Frequently Asked Questions

What if I want to update my own website after you create it?
That's fine by me! You'll need editing software, such as Microsoft Web Expression or Adobe Dreamweaver. You can use the free trial of Microsoft Web Expression before you purchase it, and play around to see if it's for you. You can also try a free trial of Adobe Dreamweaver, as well. I'll be happy to create the pages for you, and allow you to make the small changes yourself.

What are your credentials to website design?
I have been designing websites since 2001. I started with Geocities, and then bought Frontpage two years later. Frontpage is now discontinued, so I use Dreamweaver. I taught myself everything I know, just by playing around with the programs. In early 2007, I started taking classes to attain a Website Designer Certification. I am currently a Certified Web Designer. This is my first attempt at starting a website design business, which is why my prices are a lot cheaper than the professional companies you may have seen.

You live in NJ- how can we make this work if I'm all the way across the United States?
I understand your concern at the fact that we can't actually sit down and talk face to face about your expectations. However, I am available and willing to talk over the phone to discuss the specifics of how you'd like your site designed at any time. Payments can be made through PayPal- it's fast and safe, and I am PayPal Verified. I've designed sites from California to Australia, so this is not a problem!

Do we have to pay before or after you design the pages?
I will need to be paid upfront, however....if you're not happy with the pages I create, I will make any changes you'd like for free until you are satisfied- guaranteed!

Can you design my page with the graphics you make at Golden Graphic Designs?
Yes, I will throw that in as a special thank you for your business. You may use any of my purchaseware or linkware sets if I'm designing your site.

Can I copy things from your site onto mine?
No you cannot. I've actually had a lot of people ask me to copy/paste things from my site onto theirs and I have to say no. Even a list of websites- I will not copy/paste from my site to yours. I did a lot of research and spent a lot of time formulating my lists of websites and categorizing everything. Of course, you can take from my list of websites- they are not my public domain, but add some more that you found to make it your own. You can also take an "idea" from one of my pages and alter it to be your own as well! If you adapt something from my site to yours, please give credit where credit is due.

Where do I start??
Send me an email. From there, we will get you set up with a domain name/hosting plan, and then we can discuss specifics on what you'd like your site to entail!

You can also help speed the process up by doing the doing the following things before you email me:

1.  Look around at websites that you would like your site to resemble. I have a great list of sites here to help you out.

2.  Decide what types of pages you'd like to have on your site, and map it out. (For example, if you want a "Students" page, what pages would you like ON the "Students" page?)

3.  Look around at graphics that you'd like to use on your site and write them down.