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The Three Billy Goats Gruff
from the Troll’s perspective

By Edward, Joey, George, and Sal

I wanted to make friends because I am so lonely under here. There are only a few frogs and rocks down here. Then one day little Billy came along. I hopped out from under the bridge and tried to make friends with him. Little Billy wanted to make friends but he wanted to eat the sweet grass first. I hopped out and saw Middle Billy. I said, “Can you make friends with me?” “Sure,” said Middle Billy. “But I want to eat the sweet green grass first. See you later!” Then Big Billy came along. I hopped out and said, “Can you be friends with me?” “Yes,” Big Billy said. Big Billy was greedy for all of the grass and got so mad that he knocked me off the bridge. Ever since then, he was very mean and greedy and I lived under another bridge hoping to make new friends. I did! Stomp stomp stomp!

Snow White
from the Evil Queen’s Perspective

By Emily, Ananya, and Lanie

Everyday my magic mirror says, “You are the most beautiful in the land!” One day the king overheard the magic mirror and asked me, “Will you marry me?” and I said, “yes!” When Snow White was 7 years old, I asked the mirror on the wall, “Who’s the most beautiful in the land?” and the mirror answered, “Lady Queen you are the most beautiful here, but Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful than you.” I’m so happy Snow White is the most beautiful in the land. I should protect her and let nobody kill her. One day I heard another Queen was going to kill her. “I must protect her, I will tell some dwarfs to protect her!” I was spying on Snow White so she could be safe on her way to the cabin, but then a hunter came and said, “I must take your lungs and liver for the queen” “Oh please let me go!” I saw the hunter let Snow White go. Then he went to kill a bear and takes it’s lung and liver. I was really really happy that the hunter did not kill her. Snow White finally made it to the 7 Dwarf’s cottage. The other Queen came to Snow White’s kingdom. When she went inside, I saw her trying to find Snow White, so I sent my soldiers and they killed the Queen. I went to the cottage and got Snow White and brought her home.

Snow White
From the witch’s perspective

By Michelle J., Holly, Abby, Kirsten

I’m sure you have all heard the story of Snow White but here’s how it really goes. Well, you know that the mirror said that Snow White was the fairest and the prettiest of all? Well he was just joking around! I was running low on firewood so I sent the woodcutter to get me more. Snow White wanted to come, so he took her with him. By the time they got there Snow White fell asleep and it was so quiet that the woodcutter left her behind. When she woke up, she wandered off and found a little cottage. When the wood cutter came back I said, “Where is Snow White?” The woodcutter said, “I don’t know.” So I went and asked the mirror. He said that Snow White is in the woods in a little cottage living with 7 dwarves. I thought Snow White might like a comb because she didn’t have anything to brush her hair with. I dropped it in poison, thinking it was perfume to make her hair smell good. I found the cottage and when Snow White brushed her hair with the comb, she fell to the ground. I thought that Snow White liked it so much that she fainted. So I went back to the castle. When the 7 dwarves came back they found her lying on the ground. The dwarves shook her and she woke up. The 7 dwarves asked, “What happened? Did you faint?” Snow White replied, “I brushed my hair with this lovely comb and it smelled so good that I fell to the ground.” Once I got back to the castle, I asked the mirror if there was anything else I could do for Snow White. The mirror said she couldn’t reach her dress laces so I went to the cottage and asked if I could help. She said, “I need help tightening my dress laces.” I tightened them too tight by accident that Snow White fainted. I ran to the castle and asked the mirror what to do. The mirror said the only way to wake her up is with a candy apple. So I found a nice rosy apple and dipped it in poison thinking it was caramel. I went back to the cottage with the apple and put it in Snow White’s hand. Right when I touched her hand she woke up. When she took a bite, she fainted again. I wondered why she kept fainting when I gave her things. So I left her there because I thought she liked it a lot. When the dwarves came home they tried waking her up but they couldn’t. So they made a coffin out of the gold that they found. After a year, a prince came and saw how beautiful she was and gave her a kiss and right then she awoke. They got married and lived happily ever after.

from the Evil Wizard’s perspective

By Vignesh, Eric, Connor, and Jason

I am the Evil Wizard and I will tell you the real story about Aladdin. I hope you heard the fake story about Aladdin. Why I wanted Aladdin was because I wanted him to be my apprentice because he was a really nice boy. So asked his mother and she said yes, and set off. The next day we went into the magic cave. I asked him to make a fire and I said a spell. The fire hit the ground and I taught him a few tricks. I made him wear a ring, then I said, “You will see a lamp in the wondrous garden. Touch nothing except the lamp.” I waited and he came to the entrance. I put a boulder there. He was there for a while so I left. Then I saw him back at the town. I tried to stay out of sight. Then he got greedy and got lots of food unlike other people have. He lived for many years royally and then he got spoiled. When he saw the princess, I knew he liked her. The mother saw the love then she decided to ask the king if my son could marry the princess. He asked the genie to make a palace as a present for the marriage. I gave him the magic lamp that can only do good. Then he figured out that the lamp could only do good. He asked the genie of the ring to go to the sorcerer’s hideout. When I got the magic lamp. Aladdin came. I tried to defend myself but I couldn’t and then he got the magic lamp. It was a sad ending.

The Three Little Pigs
From the Wolf’s Perspective

By Noah, William, Adam, and Alex

Once there were three little pigs named Elmer, Hubert, and Pete. So Elmer made a hay house. Then Hubert built a stick house. Then, Pete made his brick house. I went by Elmer’s house and accidentally sneezed and blew the house down. I tripped over a stone and fell into Hubert’s house and it broke apart. Hubert and Elmer ran to Pete’s house. I saw them running and I just wanted to apologize by cleaning their chimney but I fell down the chimney and they just happened to have soup boiling and my tail got burnt because the fire was on. The pigs thought that I was mean because I look scary but all I wanted to do was make friends with them.

Hansel and Gretel
From the Witch’s Perspective

By Elizabeth, Daniela, Michele M., and Olivia

Once upon a time there were two kids named Hansel and Gretel. There was also an evil step mother and a loving father who lived in the forest. The mother was very chubby and the kids were very bony. The mother ate all the food and blamed it on the children. One day the mother said to the father, “The children are all eating our food! So we have to lead them to the forest and leave them there and I’ll show you how to do it.” The next morning before they left Hansel collected stone pebbles in case they got lost in the forest. “Children,” said the step-mother, “Come help us collect some logs.” So they lead them to the forest and said, “Children stay here and we’ll be right back in a minute.” The mom saw the rail of pebbles and picked them up. By night they did not know where they were and fell asleep. By morning they smelled a very tasty smell and followed the scent. They found a house made out of candy. They started eating it, but all of a sudden they heard, “Stop eating my house!” I came out of my house. “Sorry, “Hansel said. All of a sudden I took them to the back of the house and trapped Hansle in a wooden box because I saw a bear outside. Me and Gretel ran inside my candy house. I was starting to get really hungry. I went outside to the wooden box. I said to Hansel, “Stick out your finger.” But instead of sticking his finger out, he held out a chicken bone. I went inside to check on the fire. Gretel pushed the witch into the fire and slammed the door shut. She let Hansel go and found their way back home and gave their mom a poisoned apple and lived happily ever with their father.




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