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Please note...some of the downloads below are NOT my own work. These are the downloads I use most often and the ones I feel have the best quality and content. If I have placed your work on my page without proper reference, please email me so that I can do so as soon as possible.
(Some credits/references are located on the downloads themselves)



Writing Workshop Mini Lessons
Homophone List Tips For Revising Lifebook Entry Ideas
Writers Checklist 3rd Grade Writing Rubric Author Study Writing Lessons
(source Unknown)
Teachers' Writing Checklist
Writing From
Bio-Poem Writing Process Book
(Created by A.E. Lipkewich and R. Mazurenko)
Vocabulary Centers
Amy Anderson's Writing Lesson Plans
(Sept-Feb.) Grade 1
Adapted from Lucy Calkins' Units of Study
(Amy's Website)
Sarah Punkoney's Writing Lesson Plans; Grade 3
(Sarah's Email)
Editing Reference
(Created by Pam Graetz)
Young Writers Survival Kit
(From Melissa Forney's website)
Writers Tool Kit
(From Melissa Forney's website)
Transitional Phrases
(From Melissa Forney's website)
Sizzling Ring Words
(From Melissa Forney's website)
Narrative Expository Tent
(From Melissa Forney's website)
98 Ways to Publish Student Writing      



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