít really like like plain spaghetti and bread with cheese. Iím also thankful for you because our family would go crazy in the morning trying to see what we wanted for lunch if we could not buy food like pasta. Also, I canít believe you cook for over 800 people per day! I canít even cook for my family (yet)! You save my parents time because if you werenít there, our elders would have to make and give lunch to us, while theyíre wasting time at their work. Almost everyday you greet me with a smile when I come in. It really pumps up my day because thatís the only time in school that I have a break. Whatn Iím the most thankful for is that you give kids healthy food like sliced pears, applesauce, and apples. The other schools give us non-healthy food like pizza with lots of oil, but you serve us both healthy and non-healthy food which is awesome and healthy. Overall, youíre the best cooks ever.



Dear Ms. Lacy,
Thank you for putting me in Mrs. Goldís Class! Thank you for teaching kids the rules and helping the teachers. If you were not here, the school would not be running. Thank you for making the pillars of character because you are fair, respectful, trustworthy, responsible, caring, and a good citizen. You are the best principal ever! You even help Mr. Hadinger. You help everyone in the school including the cooks, custodians, the specials teachers, and the lunch aids. And you put them where they will fit. Not only have you put me in Mrs. Goldís Class, but you have put everyone in the class that they should be in. thank you for keeping us safe.


PS- Do you remember my brother Hanson Koota? He was in VES for 5 years.

Dear Ms. Lacy,
Thank you for everything! You are at all the assemblies, for putting me with a great teacher, and for running the school. If the school didnít have you here, it would get crazy. People would be getting hurt and lots of other bad things. Over the summer thank you very much for putting me with a great teacher. I think Mrs. Gold is very nice. I think it would be fun to be Principal- is it? (Next time you see me, please tell me) Iím glad that you came to be our class Mystery Reader and they were good clues! Thank you for letting our school have the fun assemblies. Although the very very very most important thing is that you are Principal of Village Elementary School. Thank you for being the schoolís best Principal!



Dear Mrs. Brodsky,
Thank you for all the great things you have done for us at VES. Without you in VES there would be no library teacher. If we had no library teacher, we wouldnít learn how to use the library. There would be no checking out the books, no one to control the kids during class. There wouldnít be library without you! It would be a disaster.  

What you do for VES is that you help with the book fair plus you teach for at least 800 kids- 400 per grade! Something else you do for the school is you keep everything in the library organized, including the extraordinary videos, cassettes, and books.

Iím thankful for you because youíre extremely nice. Youíre a great teacher and you make library very fun. Whenever weíre doing something fun you make it a lot more fun. Iím very thankful to have you at VES this year.  



Dear Mr. Dolan,
I am thankful for you because you taught the whole school about what to do in the cool computer lab and how to work the computers. Also, you taught us touch typing and Microsoft Word. Soon we might learn Power Point, hopefully! Remember when we went on Microsoft Word to finish our name tags? Thatís what Iím talking about! You taught us Microsoft Word. You control the cool computer lab so everything is going to be fine. You also help others when they need help and you make Village Elementary School better. If you werenít at Village, who would control the computer lab? All the students in Village, the third graders and the fourth graders, they wonít know what they will have to print in the future! What if they need to type a 10 page essay on Presidents?? I think everybody is thankful for you! 



Dear Custodians,
Without you our school and cafeteria would be a big trash can! You are very nice when the cafeteria is dirty and you make it clean for other students to use it too. Custodians also help move the tables for lunch so students can enjoy lunch on a clean table. Without you at our school it is a very clean environment for children to play and learn. When scraps or chip bags are in the lunch room you help pick it up. You also wipe up the tables when icky and sticky stuff is on it and it goes so the next people can use it. The table is very clean for them. You are very nice to everyone and they are very happy that you clean our school. You are also very generous in how you clean up after lunch so that the next lunch has clean tables. If you don't their lunch will be very smelly and disgusting.



