Domain and Hosting Plans

The first thing you'll need is a domain name ( You'll also need to find a company to host your website, or place it on the internet.

I STRONGLY recommend Host Gator. I've been using them for a few years now and am extremely happy with the service. Host Gator charges $6.95 a month for a year's worth of hosting under the "Hatchling" account if you buy it for a year in advance (or less if you pay 2-3 years in advance). Many times they have discounts when you first sign up, so make sure to look for that.

To purchase a domain name is $15 for the year. You'll have to set that up with them yourself, but it's an extremely fast and easy process. I will take care of the rest! (If you sign up online, you can actually earn me referral money towards my website through Host Gator!!)

Here are the easy steps to take to get your own domain and hosting:

1. Click HERE to go to the Host Gator website.

2. Click on Web Hosting at the top of the page.

3. Under the Hatchling account (or whatever account you want to order) click Order Now

4. If you need to buy a domain name, this is where you'll enter it. If you already have a domain name, it's free to transfer it, so just type it in in the box.

5. Click on next and you'll be taken to the screen where you select a package. Select the billing cycle that you want to pay, you can pay monthly or yearly. The longer time in advance you pay the cheaper it is.

6. Checkout!

7. You'll be sent a confirmation email- send me that email as soon as you receive it. I'll need that to get into your website to design it.