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...great reading for a rainy day!

The Morning Meeting Book
Roxann Kriete

This book really pumped me up to create a class community! It talks about the four steps to a morning meeting, and gives fun varieties of greeting each other as well as fun, thinking games!

The First Six Weeks of School
Paula Denton & Roxann Kriete

if you liked The Morning Meeting Book, or still need more information on Responsive Classroom approaches, this book is for you. It explains the perfect schedule of events that should happen in a Responsive Classroom, and gives you a set schedule to follow for the first six weeks of school.

9 Activities and Greetings
Melissa Correa-Connelly

If you're doing Morning Meeting, this book is a goldmine! It has so many activities and greetings, that will last you the entire school year without having to repeat the same ones each week.

The First Days of School
Harry Wong

This is a book that all first year (and thirty year) teachers should read! It explains everything you want to know about class management and how to begin the school year.

Positive Discipline:
A Teacher's A-Z Guide

This book explains every single problem from A-Z that you could possibly have with any child. It describes the problem, as well as possible solutions to go along with it. I read this book along with the Morning Meeting book and it really re-enforced the fact that class meetings are essential to a well behaved class. This book explains that when a child has a problem, it should be brought to the class meeting agenda for students to discuss as a group and brainstorm solutions together. This also creates communication and understanding as to why the problems may be occurring.

Guiding Readers and Writers
Irene C. Fountas and Gay Su Pinnell

In our school, we call this book "The Bible" because it's what we live by! This book explains the first thirty days of an ideal reading program. It discusses the assessment levels created by Fountas and Pinnell and levels off almost every single book that is out there! For the first year teacher, it's what they call a God Send!

Critical Literacy
Enhancing Students Comprehension of Text

Maureen McLaughlin, Glenn DeVoogd, Glenn L. DeVoogd

In this book, students learn to understand perspectives of other characters in the story and to think about how the text would be different if the genders were different, or the location of the story, the races of the characters, the ages of the characters, the social status of the characters, etc... I teach gifted children, so this is definitely good for them, but the book teaches you how to begin critical literacy from the start of first grade all the way through high school!

2 Third Graders and One Class Bunny
Phillip Done

This has to be the funniest book that I've ever read. I laughed out loud throughout the entire story, as I read about Mr. Done's experiences teaching third grade. I've had almost every single thing happen to me and I must have annoyed my husband because I had to read aloud almost every single chapter to see if he thought it was as funny as I did. He thought they were funny, but as a teacher, I knew he couldn't identify with this book as well as I could. You HAVE to read this book if you're a teacher!!! It's an easy read, perfect for a little relaxation and enjoyment


Are you a teacher with a favorite book you'd like to recommend to other teachers? Send me an email and tell me about it!


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