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We understand that there's not much time once you get home from school each night, after doing homework and eating dinner, and maybe an after-school activity. This is the reason that we don't require you to read every night and fill out a reading log. However, we are assuming you are reading when you do have free time. For those of you who share our excitement and enthusiasm for reading, we'd love for you to join our monthly Book Club Lunches! A Book Club letter will be sent home each month, that lists the genre of the month as well as a graphic organizer that goes along with it. This is OPTIONAL, but it will be sent home to everyone. Below are some "Frequently Asked Questions" about Book Club Lunches!

What is a Book Club Lunch?
Each month, we will assign you a new book genre to read. If you read just one book from that genre, and fill out the assigned graphic organizer that goes along with it, you can join us for lunch on an assigned date at the end of each month, to discuss the books you read that fit that monthly genre topic.

What happens during Book Club Lunch?
As you eat your lunch, everyone has a turn sharing their graphic organizer that reflects your understanding of the book you read. Then we take time for "3 questions and comments" from the group, which helps the discussion along. This discussion allows you to reflect on the genre of the month as well as to hear other books in that genre that your peers are recommending to you. Some type of "treat" is always provided to you for coming to each Book Club Lunch- it could be anything from a Homework Pass to a cupcake! It's a surprise!

Also, something really neat about the Book Club Lunch is that you'll receive a Genre Passport and get Genre Stamps for each genre that you read after you attend the Book Club Lunch! (For those of you who don't know, a passport is something you take with you when you travel to different countries, and you get a stamp in each country you visit. The Genre Passport gives you a stamp everytime you "visit" a new book genre! Cool huh?)

What are the assigned genres?

Fantasy (September)

Realistic Fiction (October)

Science Fiction (November)

Traditional Fiction: (December)
(Folk tales, fairy tales, fables, myths)

Mystery (January)

Biography (February)

Historical Fiction (March)

Non-Fiction Expository (April)

Caldecott/Newberry Award Winning Books (May)


How do I know what types of books to read that fit the genres?

We will be learning about the different genres in school, but there are 2 other ways in case you forget. First, you can ask the librarian either at school or at your local library to help you. Second, you can CLICK HERE to see a list of genres and examples of each one.

Do I have to attend every Book Club Lunch?
No, you don't. Some months you may have more time to read than others, and we understand that. However, for those of you who will attend all lunches, you'll get a special award at the end of the year!

Are the Book Club Graphic Organizers posted on your website?
No, I'm sorry, they're not, only because they are not mine so I am not authorized to place them on my website.



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