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Thank you Jennifer for working so diligently on the production of my website.  It is everything I envisioned.  You made everything look perfect.  I really appreciate you patience, and guidance, and how quickly you work to make it all happen.  You have a customer for life (or at least until I retire). Those looking to create a website have definitely come to the right person.  Wish I would've found you earlier.  Thank you, Thank You, Thank You.  

Nancy Slodarz

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I was beginning my second year of teaching when I decided I wanted a class website.  I had seen many different teacher websites but none as good as Mrs. Gold’s.  After looking around her website for new ideas for the upcoming school year, I found that she had her own business in web design.  I was thrilled to find this out.  I knew that if this awesome teacher could make my website look half as good as hers, I would be set.  And set I am.  Jennifer Gold responded to my email literally within an hour.  She worked day and night with me and made my website my very own.  This lady is a pro at not only website design, but also in the basic principles of business. If you’re looking for a website designer then look no further.  Jennifer Gold is that person.

Michael McAnally

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Dear Jen,
One evening last fall I remember surfing the web in the hopes of getting some ideas to begin creating a special education website for my learning resource classroom.  I came across your exciting site and thought, WOW… that is an amazing, informative and kid-centered site!  

My interest was further piqued when I saw that you also created web designs.  In my mind I wondered, how would it be possible for us to work together on my project being clear across the country?  Well, I took the chance and the journey that unfolded, was nothing less than a tremendous partnership. You helped me create a dynamic website that embodies inclusive communication as well as an in-depth learning tool for students and parents.

To say a straightforward thank you wouldn’t even come close to my heartfelt appreciation for all your insightful and professional work each step of the way as you created the pages that became my web design. It has turned out beyond my expectations due to your guidance and ability to communicate with me.  It truly is a work of art!  When I needed to step back for sometime, you were very understanding and let the process flow at its own pace. Your timely creation of the pages and work I sent was remarkable.  I no sooner send the material your way and the designs were finished!  You were able to make suggestions regarding graphics, fonts, and overall layout designs that coordinated so well together.  It is so easy to see that YOU really have gift for this type of work and truly love doing it!  

Most importantly, I am so eager to start using my website with my students, parents, and teachers! It exemplifies what we do each day, facilitates communication and empowers our parents to visualize what we do in our classrooms.

It was a JOY working with you, Jen!  I look forward to working with you from time to time making changes and catching up on your teaching adventures with the children.

Educationally yours,
Beth Angleman

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Websites That Have Since Expired

I came across Jennifer Gold's website when looking for some information on morning meetings for a college course I was taking. While her site didn't quite help me with the project I was working on at the time, it did create the desire for me to have a classroom website of my own. Having no experience in website design or how to begin creating my own, the only thing I did know was that I wanted it to look just like hers. 

From the minute I inquired about her website designing, Jennifer was always timely in her responses and thorough in her explanation of the way the sites worked. She made the experience a walk in the park with her constant feedback and professional suggestions. It was clear from the beginning that design is not only a passion of hers but also an impressive talent. 

Jen was beyond patient with me and invested a lot of her own time to help me create my dream site. Her prices are BEYOND reasonable for the quality of work and the time she puts in. If you have any concerns as to whether or not to invest in a site of your own- you should put them to rest- I am couldn't be happier with her work! And I never knew it could be as easy as it was! She is an absolute pleasure to work with and produces amazing work. Thanks to Jen, I am starting off my first year of teaching with a lovely website that will surely enhance my classroom community. As the year gets underway, I look forward to updating and expanding my site even further with her creative touch! She is absolutely phenomenal!!

Angela DeLorenzo

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I cannot thank you enough for the tremendous amount of help you have given me in setting up my first professional-looking web page. You took me through the process step-by-step to create what I consider a masterpiece.  Your insight into what I really like was truly eerie!  How did you know me so well???  You have gone over and beyond human effort to make this attempt a success.  You would not believe the amount of positive expressions I have heard.  You make it look so easy.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends. 

Cherylle Waters

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Jennifer did a wonderful job on my website. She is quick, efficient and does exactly what is asked. People who look at my site comment how warm and professional it looks. She is very knowledgeable and creative. She also gave me some helpful suggestions as well. I would definitely recommend Jennifer Gold to create your website.

