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 Candy Day (After Halloween)

We all know that the day after Halloween is a "lost" day for students! They are so tired from their candy high and late night Trick-or-Treating. Here's a great way to spend that day in the classroom, which will keep the students focused and learning at the same time. Each child will bring in their favorite piece of candy that they got the night before. Each subject area of the day will focus on a different lesson where you will use the candy.

Math- Students will create a tally chart of the candy they brought in as a class. They will then create a graph that shows their data.

Reading- (I don't know if this is really a "reading" activity, but we do Venn Diagrams in Reading, so I'm putting into this category anyway!) Get a LARGE piece of butcher/bulletin board paper and draw a huge Venn Diagram on it. Brainstorm on the board ways that they can sort their candy. For example, chocolate and not-chocolate or heavy and light, or colorful and not colorful. Then, have children add their candy to the appropriate section of the Venn Diagram. Discuss.

Science- We are currently studying  Rocks and Minerals, and I teach the children how to observe rocks and minerals in detail, as good Geologists do! They observe everything from color, texture to length, width, circumference, and weight. In keeping with our Earth Materials unit, students will observe their candy, as they do their rocks and minerals. They will also take apart their candy to find the "minerals" that it's made up of! They can then eat their candy.

Writing-  Using the observations taken in Science, students will create a descriptive writing of their candy. They will use their 5 senses to describe the way it tasted, smelled, felt, looked, and sounded when eaten.

If anyone has any other great candy ideas to add to this section, please email me!

 A Yummy Idea for Read Across America Day

I lost my picture, so I will explain it. You'll need Chocolate Doughnut Holes, white/red life savers, vanilla frosting, and mini-m&ms!

Use the chocolate doughnut hole as the face of the Cat in the Hat. Then, use frosting to stick on two eyes. Layer the red/white life savers to create a hat on top of the doughnut hole.

 Candy Hearts Letter Writing

Click for my instructions page
Click here for
candy heart clipart

 Holiday Math

Pumpkin Math
Valentines Day Math
Jellybean Math

Thanksgiving bulletin boards and readers theatre!
Two ideas for you for the Thanksgiving holidays!

1.  For your bulletin boards, brainstorm a list of all the important people in your school. Assign each child to one of those people and have them write a thank you letter to them. Take the child's picture with the person they wrote to, and put it all together on a bulletin board titled: Thanks For Giving!  Click
HERE to see mine!

2.  Every year we present a play entitled Thanks Me. Afterward, we every parent brings something to contribute to our own classroom Thanksgiving feast. The play is about a robot who teaches the true meaning of Thanksgiving to a group of students. You can break the robot part into a few parts if it's too much for your students to memorize. Click
HERE to read the play!

3.  This year, I wanted to try something different for our play. I found and adapted a play from online called A Turkey Takes a Stand. I also re-wrote the book "T'was The Night Before Thanksgiving" and each child had their own part. It turned out very cute!

Mothers Day or Fathers Day Gifts

Here's a fast and easy way to create a Mothers Day or Fathers Day present. For the Mothers, I have my students list their top ten reasons why they love mom. I type them up and give them cardstock already cut to a bookmark size. The kids decorate the bookmarks, glue on the typed top ten list, and I laminate them. I punch a hole at the top, and then insert a ribbon into the hole. The kids can either bead the ribbon, or just tie it in a bow.

For Fathers Day, I have the kids write The ABCs of Fatherhood- an acrostic version of what it means to be a father. For example: A is for always being there for me. B is for believing in me. Etc...

You can swap these ideas around, too. You can make the bookmark for the fathers and the ABCs of Motherhood for the moms.

Handprint Calendar- Great holiday gift idea!

Ever get stuck on a holiday gift for your students to make for their parents? I've always done calendars, which allow students to practice their calendar skills by numbering blank calendars for the year ahead. This also is a lasting gift for the parents throughout the next 12 months! The only problem? The kids have to draw 12 pictures to go with the calendar! Ugh, it takes forever!!! Excitingly, I just recently found this idea for a Handprint Calendar, which I can't wait to try because it seems to be something that might not take as much time as my old idea. When you see it, you'll understand. The teacher can help the kids make the pictures (probably one minute per student) and the other kids can be working on numbering their calendars (or another activity) at the same time!

Handprint Calendars
**On a side note, I did this for the holiday project this year and it turned out great, but it took FOREVER!!! If you do this, you might want to do a few a month, even starting in September, to make sure you're done by December!

Other Holiday Gifts For Parents

This year we made Cookies in a Jar. They came out so cute! It used measuring skills and was pretty simple to put together. Here is a great website that has tons of cookie in a jar recipes.

We also made Hot Cocoa Cones at our class party. These were VERY easy to make, and cheap! To find out how to make these, click HERE!


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