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We're very excited to be teaming up with Ms. Higa's 3rd Grade Class in Hawaii this year! Ms. Higa's Class is located in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu- can you find it on the map?

Pen Pal Topics:

September/October: Introduction/about us
Pictures of us and our families (optional)

November/December: Where we live- what our town/city/community/houses are like
Pictures of houses and other important buildings in your town

January/February: changing weather- what the weather is like where we live
Pictures of students dressed for different seasonal weather, your school at different times of the year, a chart showing typical weather during different seasons

Our play environment- what our playgrounds are like and what sports we play during the different seasons
Pictures of the class in their play environment, playing at recess

March/April : Responsibility- how we help at school and at home
Pictures of students doing different class jobs and jobs at home

May/June: What we learned in 3rd grade- books we read, science units we studied, math we learned, field trips we took, etc...
Pictures of activities and projects in the classroom

Ms. Higa's Class...we have a special page for you, to help you learn about our state of NJ! Click HERE to go to our special New Jersey page, where you can check out maps of NJ, see pictures, play games, take quizzes, and even email us!


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