Jennifer Keith

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My website is finally published and I have Jennifer Gold to thank for that. She was very easy to work with. She provided FIVE STAR services. I have always wanted a classroom web page but did not know where to start. Jenn was nice enough to offer her services and to explain the necessary steps I needed to take in order to have my own webpage. I am so glad I chose Jenn to design my webpage. She has been nothing but patient with me. She always responded promptly to my emails, and she did everything I asked her to do with no hesitation. She designed my web page just the way I wanted. Jenn you are the one girl!!!!

Nichelle Hightower

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I am real happy how my website turned out! I had wanted a website for a long time and when I came across Jen and saw what she did, I had my classroom in mind. I didn't want graphics that a lot of websites had. Since I teach upper elementary, I wanted something "real." I decided I wanted a solar system theme, and Jen came up with many sites I could look at. I found just the right theme. When I e-mailed Jen, she got back to me within a few hours. She is very prompt and she continued to work with my changes until I was happy. I would recommend Jen strongly.

Tammy Olson-Riley

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I really wanted to create a classroom website to better communicate with my parents. I was a very frequent visitor to Mrs. Gold's Classroom site. It was full of all the happenings in her classroom and seemed that parents could easily find any information they needed. I thought that I would attempt to make one on my own. Jennifer was so helpful, even then, with all the questions I had. It was so much information to learn and at such a great price I enlisted Jennifer's help. After talking on the phone and emails, I couldn't be happier with the outcome. Jennifer was quick to respond with ideas, suggestions, and had the site up in no time at all. I was sincerely impressed with Jennifer and how easy she makes it seem. I'm looking forward to working with her again!      

Priscilla Rubio

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It was about two years ago that I was browsing the information super highway for new ideas for my classroom.  When I googled third grade there was Mrs. Gold's website and I immediately fell in love with her webpage and was amazed at the amount of information.  Needless to say, I was in awe by the amount of work that it takes to keep up a site like hers.  However, I was inspired and I tried to start a site on my own. My site was not as cute (not even close) and not warm and inviting to my students.  Well, I continued to visit Mrs. Gold's website almost on a daily basis. I would feel such a sense of inspiration after logging on to her site and found myself just trying more new stuff with my students.  A couple of weeks ago, I was looking through her website (trying to find Beary) and I came across her web design page.  I was thrilled, I would finally have my webpage. And if it look anything close to hers, it would be TERRIFIC! Then I wondered, what is this going to cost me? I must tell you I was pleasantly surprised.  I emailed her and in less than an hour she sent me an email on how to get started.  That night I did all three steps, she called me and the foundation of my site was completed in less than 48 hours.  I am taking a little longer completing my content pages and she has been nothing but amazing.  I have spread the word all over my school! I love my new webpage and I am extremely grateful to Jennifer, for her patience, her professionalism and her tireless efforts to complete a project that is a true work of art!!!  Thank you and much continue success!  I wholeheartedly recommend Golden Graphics to anyone searching to start their own webpage and getting it done RIGHT!   

Awilda Lam

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Jennifer Gold is a fantastic website designer.  I had been visiting Jennifer’s site quite a bit for inspiration in the classroom.  I always enjoyed her website and yearned for one of my own.  I just couldn’t make one that was even close to what I saw on Jennifer’s website.  When I saw that Jennifer was going to start making websites, I e-mailed her immediately!!  Her response came within a few hours.  We spoke on the phone soon after that and away we went.  My website was up before I knew it.  Jennifer has a keen eye for website design.  The graphics she chooses are perfect and the layout fits the needs of your individual website.  Jennifer is very quick to respond to anything I send her way and she is a joy to work with.  You can’t go wrong with Jennifer Gold designing your site!!!

Thanks Jennifer!
Lisa Stanton

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Choosing Jennifer Gold to design my website was a great decision. When my district mandated that we all have a website, I felt helpless. I didn’t know a thing about designing websites, so I e-mailed Jennifer. She made time to actually speak to me one on one about what I wanted and was extremely prompt and professional. My website was designed according to my specifications and ready to go the very next day!! Words cannot express the gratitude I have for what she did. Her graphics and ability to create colorful and appealing web pages are truly remarkable! I can’t tell you how many teachers have viewed my page and commented on how wonderful it is! Jennifer is one of a kind and so easy to work with! For all your website design needs, I would have to say Golden Graphics and Jennifer are number one in my book!!

Priscilla Reynolds