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Winter 2005 Activities!

Scroll down for pictures of our Holiday Party and Snow Day!

Snow Similes
On our "Snow Day", we also created snow similes! Here are our best ones!

Snow is like sparkly, shiny, glimmering diamonds spiraling down from the sky. (Mark)

The hill was as slippery as ice from the Arctic polished with brand new shoe polish. (Elbert)

The scarf was as warm as a toasty little wooden cabin in the woods. (Sarah)

The scarf was as warm and fuzzy as a big gigantic hug from your own mom. (Catherine)

Snowflakes are like diamonds flying in the wind. (Brittany)

The ice was as hard as a building made of bricks. (Justin)

Snow is like my white, fluffy pillow! (Adelaide)

Santa was as big as a freezing refrigerator. (Zach)

The fire in the fireplace was like flames from fireworks. (Isiah)

Snow is like bright shining stars in the midnight sky. (Emily S.)

My nose was red like Rudolph's nose on the day Santa asked him to lead his sleigh. (Jason)

My nose was red like a nice red, juicy, cherry with a sundae. (Nayomi)

The scarf was as warm and wooly as a black sheep. (Derek)

I slid down the hill like a rocket in space. (Reba)

Snow is like sparkling, glittery pixie dust in a fairy's purse. (Calista)

The ice was as shiny and cold as the white snowman who stood at the top of the hill. (Selina)

The scarf was as cozy and warm as a still kitty around your neck. (Brodie)

The fire in the fireplace was like a steaming dragon's breath. (Emily M.)

The seal was sliding down the icy hill as fast as a racecar. (Matt)

Snow is like little white sparkling and shining diamonds. (George)

Snow is like soft, fluffy marshmallows. (Holly)


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