Dear Nurses,
You are always prepared for everything. If a kid comes in with stapled fingers you will drop everything and help them (I did that!!!) The nurses had to call my mom. My mom gave them her phone number when I was getting the stapler and the staples out of my fingers. It was the nurses from VES. Wow they really care, and look out for me. Without the nurses the school will fall apart. The nurses are so trustworthy, responsible, and respectful. They are so nice, sweet, kind, awesome and try to help you if you're hurt and tell you if you're ok. The nurses are just so organized and so so so so outgoing! I bet the nurses are thankful for VES and everybody in it. I think the nurses from VES are the best in the whole wide world. I am so lucky to have them here at VES. They ROCK! Now with the nurses here, the school is complete!

The one and only Shannon


Dear PTA,
I am thankful for you because you do so much for VES. I am also thankful for you because without you the parties wouldn't be as fun, and the school wouldn't be as neat.

You do a lot for VES. I wonder how you guys do it? I can't believe you bought all of those tickets for the Pro Kids show! The Pro Kids show was the best assembly I ever had. It was so much fun. I really liked it when Bill squirted water at us. But I only got a little wet. I also can't believe you buy the papers, chairs, and desks. You probably spend a lot of money.

Without you guys VES would be a disaster! The parties wouldn't have a lot of games, food, and napkins. We wouldn't get to have any assemblies. I can't imagine how it would be.

I bet the Bingo party will be fun! My brother told me that the Bingo party has prizes. I'm not really that good (I don't win that much). Sometimes my brother said there's food there. I saw the Bingo party one time when I went to pick my brother up at the Bingo party it looked fun!

Mrs. Gold told me there's going to be a Lip Sync party! I did lip syncing one time with my two best friends and my friend's sister. It was lots of fun! Thank you for everything you do.



Dear Seniora Goris,
If you werenít here I woudnít know how to speak Spanish, or any other different languages. You teach Spanish in a really fun way. You teach us lots of Spanish songs and I like that. You are really nice. You are really pretty. You teach Spanish the best way. You teach us Spanish in an easy way. I am thankful for that because then it would be harder for me to learn it. You are the best Spanish teacher in VES. I feel best in this Spanish class. I like everything we do in this class. I am very lucky to have you as my Spanish teacher.



Dear Mrs. Larcombe and Mrs. Smith,
Since it is nearly Thanksgiving I would like to thank you for all the things you have done for my fellow classmates and me. Without you, the cafeteria would be really loud, un-orderly, and everyone would be scattered everywhere. I think that you're very experienced and wonderful lunch aids. You keep things safe and orderly in the cafeteria. You also help us outside at recess. Without you, people would be injured more often than with you, like slipping in a puddle outside since no one would be there to warn them of large puddles outside on the blacktop. You help us a lot like directing us out at recess, watching over us at lunch, keeping the cafeteria orderly, and keeping us safe. I really like th way you wait till the end of lunch to ask us to clean up because if you didn't, there would be children everywhere and the cafeteria would be very unsafe. The custodians would have a hard time changing the trash with everyone everywhere. You're wonderful lunch aids and I sure like the way you do your job!



Dear Mrs. Moshberger,
You are doing a great job taking over the art room for Mrs. OíConnor. I remember the art project with the mountains, trees, and sunset. It was very fun. I remember you taught us how to make things look far away and what the horizon line was. You also told us a strategy which was to start on the left and then go to the right so we donít get messy. You are also doing a great job keeping us busy with fun art. When youíre in the art room you donít let anybody get hurt or anything get broken. If you were not there, paint would probably be soaring across the floor. If you were not here the art room would be a mess. You also tell us great strategies so we donít get messy and then in trouble with our parents. You help us when we are having trouble. If you were not there we would not learn art. I think you are an excellent art teacher. You teach us a lot of wonderful art and teach it to us very well so itís fun. I think you will enjoy Village Elementary School and I hope you do. Good luck!


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