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Ms. Kunz is awarded
Teacher of the Year 2005

Click on my picture (above) to read the newspaper article from the Trenton Times!

It all started when I was nominated for the Princeton YMCA's Teacher of the Year Program by one of my student's families and the secretary of our school! The letters that they wrote about me were breathtaking and made me feel so special! I sent my application in to the Princeton YMCA among teachers from five other neighboring districts! I figured that I didn't really stand a chance among all of those applicants, but go figure, one day I got a phone call and was told that I was the Princeton YMCA's Teacher of the Year Runner Up! There was one grand prize winner and two runners up out of all the teachers who applied!

If you can believe it, things got even better! One day, I was teaching in my classroom when all of a sudden, there was an entourage of teachers, parents, and Princeton YMCA employees that came to my room with balloons, a prize basket, and a cake with my name on it! It was a surprise party for me! I was shocked! As if the title and surprise party weren't enough, I was awarded the following prizes:

A check for $750, a trophy, a scanner, an IPOD, a DVD player, a gift certificate to a hair salon, dinner for two, membership to the Princeton YMCA, $100 in gas cards, and $100 to Barnes and Noble! WOW!!!

Below, are some pictures from that special day that I'd love to share with you!


Here I am with the special cake that had my name on it for Teacher of the Year!

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