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Are you looking for more challenges? I have lots for you to do here on this page! You have two choices. There are "All Subject Challenges" with questions ranging from Social Studies to Math, all the way to editing writing sentences. Then, for you math lovers, there are "Math Only Challenges". You can also earn Bonus Bucks for completion of these challenges.

For every Challenge page that you complete (there are 6 pages in one file) you'll receive $5.00 IF EVERY PROBLEM IS CORRECT! You must complete all 5 questions on the page correctly!

Remember...these are CHALLENGES! They're supposed to be CHALLENGING! You may have to do some research! A little secret....these are 4th grade challenges!

Below are some "helpful hints" for the "All Subject Challenges"
* Thought (What do you want to find out? Write the question)
*  Information (What do you know?)
* Plan/Number Sentence
*  Solution
*  Verification (How did you check your work?)

Also, analogies we haven't done in school, but they are comparisons between two things.
For Example: apple: red:: grapes: green
What that means is that an apple is red, and grapes are green

Another Example: Tuesday: weekday:: Sunday: weekend
What that means is that Tuesday is a weekday and Sunday is a weekend



I wanted to give credit to Mrs. Renz for the "Math Only Challenges" (known as "Math Problem Solving of the Week") found at her site. I also wanted to give credit for the "All Subject Challenges" (known as "Daily Reviews") found at Mrs. Decker's Website. Thank you for helping to keep our children challenged!

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