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How do you play Homework-opoly in your classroom?

Well I started by downloading and laminating the game board from www.homeworkopoly.com. I have it up as a bulletin board in my classroom (see picture below). Every Friday, if the students have done their homework for the entire week, they get a chance to play Homework-opoly. (In my opinion, it's way too much to have the kids play every single day. This way, they are held responsible for an entire week's worth of homework, instead of just one day. If kids get to play 4 out of 5 times during the week, then the incentive to play lessens and the kids tend to get bored of it.) I work this into my schedule easily when kids are writing "letters to their parents" on Friday afternoons. It's the perfect time, because the room is quiet while they are all writing. Some people have asked what I use for the game pieces.....I just laminate animal clipart and stick a push-pin in them. The kids move around the board that way.

What do you do for the different spaces on the board?
  • Free Homework- I give students a free homework pass.
  • Chance- You can download my cards here.
  • Community Lunchbox- You can download my cards here.
  • Brain Binder- I have challenges from the "Mailbox Mind Builders". They're very convenient!
  • Mystery Prize- I let students take a prize from the prize box.
  • Take a Seat on the Bus- They move halfway around the gameboard- nothing happens.
  • Go- Some teachers let the kids collect a certain amount of "classroom money" (or other incentive) when they pass go, but in our classroom, it's nothing.
  • Other Spaces- Nothing
I am so interested in learning how to create a website such as yours.  Can you direct me where to go to learn how to do what you have done?

I started my first website with a free Geocities program.  It's very much step by step and cut and paste. However, after learning everything about that program, I then found a free trial of Microsoft Frontpage  and loved what I could do with it! Unfortunately, Frontpage is being discontinued, but you can still buy 2003 versions and use that if it's easy for you (which it was for me). The big program to use now is Dreamweaver, which I don't know how to use, but will be taking some classes on this summer. Each program is more challenging than the next, but the more challenging, the better site you can build.

However, if this is all too overwhelming for you, remember that I design websites, and can do yours at a very cheap price! Click HERE for more information.

How do you get ready for the first day of school? Do you have a list of topics to discuss with the kids, such as rules and procedures? What types of activities do you plan for the first day?

To make things easier on myself, I've compiled a "Back to School Checklist" as well as a "Procedures Checklist". Hopefully these documents will help to guide you towards an easy transition back into the school year.

As far as the first day of school, I have just updated my Back to School Ideas Page, with a list of all of my "first week back" ideas. I hope this is helpful to you!



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