Terms & Conditions

Effective Date: July 23, 2011



* You are responsible for buying and choosing your own graphics! I will supply you with a list of my favorite graphic artists, but you need to be specific in telling me which webset/backgrounds you want to use for each page.

* You are entitled to change page set backgrounds/layouts up to 5x before having an additional charge for another page. ($15)

* You are entitled to 5 graphic (picture) changes. If customers go past 5 graphic changes per page, they will be charged $5, which will entitle them up to 5 more graphic changes, and so on, and so on...
*Small changes such as word and line spacing, text size and color, border changes, etc.... are free.

*If I've created a written graphic for you, you are entitled to 1 change (size, color, font) before being charged $1 for a new graphic.


Your “Home” page will be $25.00

Each individual page created after the Home page will be $15.00

Unlimited monthly updates (This applies to the content of your site, not the design) $15.00 a month

Text Graphics (if you’d like a special font that cannot be found on average computers, I will create one for you to match your website. This way anyone will be able to view the font.) $1 per text graphic.

* Payment must be pre-paid before work is done on website.

* When you’re happy with the look of your website, I will upload it to the internet. Any changes past that point must be paid for.


* You are responsible for getting and paying for your own hosting plan. (See my website for suggestions and step-by-step instructions if needed/wanted.)

*Any hosting issues that arise are not my responsibility.

Responsibility of Website Designer (Jennifer Gold):

*I am not responsible for any content displayed on the sites I design. This is the responsibility of the website-owner.

*Any changes that you make to your site after I have completed my design (if you choose to update on your own) is your own responsibility. If you need something repaired, and I think it is “fixable”, you will be charged appropriately.

*I will keep a copy of your website for up to 1 year after designing it, regardless of if we’re in touch. This way if anything happens with your hosting and you ever needed to upload it again, I will have a copy. However, after 1 year, if we’re no working together, the copy I have will be deleted.


* If a portion of the site has been worked on and you wish to terminate the project for any reason, you will be reimbursed for the portion of the site that has not yet been designed.

*Communication is crucial in the website design process. If we’re in the middle of designing a website, and I don’t hear back from you for 6 months or longer, I am entitled to terminate the project. Money will NOT be reimbursed in this case.


I hold the right to make changes to these terms at any time without prior notice.
**By sending your payment, you are agreeing to the terms above.**