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Students, I have a contest for you! It's called The Hunt For Beary! Each month, I will hide a tiny graphic of Beary on one page of my website. Your job is to play Hide and Go Seek and find him! If you find him, you will win a FREE HOMEWORK PASS!
However, there are some rules.

1.  You can only find Beary once during the school year. We want to give other children a chance to win.

2.  You must be in my class to win the free homework pass. You can still play if you're not in my class, but you won't win anything.

3.  In order to win, you must be the first person to email me or fill out the form below.

4.  Your answer as to where Beary is located must be clear. For example, when it asks for the name of the page Beary is on, you have to be specific like "Our Classroom" or "Websites For Kids". (The pictures of Beary on this page do not count)

5.  You may not find Beary for someone else in order to win them a homework pass. That's considered cheating, and isn't fair to the kids who are spending time actually looking for him.

6.  You're looking for the picture below:

Ok- enough rules right? Let's HUNT FOR BEARY!
Good luck!

When you've found Beary, click HERE to email Mrs. Gold!!!

Or fill out the form below...


Page You Found Beary:



Name Month
Abby September
Holly October
Alex November
William December
Noah January
Emily and Ananya February
Adam March
Kirsten May



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