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Award designed by Mariely Sanchez

I know first hand how much dedication and time it takes to create a website. That is the main reason that I'd like to give out this award. This award will be given to sites that display the following characteristics:

1.  Your site must have a classroom, school, or educational theme.

2.  It must be family and child friendly.
3.  Your site must be original, creative, and eye appealing.
4.  It must be informative for parents and students, as well as to set a good example for other teachers who might be using your site for ideas to build their own.
5.  Your site must be user friendly- which means that it's fast loading, easy to read, and easy to navigate through.
6.  It must provide meaningful educational content, not just links to other sites.
7.  Your site must not have any broken links, or any pages under construction.
8.  It must give credit for original graphic artists.


Click HERE to send me an email if you think your site meets the above criteria, and qualifies for my award. You must provide the following information to me:

*  Your name
*  Your email address
*  Your website URL
*  A brief description of your website

I will contact you if I choose your award as a winner! Please link your site to: www.
mrsgoldsclass.com and I will link yours to my winner list!


Click here to see my winners!



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Credit is given where credit is due. If I've somehow missed credit anywhere on my site, please contact me as soon as possible, so I can correct the error. All contents on this site are for personal and educational purposes only. If you choose to use or share any ideas from this site, please link back to the URL and give appropriate credit.

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